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15 Best Android Free Slots Games

15 Best Android Free Slots Games
The popularity of internet casinos grows from day-to-day. Why? People feel adrenaline, risk, and the atmosphere of a casino while staying at home.

The main benefit of web casinos is the ability to play whenever and wherever you are willing to. It’s enough just to handle a phone or tablet to download and play a new game (mobile apps for casino roulette). We gathered the fifteen best android slot games.

Top 15 Slot Games for Android

Most gamblers choose slots because they don’t have tricky rules and don’t require a particular strategy. Although Google Play is full of slot applications, it’s a challenge to pick those that provide a new experience, convenient interface, huge rewards, and extra coins.

Let us clarify. The huge range of slot games is connected with a wide variety of playing characteristics. Our rating includes the supreme free slots app for Android where you play just for fun; to feel the casino's atmosphere and relax, with no aim to make a profit.

All the apps can be accessed for free. You won't find slot apps without charge that provide tangible prizes. For material rewards, purchase the app.

Game Description
  • 1. Slots: Hot Vegas Slot Machines Casino & Free Games
This app provides over 35 slot machines. The app is updated with two new slots, and extra games every month. Play without Wi-Fi. The app doesn’t give any option to earn money; just enjoy the atmosphere of Vegas.
  • 2. Cash Storm Casino - Online Vegas Slots Games
This app offers slot games available in a real casino. Play offline. The application provides exciting slots and coin rewards. Once you download the app, 100 million free coins will be added to your account in terms of a welcome bonus. The app is created to entertain you, not for material purposes.
  • 3. New Slots 2020-free casino games & slot machines
 The app gives you many chances to get free spins and bonuses. Compete with other gamblers and play offline. Select from a wide variety of games from classic slots to challenging Deadly Quests or Boss Battles.
  • 4. Gold Fortune Casino™ - Free Vegas Slots
 There is a vast range of free video slot games that allow winning jackpots and get you up to 5,000,000 coins as a welcome bonus. You can get free coins and spins, status promotions, and growing bonuses depending on your progress.
  • 5. Slots Pharaoh's Way Casino Games & Slot Machine
 Beautiful animation is what gamblers like the most. Get an enormous bonus and a vast number of slots.
The only obstacle the app doesn’t remind you of is real casino games. All the gifts, huge slots, odds, etc. are made to boost your fun and not to counterfeit casino's gambles.
  • 6. Classic Slots - Free Casino Games & Slot Machines
 This application is noticeable: it has lots of games; there are over 100 slot machines. The impressive variety of games is the key to customer’s loyalty. You can enjoy Priceless Diamonds, Priceless Heart, Flaming 777s, Super Diamond jackpot, and more. Play games daily and receive special rewards, seasonal events, and extra coins.
  • 7. Tycoon Casino™: Free Vegas Jackpot Slots
 This app gives you 1 million free coins when you install it. You have a chance to play real Vegas casino games for free. Unique and holiday themes, as well as prizes and huge jackpots, are available for every player.
  • 8. Slots Billionaire: Free Slots Casino Games Offline
 Here, you can play more than 40 slot games from real casinos. The list of games is updated with two new games monthly.
  • 9. Free Slots: 88 Fortunes - Vegas Casino Slot Games!
 Classic casino slot wagers, daily rewards, and jackpots. If you are fond of Asia, this app with Asian-themed games is for you. Catch a chance to reach real casino plays and earn huge gifts.
  • 10. Free Slots Casino – Adventures
 Play over 50 real casino gambles with superior characteristics. An exciting option of the application is to play real casino wagers but with wilds, multipliers, and mysterious signs. Free spins and gifts are included.
  • 11. Lucky Time Slots Online - Free Slot Machine Games
 Unlike other slot games, this one allows you to play on Facebook and mobile phones. The list of the games is updated weekly. The games provide big bonuses and many chances to win a jackpot.
  • 12. Slots: Fast Fortune Free Casino Slots with Bonus
 Play over 35 slot games with a chance to get free gifts. Games are accessible without an internet connection. Enjoy slot games of mammoth casinos online and offline. Get free bonuses without a hitch.
  • 13. Free Slots!
 This app gives you the chance to play real Las Vegas slot games online and offline. You have many opportunities to get free bonuses.
  • 14. Slots: VIP Deluxe Slot Machines Free - Vegas Slots
 The game offers more than 45 slots. A great feature is that you can play online and offline. Two new free slot games appear every month.
  • 15. Slots: Epic Jackpot Slots Games Free & Casino Game
 The app has over 40 slot machines with bonus games, one of them is the free slot machines Jackpot! You can play online and offline. Customers like this app because slot machines with bonus games are updated two times per month.

Why Play on Mobile?

  • Comfort. Customer comfort is the main purpose of any business. Using a mobile for games, you can have fun whenever you wish. All the games mentioned above work without an internet connection. That makes them even more attractive to download just before you go on a vacation or if you know there may be problems with your internet.
  • Experience. Another reason is that it’s an opportunity to learn new games and boost your knowledge of how slot machines work. Before you spend real money, you’d better practice understanding how the game works. If you have your mobile game with you, you can raise your skill level much faster. Although free games warn that the success on the app doesn’t guarantee success in real games, it’s still a chance to find out more about the games you can play to win real money.
  • No loans. If you don’t have money but still want to play, what will you do? Take a loan or borrow money? You shouldn’t. It’s better to have fun with free mobile casino games.

Can I Earn Actual Money with Slot Games on Android?

Yes, you can easily earn real money playing slot games on Android. The most common system to get money is PayPal. However, not all games offer real money. It’s likely that you will have to purchase the app to make any profit. Before you play, check the game description.

Are Mobile Slot Games Safe?

  • Yes, they are very safe. Free games don’t require paying money for any game, bonus, or free coins. Some of them have in-app purchases. Nevertheless, all the apps are available in Google Play, which checks for data security.
  • When registering in the apps, you have an option to sign up with your social network accounts, for example, Facebook. The apps guarantee the safety of your private data. The app won’t have access to your private messages or any other private information.
  • Moreover, all the apps from the list have more than 50,000 downloads. This is definitely the most persuasive proof that the apps are safe.


There are many Android slot games. Notwithstanding, they differ in characteristics and quality. Before you choose the app, make sure that it’s free for download. Read the app description to know whether it proved real money or not. Check the average rating, reviews, and the number of downloads. Ensure that you download the application from a trustworthy source such as Google Play to avoid scams and fraud. And remember, free mobile slot apps are your chance to have fun and gain experience, anytime, and anywhere.

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