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Bonus wagering at Canadian online casinos! Risk-free gambling: delusion or reality?

Bonus wagering at Canadian online casinos! Risk-free gambling: delusion or reality?It is worth taking consideration that many casinos deliberately choose not to offer risk-free games. That is because with these games the player effectively can round out the wagering requirements on his bonus. In this group fall: table games, slots machines with high volatility and sections with live dealers. Although in some places is permitted betting on such games. At the same time in these casinos are not allowed gambling with strategies without any risk at all. The upcoming feature is dedicated to the topic: Is there risk-free gambling at an online casino and how it can be used for bonus wagering?

Why casinos prohibit wagering without risk?

All the gambling houses have adopted the basic principle: placing a bet without risk on their table games is not allowed if you hold an active bonus. By violating this principle you sure will lose your money. The ground of this loss will be the simple logic that the course of losing money is slower than the already predetermined for the bonus mandatory wager requirements.

The only way for a gambler to make money in an online casino is to find an “escape door”, where without breaking any casino principle he can complete wagering.


  • Live rouletteWe want to start playing by using a 100 CAD welcome bonus.
  • This bonus has 30x wagering, so we have to complete 3,000 CAD wagering requirements (30x100).
  • We decided to check our luck on the European roulette.
  • To make a bet of 3,000 CAD, we can put 1,500 CAD on red and 1,500 CAD on black.
  • In case the ball falls on zero, we will be losing everything.
  • To save ourselves from such an outcome we will place 83 CAD on zero.
    (83 * 36 = 2988).
  • If this table has a restriction and doesn’t permit such betting on one spin, you can divide manually the rest of the money between some numbers (additionally to big chances bet).
  • Even if we lose this CAD 83 (having CAD 100 in bonus money), we are still 17 CAD in plus
    (100 CAD –83 CAD).
  • Now imagine that the bonus is not 100 CAD, but 200, 500 or even 1,000 CAD.

In regard to the slot machines

Usually, for playing with bonus money online casinos maintain wagering requirements of 35x or 40x.
Some casinos can offer even higher than that - wagering requirements of 50x for example. The RTP percentage of online slots is commonly in the interval between 90% and 99.5%. You can feel in your comfort zone getting positive winning expectations by playing at slots with RTP higher than 97%, and using bonuses with 40x wagering and lower.

  • For further information, please go to the next page: How to get a positive expectation of winning

Limiting the maximum bet

Gambling houses often have restrictions on the maximum allowed bet on wagering. This will say that a player is not permitted to place a bet of 10 CAD when the max bet is being limited to 8,5 CAD. This is done essentially to prevent playing the bonus money at once so that the statistic system will be able to operate more precisely. This way the player is forced to make a larger number of spins. Then the payout statistics will be presented with more accurate data for analysis, which reduces significantly the player’s chance of winning a large amount. Ultimately the bet limitation put brakes on making bets with minimal risk.

Using risk-free betting in tournaments

In some cases, a gambling house can fail to note with a rule appendix (in the terms and conditions) the restriction of the use of risk-free bet while assembling table game tournaments. If you happen to detect that – you can have a premium chance of winning this tournament, using the maximum number of bets. In the best-case scenario, you will need a bonus, which later you can secure back, once you start winning stakes in the tournament. In order, all this to start working you must first study thoroughly the competition regulations and respectively the bonus policy of that contest organizer. 

Are bets with minimal risk prohibited everywhere?

Player has a chance to put bets with minimal risk only at casinos which don’t have strict ban rule against such bets. Nowadays almost all big casino companies have a well-regulated prohibition of the use of minimal risk bets. You can read more on this topic in the casino’s terms and conditions.

Illustration of such prohibition

One perfect example of formulating this rule can be seen in the regulation terms of Bet365 Casino in the next passage: “In the process of meeting the bonus wagering requirements, it is prohibited to place bets with minimal risk. If this is used, Bet365 Casino reserves the right to withdrawal all bonus money from the player’s account and close it.”

For the game's sake, it is instrumental to grasp how to use the risk-free wagering with success, so that you can play with a bonus bound by lower wagering requirements than the percentage of loss in that game. Or else your game will be worthless. This tactical approach is applicable to table and live games as well.

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