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The plight around online Texas Hold'em Poker 2007 - 2021

The plight around online Texas Holdem Poker
The game of Poker is continuously mutating in some way. From the moment of being constituted as a game (18th-19th century), Poker was exercised by low-life mischiefs. But between 1970 and 2021 - half a century already (since the WSP - World Series of Poker got popular as an organization), many players made it their primary earnings engine, participating as professionals at all kinds of tournaments and other events. Thus, typical online Texas Hold'em Poker player was rehabilitated from class 'lawbreaker' (remember the Mississippi riverboats?) to renowned Poker stars. Moreover, we used to think that the technology betterment and the Canadian online casinos' genesis will bring the Poker progress even higher, as cards will no longer be dealt by crafty double-dealers but by fair and unbiased software algorithms.

The Poker climate is indeed completely transformed nowadays, but to say that the ‘weather’ is more suitable now than before will be foolish. Even sites as PokerStars began offering Sit-and-Go tournaments and instituting operations via the fast-paced Spin and Go format, where Winner-takes-All fast-structure is imposed, and the prize pool is randomly decided at the opening of the game.

The biggest predicament to be mentioned in all the shifting was that the fish lost money overly quickly. But, on the other hand, many Poker sites/rooms were busy improving the players' skills and did their utmost to keep the players satisfied.

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Poker Online: 2007-2021

At the beginning of this period (we speak at first-hand knowledge cause we’ve been involved as Poker affiliates at this time), people began largely seeing Poker tournaments and online gambling at events as cool and fashionable. As a result, more of them left behind day jobs and devoted themselves entirely to Poker. 

Simultaneously, a massive circle of educational, so-called ‘Poker academies’ enlightening and coaching beginners in exchange for registration via their affiliate link received 60-70% of all commissions for enticing new players to the online room. Some Texas Hold'em Poker sites (like the Poker strategy) were handing out free starting capital of 50CAD (some restrictions were attached ofc.). The essential part here is that the free cash provoked the unfolding of many scams and dubious practices. Many sites, rooms, schools, tournaments lost their good reputation, and others took measurements and protected the honest players and themselves from fraudulent accounts representations, unfair charges, and phony VPN services.

Hopes and fears tending to destroy the calm uniformity of Poker's progress 

But was it the Poker vessel really sinking? On one side, the access to free online training enhanced the Poker skills and playing level of most players playing for fun. On the other - they became so involved that they soon were entrapped in deep gambling addiction, and many lost a lot of their private funds.

During this period, the universal level of Poker plays evolved so much that the Poker rooms were compelled to put in place auxiliary restrictions for the old/professional players to protect beginners. In addition, these sites looked at the proficient players as not generating large commissions and disliked them for dodging games with partners of the same level. However, some weaker players (often referred to as ‘donkeys’ or ‘fish’), but Texas Hold'em Poker sites often failed to shield them against the ‘sharks.’

As technology improves, before causing the permanent expire of this skill-related gambling branch, and before a total collapse, the online Poker rooms need to address multiple issues. If we have to highlight some of them (from the past) with the urge to be worked off in the coming years:

  • Texas Hold'em poker rooms should try to find balance at harbouring novices and weak players but not at the expense of the regular and proficient players.
  • Online Poker sites should build up a better system to fortify against racketeering, fraud, negligence, and wrongful enrichment.
  • The card sites need to work on their regular policy and avoid restricting/deleting winning accounts, meddling with players’ funds, and taking advantage/full control of weak players.
  • Poker sites should abstain from advancing practices and get rich by ‘depriving/cheating your affiliates’. Should treat them fairly, honestly, and objectively.
  • Poker rooms should forbid/exclude the bots (computer helping programs used by players who can't beat the game normally. An example of such mathematical/analytical/ combinatorically operating software is the boot ‘solver’ that determines the optimal way to be played one hand. This means that the Poker sites should build shields against such ‘solvers,’ who effectively make the Poker game of the user unbeatable against players not using a 'solver.' Even though these boot tools are accepted in the training programs, they should be banned in real-time active playing.
  • And never the less, all Poker sites should work on putting an end to the old-fashioned corruption among their staff. An example of such a deep corruption scam was the shameless, obnoxious, for all Poker fans 2007 Ultimate Bet scandal, which exploded when players uncovered that 'inside individuals' had access to all the cards being dealt with the site.

Texas Hold'em Poker site managers should detach from mixing/merging the Poker rooms with other casino games. They are announcing Poker activities but actually consist of masked (as spin and go) slots, roulette, and blackjack. The current situation shows that the Canadian online casino site is often more profitable than the online Poker site. The slot segment, for example, is increasingly enhanced, and the volatility is reaching the maximum level. Players can win thousands of their total bets per single spin. Due to the soaring negative expectations from the Poker operators, players are more often choosing online casinos instead of Poker rooms.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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