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Casino affiliate’s blog

Affiliate’s blogWe decided to take our time and write an article to express our opinion on the events of online gambling. Here you will find feedback on different situations. We hope this article will be useful and exciting for casino affiliates as well as players… We live in an exciting time that is rich in events on the Internet: online poker, online casinos and now Bitcoins. In fact, more and more money is moving into the virtual space. Therefore, fraudsters are becoming more and more.

Our articles will be written completely impartially. Recently, we are getting more and more opinions that due to a large number of good articles on our site, players can hardly find something good to read about online casinos on other sites. So, this section was created especially for you.

What are we going to write about?

CasinosOnline gambling has been in the casino industry since the beginning of the century and has seen everything:

  • Online casino fraud. Different cheat schemes by players.
  • What is happening in online poker today?
  • Online streaming on Youtube and Twitch is a new way to attract players. How long will this mess last?
  • Personal experience of playing In online casinos - questions, problems, success and failure. Here, I will share my own experience.

A summary of the development of online casinos in the global industry

Frankly speaking, we have seen such a situation before. The same thing happened with online poker 15 years ago. Poker halls that bloomed like mushrooms after rain, global ads that you can find on almost any site, and of course, many broken lives and a lot of new players - so-called "fishes." However, we saw in streams that only 5% of players win, not 95%. There were also comments such as "this is not gambling"; "This is a reasonable game"; "Helps you deal with gambling addiction," but only 5% of people could prove their words with facts.

99% of the path is the same as in poker. We don't know what the next idea will be: Bitcoin, sports betting, NAS or blockchain casinos, but it will 100% be something different. People get bored quickly and instead of doing something really exciting in the real world, we look for fun online. One is watching streams, another is playing, and a third may be killing himself right now after another big loss at the casino.

Online poker and online casino…. Coincidence?

Online poker and casinoFor 250 – 300k CAD you can open a pretty decent online casino. You will need to spend another 500,000 CAD to attract players and create a base of regular players, but a few people think about it. Maybe only those who already have experience in this business understand how this scheme works and how much money it takes to make something meaningful.

Even the largest site, attract players Pokerstars, is becoming a major online casino. Read about poker in the list on the right. All this is a lure to attract players to roulette and slots.

Monopolizing the market by the giants

All white-label casinos are affiliates for their licensed operator. For example, Sofstswiss (operator) makes a lot of money, not on payouts from the profits of their white labels, but in the absence of a negative transfer of winnings for the next month. Example: A player earns 100,000 CAD at your casino but loses it at another Softswiss casino. They will collect 20% of the casino in which the player has lost, but will not pay the slot developer their 20% because in their platform the result is zero from both casinos. In general, the scum is everywhere. As always in this business.

Streamers at Canadian online casinos and "fresh blood"

casino streamsNowadays, streaming online casinos are quite popular on Youtube and Twitch. Watching someone play (especially if they are winning) is quite addictive and makes you press the "real money game" button. That is why many Canadian online casinos pay streaming companies to present their casinos.

Also, even normal people who are not interested in gambling get addicted when they see a streamer winning and start following it. We remind you once again that these are ruined lives. Youtube has already launched a campaign to block such videos, and streamers are moving to Twitch.
For casinos, this is a net profit, as successful streamers are highly addicted and quite often (not to say 100%) lose their commission in the same casino. On the other hand, after watching a little, the "curious minds" decide to start streaming as well. The consequence of this is, of course, more lives being ruined or another gambler caught, who brings money into the pockets of an online casino owner.

We are sure that with the decline in market and revenue, 90% of these people will be in the trash. Over the years, the game and their high profits (in some cases), will be in first place in their lives and the gamblers can’t fight against this, the addiction is too strong. Finally, when they have nothing left, they will scream that they have simply been unlucky and life is not fair. In general, nothing new here.

Personal experience of playing in online casinos

We try not to play, but sometimes as I mentioned above, the passion for gambling is too strong. We will describe our personal experience in the articles on the right side of the page.

Where to play?

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