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The rush in a casino

The rush in a casino
Gamblers, who don`t think their life without games, have probably experienced a feeling of fever in the casino, no matter where it is - in the real or virtual world. When minutes can burn the hope and extinguished dreams, no wonder at all to lose your head from the over-the-top adrenaline rush, especially closer to the heights of wealth or rushing into the abyss of defeat because a casino doesn`t restrict the player leaving him preference and freedom of choice. Only with some experience comes the realisation that this casino rush and the ability to slake the thirst of adrenaline, to enjoy the game, regardless of where you will turn the wheel of fortune.

The term “the rush” means a loss of control over the situation. So, delirium is a phenomenon that occurs when a malicious abuse of alcohol and the loss of real sense. The player can see the world around him distorted, and created inflammation of the brain hallucinations complement the world of ghouls and monsters. The rush in the casino is the loss of control over its condition. In this state, the player can lose all the money might reach. He completely loses control over his actions. The rush of the casino - it attacks the gambling addiction. It caused by it can be as losing and winning.

How to keep cool?

Many players from online casino have their methods of the game; calculate the likely number of wins and losses. It is known that it is impossible to win, even professionals. Here strong nerves and a cold mind will come in handy and will not only be afloat but wait for the win. It is also important not to get lost in front of a massive variety of games available at online casinos.

The interesting fact is that throughout the life of the game industry, there were no cases below the player doubted whether the received payoff and returned the money won. But the reverse situation causes many players in an uproar and doubt about the fairness of the game. Mainly, this applies to online casino players who tend to blame their failures on the programmed machine. The casino games are virtually but the money is still real, and the bitterness of loss, too. At the moment the rush in the casino reaches a maximum.

But try to be cool, get the click from the game. Easy money goes as quickly as come. Not to flog a rush trying to recoup quickly. If you play using some strategy, it is not worth it now to change. The negative results have already triggered then turn for the positive. Perhaps, you need to take a break in the game to produce a "debriefing" to understand their errors and mistakes, feel free to draw the appropriate conclusions.

Follow the betting strategy

Of course, the primary regulatory points in the game are bets. Maybe worthwhile to neutralise them is to reduce the stakes to increase their number and, consequently, of the winning opportunities too. And you might want to raise the stakes. In any case, it must be assumed you have left in the funds. It`s best if you will have a presentation before the beginning of the game and plan the number and value of the declared bets.

But the rush in the casino may be associated not only with a loss but with an unexpectedly big win. In this case, considering that, finally, it began luck; players no longer control himself, make hasty ill-considered bets and quickly lose their earned in-game money. As shown, in both cases, it is necessary not to lose sanity, because changes in luck are all playing in the casino. The aim of the casino and players the same as is profit. And it is important not just safely carry the losses and gains and extract the valuable lessons from them. Therefore, it is necessary to be patient and wait for the Fortuna will treat you.

Take breaks

The rush passes quickly. Usually enough the one hour in the fresh air, so the attack has passed, and the player has returned the ability to control the situation. Take breaks. I understand how it is difficult to stop during an unsuccessful session, but you need to do this. From the other way, all of your money always will go to the casino.

Play for free

Our brain is a unique tool. You can use the method of substitution to avoid a fever in a casino. Convince yourself that you play in a real money mode, launching the pokies in free mode. Believe that a series of defeats will give you positive emotions from the money saved. These emotions will be much stronger than sadness from a few significant wins. If the pokie gave out the winnings quickly, you can continue the game, but you will lose all of your winnings. Think about it! When you are playing for real money is exactly what happens. On our website the possibility to play free pokies for the following manufacturers:

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