What should I do if a casino does not pay money

What to Do if Casino Refuses to Pay Money? Unfortunately not all operators appreciate its reputation and fulfil the agreements prescribed in their own rules. What to do when the casino refuse to pay money? This page is designed to help players who are experiencing problems with the game of gambling on the Internet. As a rule, the main problem faced by the players, this is when the casino pays money. We'll show you what specific actions you need to make in each case of refusal from the casino to pay the money.

A plan of action in case if casinos refuse to pay money:

So, the money ordered to pay but does not come to an electronic purse. For a while we wait for the letter of support services, but without waiting for his own writing and receive a reply with failure to pay the casino winnings. Depending on the type of response we must undertake the actions described:

A violation of the rules to use the bonus policy:

What should I do if the casino does not want to pay the money if we received a letter this content and casinos do not want to pay the money won, and ready to pay only our initial deposit, you must perform the following steps:

  • Open this operator rules (terms and conditions) and find the item rules referred to by the online casino explaining the failure of payment of money. At the same time pay attention to the date of the last change in the rules. Usually it is indicated at the top (right), whether at the bottom of the rules.
  • If you play from our project, then you must notify us by writing your user-name, the amount and the name of the operator to bestnetentcasino@gmail.com
  • If the item was indeed broken the rules (for example you play bet amount higher than permitted or excluded games played), then complain to the operator is useless and must wait for the payment of the initial deposit before cover this situation in the discussion forums and websites.

On the basis of inability to verify the account and confirm the identity of the player:

Mobile VersionIf casino operator inclines you to play on referring to the inadequate quality of the photos of your documents, certificates or wrong format, it is cause for concern. Most likely the casino does not want to pay the money won and clings to the formal rules of verification, tightening time. You need to do the following:

  • If you play on our links, please send an email to bestnetentcasino@gmail.com showing your login name of the operator and the description of the problem.
  • If the payment amount is large, the last argument can be notarized copies of documents.
  • If your problem is the lack of help from the utilities to confirm the address, you can send a certificate from the bank. You can give it to the newly opened account in this bank. On the certificate should indicate your name and address.
  • As a rule, you can request customer support operator about removing the possibility to cancel the payment of money. Often after disabling the possibility of canceling the payment and return them to the balance in the gambling establishment, the operator becomes more tractable.

Under paragraph rules of the possibility to refuse to pay without explanation:

Net Entertainment ContactsIf this situation occurs that the casino not paying winnings, and explaining their actions in a certain paragraph of the rules, which states that a casino can refuse any client to pay the money without explanation. This item rules requires detailed comments. If you receive such a letter, and it stipulates that the entire current balance of your account will be paid to you on the e-wallet.

No initial deposit, namely, the entire amount of money that is on the balance of your account must be paid to the specified e-wallet, or on an electronic purse with which deposits were made. If it does not, then you need to do the following:

  • If you play on our links, you will need to send an email to bestnetentcasino@gmail.com showing your login name and his description of the problem. It is better if it is to take a screen-shot of the letter that you received from the casino's refusal to pay the money and given reason.
  • If you play casino Netent, then you should write a request describing the situation directly in a network of Net Entertainment. Submit a letter in English with a detailed description of the problem and screen-shots. This can be done using the following coordinates:
  • Stockholm
    Net Entertainment NE AB
    Luntmakargatan 18
    SE-111 37 STOCKHOLM
    Gambling ComissionPhone: +46 54 500 8578
    Fax: +46 8578 54510
    E-mail: info@netent.com, ir@netent.com or press@netent.com
    VAT: SE556532644301
    Registration number: 556532-6443   
  • You must write to the commission on games that work with licensees Netent. Submit a description of the situation in English, putting screenshots letters and account balance. This can be done using the following contacts:
    Gambling Commission
    Victoria Square House
    Victoria Square
    B2 4BP
    Fax: 0121 230 6720
    Email: info@gamblingcommission.gov.uk
    Telephone: 0121 230 6666

Why online casinos often delay the payment?

Mega Fortune Video SlotUsually they want to play again and again. Imagine that you are playing in the casino Netent, win 3000 euros and ordering them to pay. You receive a request for sending documents and account verification. This whole procedure may take up to three days. And, you can always cancel the payment and put a game. A very large percentage of players it will do so? Losing the amount that was planned for the conclusion.

As a rule, the same method is used only in those casinos that don't appreciate their players and worry that they can find a better place. Large and reliable operators rarely use this trick. For example, casino guts pays money for the payment system Skrill instantly, automatically, and at Webmoney in 24 hours. At the same time does not require the guts to send the passport to verify the account of the player.

Play the tried and trusted casino and you will not occur in situations where a casino refuses to pay the money. Sign up at any of the institutions with a rating higher than 9, see "Where to play" and above and have no problems.

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