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Full Roulette Guide – Start Playing Like a Pro

Full Roulette Guide – Start Playing Like a Pro
We bet some players are right now asking, “what does a roulette table look like?” This is a regular casino table with a big wheel and different cells.

Even players who never visit the online casino have seen it. This is the main symbol of gaming halls in films and various video games. Although it scares some users, the principles of the game are simple. The participant makes a bet and hopes to see the ball in the selected cell. More popular versions offer advanced betting features that provide adrenaline and risk.

Before answering how to bet on roulette, we would like to tell a little about its origin. For the first time, a board with a wheel appeared in one of the regions of Western Europe. Local gamblers played at fairs, winning various goods. As you already understood, European Roulette was the first version of the legendary game. Mariners helped it get to the American coast. In this country, the game has received several changes. Later they became a separate type of roulette. Added cells increased the advantage of Canadian online casinos. Despite this, the game was top-rated.

Players who are going to win need to learn all the nuances. We are here to tell you about them by describing all the roulette rules for beginners. Read carefully and win real money!

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Basic Rules and Principles

As already noted, the rules are not complicated. However, you need to know at least general roulette instructions not to lose the last loonie. Upon arrival at the virtual casino, register and select the appropriate table.

Select a bet size and place it before the croupier closes the betting session. The ball starts in a moment. Cross your fingers and hope that it lands in the cell that you indicated at the beginning. Depending on the result, the dealer pays the winnings to the players who made the correct prediction.

This is how any roulette works. The rules are elementary, and you do not need special skills to earn a little. Choosing the right roulette will be the only obstacle since most of them have differences. Participants should pay attention to the wheels that give them a bigger edge. But this is not the only factor affecting the outcome of the session.

Popular Game Basics

Sitting down at the table, you start the game against the House represented by the croupier. His/her responsibilities include receiving/placing bets, spinning the wheel, and paying prizes. The French and European versions of the wheel offer 36 cells and an extra field with a “0”. American casinos have changed the form of roulette by offering 38 such cells.

How does any roulette work? Each participant bets different chips. Due to the different colours, the dealer will not mix up the winnings. As soon as the wheel stops, he/she will check the winning numbers and pay prizes. Please note you can receive chips or cash immediately. It depends on the casino in which you play. If these are chips, they will turn into real money as soon as you leave the table.

To appear like an experienced player, a beginner should follow the general instructions. First, he needs to choose 1, 2, 3, or more numbers for bets. Depending on the size of the bankroll, he must deliver money. There are special buttons for both actions. It is important to note that you can bet until the dealer shouts “No More Bets.” In some online games, this moment is determined automatically. In the end, the dealer calls the players who guessed the cell or the number as close as possible to where the ball landed.

As you already understood, 99% of success depends on the selected rates. In the next section, we will talk about their types and features.

Types and Features of Bets

During the game, a participant can make several bets on one cell or group of numbers. The games contain many stake combinations that determine your chances of winning and payouts. Any roulette game for beginners has simple principles: the more bets, the more chances to win real money. Before you start the game and spend money, let's look at all types of bets.

Inside and outside are the main ones. All virtual roulettes offer them, so you should learn and remember them. Announced bets appeared later; that’s why players can find them much less often. However, they will play with all of them, and it is important to understand what type of bets gives the greatest advantage in the gaming room.

  • Inside Stakes

Knowing roulette wheel rules is sometimes not enough for victory and vivid emotions. First, select the appropriate table and take a look at its layout. You will notice numbers (from 0 to 36) and cells represented by different groups of numbers like 1-18/19-36, odd/even, red/ black, and others. Putting chips on numbers themselves, you choose inside stakes. They are divided into 7 additional types: Straight/Split/Street/Six Line/Corner/Trio/Basket. Although this seems complicated at first glance, there is really easy to understand. Straight one consists of one number, while all other stakes include groups of cells. As already mentioned, they give different chances of payment. If you play in a legal Canadian casino, you can leave it at the dealer's discretion.

The virtual casino is the best way to play roulette for beginners. Using advanced software reduces the likelihood of errors. Such programs know which players won, and they will never mix bets/payouts. On the other hand, if you have chosen an offline establishment, keep an eye on dealers. They are people, so mistakes happen from time to time.

