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The online casino in Canada refuses to pay out. What to do?

The online casino in Canada refuses to pay out. What to do?
Sad story, it’s not fair, but this is life sometimes in the online gambling industry; that’s why we highly recommend you play only in highly trusted casinos (our top recommended Canadian online casino is Fastpay). Unfortunately, not all casinos care about their reputation and are looking for the smallest reason to refuse your withdrawals (sometimes even without reason). So what to do if the Canadian casino refuses to pay your money? We will show you what to do and will explain it with examples.

The first thing when an online casino not paying out is to contact (if you registered on that casino through our site) on and to explain the situation. How much money, why does the online casino not pay out and their reason for such a move? For us, it is important to know the name of the casino, your login name and the email you used to register. Then it will be our responsibility and pleasure to help and solve the problem. If you are not registered through our site, and the online casino won't pay out, we can’t help; you will have to find your own way.

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What’s the plan when the Canadian online casino refuses to pay you

If you’ve requested withdrawals, but the money isn’t coming to your e-wallet, then you will have to wait for a response letter from the casino. If you haven’t got such a letter, it’s time to contact customer support and kindly explain the situation. Then, they will tell you what to do next. Now, we will talk about possible causes and what to do if online casino won't pay.

Problems with verification of your account and proof of identity

Problems with the verification of account and proof of identity
If the casino uses even the smallest reason, such as bad quality of your photo, documents and other not-so-important factors, we believe that this Canadian online casino doesn’t want to pay out your money. You will have to do the following:

  • If you are registered through our site, send us an email at, explain the problem to us, and your login name and email used in the Canadian casino.
  • If the sum is big, the casino can use the last argument - notarized copies of the documents; this will cost approximately 20 CAD.
  • You can also ask customer support to block your account until the verification is over or the problem is solved. Usually, such a move will push the casino to verify your account (they don’t want to lose you as a player).

The casino uses a paragraph of their rules for the refusal without explanation.

In some cases, the Canadian online casino refers to the following right from their rules (terms and conditions): we can refuse any client without an explanation. This rule requires a detailed review. If you receive such an email and haven’t broken any of the rules, then you will have to do the following steps: Also, reading the next steps, you will know what to do if an online casino won't pay.

  • Please send us an email at with your login, the casino's name, and a description of the problem. Also, make a screenshot of the received email.
  • You will have to continue pushing them and tell them that you will contact the gambling commission. If the Canadian online casino is part of platforms (Everymatrix, Softswiss, etc.), contact their management.
  • Gambling Commission
    You must write to the gambling commission on which license this casino is working. Usually, such information can be found on the bottom side of the Canadian online casino's website (or in their terms and conditions). Send the description in English, applying screenshots of emails and your account balance. This can be done using the following contact details: Malta: UK gambling commission (if the casino has a UK license)
  • Write a letter to the provider on which slot the big sum was won (for example, on the NetEnt slot). Send a letter with detailed information about the problem, as well as a screenshot of your winning. Coordinates: E-mail:, or Write complaints in the most popular online gambling forums.
  • If the above actions don’t have a positive result, write emails to as many online casinos as you can with administration and forums. All the letters you send have to be polite; then you will have a bigger chance to get some help from them. If they care about their reputation, they will definitely try to help.

Where to play?

Imagine a situation; you win 5000 CAD in a Canadian online casino and request withdrawal, then receive a letter from the casino that you need to send documents and verify your account. Such verification can last up to 3 days. During this period, believe me, you will definitely play again and most likely will lose the significant or full amount of your money. Such a trick (delaying the verification process) can be used by casinos that don’t care about their reputation. Most trusted gambling sites have the opportunity to freeze your money until the payment is made. You will still be able to get into the casino but not to play with the requested money.

  • Choose Fastpay casino if you want fair game and professional customer care. We trust them 100%, and their live chat will be there for you 24/7.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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