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Online gambling in Australia 2023

Australian gambling
Is it true that online gambling in Australia has become one of the locals favourite hobby? The answer is yes. But. are this online gambling sites legal in the Australian continent? Unfortunately, the answer is still positive. Today we will be talking about its relevance among the Australian.why it has become so popular in the country and the increasing online gambling activity despite the deep-seated problems.

Firstly, the country does not make gambling activity illegal even though there have been serious problems concerning addictions and indebtedness. Australia counts with a large number of licensed casinos where gaming machines and slot machines increase the customer's addiction but. it is even more worrying that clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants (where kids have access) offer this kind of machines. Furthermore, online gambling is also legalized in Australia, which leads to the fact that more than 80% of the residents are involved in some kind of online gambling activity. Therefore the Australian licensed online casino industry is becoming one of the most flourishing ones considering that the revenue generated is outstanding!

Secondly, gambling operations in Australia are divided into two levels where, firstly, the government tries to regulate this industry by amending the respective legislation and. secondly, these activities depend on the state and their own authorities. Even though we have said that online gambling is allowed in Australia in spite of the generated addiction and dangers, it is against the law to advertise interactive online gambling since 2001. All kinds of media are included but it has been strengthened over the Internet advertisements. However, due to the fact that the total amount earned on account of online gambling is $800 million by 2010. many Australian companies have offered their gambling services to possible future clients located outside of the country, which is not considered a criminal offence according to "The Interactive Gambling Act" in 2001.

Thirdly. Australia has had to face several problems concerning this activity due to its exponential growth due to the arrival of new technologies. Nowadays it is pretty easy to access the Internet and find a gambling site and as a result, many people have started gambling and losing a lot of money. The worst part is that in this day and age even children have their own smartphones, which means they can falsify their personal information and let the website know they are over 18 when they are clearly not. Unfortunately, some of these children have gone bankrupt (families included) and also have faced the law. In addition, many gamblers have been scammed due to criminal organizations which are more common in the field causing serious risks among them.

All in all. the Australian Online Gambling activity has truly increased despite the impacts and risks they rise. As consequence employment is likely to fall, increasing the respective addiction and making it even harder to stop so. which initiative and responsibility should the Australian government have in order to reduce this gambling impact and make it more subtle? Awareness and moderation are the keys.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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