  • Outside Stakes

This category covers bets placed outside numbers covering the groups of numbers discussed above. All modern roulettes have 5 types of outside stakes. You can choose “Black or Red,” “Odd or Even,” “1-18/19-36”, “Columns,” “Dozens.” Users who watched Hollywood movies know that black or red bets are the most popular. In addition to them, you can choose 1-18 and get paid if the ball lands in a cell with a number less than 18. Columns define a column with a winning number.

There is another type of outside bet. It is not available in every game, but we have included it in our beginners’ guide to roulette. The “Snake Bet” covers red numbers only. This list includes 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, 34 that form the shape of a snake on the table. The advantage of this stake is that it includes all these numbers with one chip. Developers often change their form to meet the Black Snake for all numbers except those indicated above.

You are probably wondering how many numbers you should bet in roulette. It depends on your skills and intentions. Snakes are one of the most popular because they cover many numbers. However, other stakes will help you increase your wealth.

  • Announced Stakes

They are most often combinations of bets that you will find in the French version of the wheel. They are added to European roulette from time to time, and this is definitely the rule that beginners should know. Besides, this type of roulette bet has certain names. Give them special attention if you have serious intentions for the game.

We would like to start with the “Neighbors of Zero” bet (Voisins du Zéro). It covers ‘0’ and seven additional cells on each side (22-25 on the wheel). As a result, the player has a 15-digit bet with nine chips.

If you want to cover more numbers, then look at “Le Tiers Du Cylindre.” Yeah, sometimes roulette betting rules with foreign names can scare players, but we assure you that it is necessary to play in a Canadian online casino. Le Tiers Du Cylindre is located opposite ‘0’, covering at least 12 cells (27-33 on the wheel). Now you know why this type of stake means “one-third of the wheel.” The participant needs 1 chip for each split, including 5-8, 10-11, 13-16, 23-24, 27-30, 33-36.

“Orphelins” is a unique bet because it covers everything that the previous two cannot. You will have 8 numbers and a bet on four chips. Here is the list of numbers that Orphelins can control on the gaming table: 1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31, 34.

“Zero Game” stake (Jeu Zéro) is included in roulette basics too. By choosing ‘0’, it will cover its three neighbours on each side. It consists of one straight and three basic splits like 32/35, 12/15, and 0/3.

One of the most common game roulette bets is “Neighbors” (5-number bet). It applies not only to a specific cell on the field but also to 2 of its neighbours on each side. If you choose 5, you will get 5, 10, 16, 23, and 24, respectively. However, this bet is available through the Hippodrome only. This is a special section presented in some types of virtual roulettes. These rules are essential if you want to find out how to play a roulette table and win money.

Choose a game carefully. Some of them suggest choosing a cell and changing its neighbours. It takes effect when you visit a live Canadian online casino or notice some stereotyped croupier work. If this makes you think that the ball is landing in certain cells, make a bet and win!

There are two more types of roulette stakes called “Finals or Finales” and “Red/Black.” The first of them indicates the last digit of the winning number: 14,24,34 if you chose 4 and so on. Advanced players prefer “Finale a Cheval” in this case. It allows them to choose two such numbers. “Red/Black” has no pitfalls either. As you already understood, they define splits of one colour. By selecting Red, the player automatically selects all cells of this colour, increasing his chances.

  • Other Options

Casino games are always evolving, and developers are adding new options. So, Microgaming released Premier Roulette Diamond which became very popular in Canada. This game contains “Chip Bomb” stakes which cover certain numbers and their neighbours. There are many cases where roulette explained so many options. You can create your own betting template by determining the greatest potential on the table. But if this is your first experience, you should start with standard rules and rates.

Choosing the Right Bet...

Choosing the Right Bet...
In the previous sections, we talked about the main types of bets in modern casino roulettes. This means it's time to try the game on your own. But what type of bets to choose from? It directly depends on your mood and strategy. Fans of old-school progressive betting tactics prefer ‘even-money bets,’ which apply to 50% of the wheel.

Depending on the chosen roulette strategy for beginners, you will determine the size of your bankroll. Unfortunately, many newbies make the same mistake when choosing the biggest bets. In fact, you need to start with the lowest values, increasing them after losing. At this stage, we also want to pay attention to the limitations in each game. The Canadian online casino pre-sets the upper bet limits (100 CAD or others). This exists to prevent the bankruptcy of players and their addiction. The bid limit satisfying your needs should be considered along with the strategy and the selected bet amount.

Many articles explain how to play roulette for beginners. Most of them agree that this is a universal game. It is great for high-rollers, amateurs, and newcomers. You have the opportunity to raise your bet or change the table. But make sure that this risk is justified because everything starts with a bet….

