How to win at the Netent video slots

How to Win at Netent Video SlotsThe section "How to win at the slot machines" is the heart of our website. Here you will find only unique materials, methods and recommendations. Our conclusions are based on more than 100 thousand spins made at the Netent slots in both free and real money mode.

As a result, we have got strategies and recommendations that allow winning at the Netent slots. We are very proud of the work we have done and we would like to share our experience with you. Hopefully the information on this page will help you understand the Net Entertainment software better and increase your chances of winning at the Netent video slots.

It is important! The recommendations from this section apply only to Net Entertainment slot machines and actually working in a real money mode.

The best ways to win at the Netent video slots

Free Play ModeThere are several ways to win at the Netent video slots. You need to know and correctly use all the software advantages to get superiority over other players. In fact, you will take their money, excluding the Net Entertainment percentage. So, what to do (the links lead to pages with detailed information):

Basic strategies:

The importance of your account balance:

Games Heroes by Net EntertainmentIf you decided to play without using any strategy, you should know that the balance in your account is important for the software. It is not recommended to play if the balance in your casino account is not enough to cover more than 100 of your total bets. The best thing to do is to fund your account so that you can cover 200 bets. Thus, you will most likely increase your chances of winning big amounts at the Netent video slots with less risk.

One of the main features of the NetEnt software is that it constantly monitors your balance and the current bets, correcting the size and frequency of winnings. The same happens when you're close to meeting the wagering requirements of a bonus. If you bet the size that is one-tenth of your current balance, the chances of winning at the Netent video slots are very small. You will most likely lose your entire balance.

Classification of players by software:

Classification of Casino Players by NetentThe Netent software makes a distinction between players and their gaming style. The chances of winning at the Netent video slots will be higher for those players who make large casino deposits and place small wagers. In this respect, the software believes that players can lose their entire balance if they hit a winning streak.

For example, if you have €5,000 in your account balance and you’re placing €10 wagers (pre-testing the slots in free mode) the chances of a big win at the video slots will be pretty high. Using this strategy, you will need to stop playing in time.

At the same time, the software classifies players according to their ratio of wins and losses. Depending on the amount you deposit and cash out and the frequency of playing, the software classifies your account into a corresponding group. This adds additional corrective variables to your statistics that might increase or decrease your chances of hitting big cash.

Choosing the generous slot machine using free play mode:

The similarity of the behavior of the Netent video slots in free play and in real money mode has been repeatedly proven by our testers. In demo mode you can select the profitable slots without risking a cent. Using these recommendations you will greatly increase your chances of winning.

This is the basic strategy for Netent players. The ability to correctly select a slot machine is a pledge of success of existing strategies.

Wagering and bonuses:

Net Entertainment TouchThe bonus policy of the certain Netent casinos allows getting a positive mathematical expectation if playing at the generous slots. Playing some games, you may lose on average 2-3% of each bet. You definitely can get the advantage of approximately 1.5%. To do this, use the bonuses with a low wagering. If answering the question "How to win at slot machines?" very shortly, then you should choose games with a RTP higher than 97.5% and bonuses with a 40х wagering and less. This is the only way to consistently win at the casino. Learn more on the next page:

Recommended games:

In the process of testing games we have found more profitable betting denominations. Our testers have shared their observations in the descriptions of the individual slots. We recommend testing the machine in free mode. If the slot generates wins often and willingly, it is worth to play for real money, if no - there is a serious reason to abandon this slot for today.

Consider the fact that games were tested at different times, and the developer constantly adjusts the settings of video slots. Yes, we try to keep track of these changes, but in some cases, our findings may be outdated. Testing the slot machines in free mode gives more accurate results. So always check the slot in demo mode!

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