European or American Roulette?

Here are two of the most popular wheel versions. Accordingly, they are represented in almost every Canadian online casino. Players are mistaken in thinking these are the same versions of roulette. In the previous sections, we have already said that European and American wheels have a different history. In some aspects, the rules are significantly different too.

American roulette rules include an extra cell (‘00’). During the game, it increases the house's edge to 5.7%, which is an extremely high rate. Because of this, the distance to winning increases in each round. Surely, you can bet on one number. In this case, the coefficient is 37/1.

European roulette rules are simple and straightforward. The field includes 36 cells providing the home with an edge of 2.7%. A participant betting on one number gets 36/1 chances. From this point of view, the European version of the wheel is more profitable for the player, especially if he is playing for the first time.

Developers release different versions of Roulettes. Therefore, you will often find American versions with one ‘0’. This variation makes its edge comparable to European Roulette. Do not forget to check this nuance before the game.

What You Need to Know about Betting System

The first thing you need to understand is that roulette is unpredictable. In this unique game, the rounds are not interconnected. In other words, the previous rotation of the wheel will not affect the result in the next round. The numbers can change every time you make a bet, or one cell wins five times in a row. Beginners think they can defeat the system, but this is not so.

In the long run, you will not find a system/combination that wins forever. The “Martingale” system is one of the most reliable, but it does not provide a 100% positive result. After each loss, Martingale doubles your current bet. The bottom line is that one win will pay off your previous stakes. This is like a guaranteed way to get money. On the other hand, no one knows when the participant will win. Therefore, he should take a big bankroll to be ready for a long losing streak.

The virtual world is filled with combinations and roulette tips for beginners. Some of them can be really effective. However, you should find a combination that matches your style and bankroll. But you have no guarantee that it will win in each round.

Play Live

Many players miss offline establishments. They were popular until operators found new features on the web. This type of entertainment has become more accessible around the world. But players still wanted to play in land-based rooms. Because of this, developers have proposed Live games.

Visiting such a Canadian online casino, you move to a real studio to choose any game. Of course, there are many types of roulettes for beginners and professionals. Roulette gaming rules vary depending on the version selected (American/French/Lightning). You are meeting face to face with a live dealer. He/she accepts the bets and starts the round. Broadcasting is in HD quality thanks to modern cameras. This gameplay is so realistic, especially if you use online chat. This is an additional option that allows you to communicate with the dealer. The number of Live Roulettes is increasing every year, so the players get an excellent experience.

Play Without Download

The fast pace of life does not allow us to enjoy casino games fully. After work, we have other responsibilities, and we do not always find time for Roulette. Fortunately, each of us has at least one mobile device with Internet access. This is enough to win real money.

What is roulette on the phone? This is a traditional table and wheel that does not differ from desktop versions. The main advantage is that players use all the game options. Tables are perfectly adapted for touch screens, while buttons are distributed throughout the display. You can even play with live dealers!

Downloading is not required if you visited a mobile Canadian online casino in a browser. Some operators offer an application. Both options are convenient for playing anywhere and anytime. All you need is a stable web connection and a little time for bets.

The Best Tips

If you have never spun a roulette wheel before then, this section will be handy for you. Before you start the game for real money, you should think about a free game. This will help you cast aside all doubts and avoid risks if you realize this is not your favourite game. Once you become confident enough, you can make a deposit and bet.

Beginners should sit down at the European Roulette table. We have already talked about the American version of the game many times. Its extra cell increases the club's edge so that you can lose the last dollar. This is one of the key factors.

Avoid crowded tables as they tend to spin less frequently. If you also lose, you will find out how unpleasant it is to wait for the game and watch other participants get paid. Usually, a casino gets crowded in the evenings.

If you decide to play on the Internet, make sure you choose the right Canadian online casino. Always visit popular and licensed establishments. They indicate the percentage of payments and have documents confirming the health of the RNG. The reputation of the operator is an important factor these days. By following these guidelines, you will save money.

As a beginner, you need an understanding of roulette. In the previous sections, we described all terms and general rules. We tried to make them simple and understandable so that you improve your knowledge before a real game. Therefore, you should aim for outside stakes, mostly. Even though they offer less return, you get frequent payouts.

Our how-to win at roulette beginners’ guide describes all the important aspects of the legendary game. If you want to win real money and enjoy the benefits of gambling, then follow the simple rules. Explore terms/bets and choose the right online casino. It will be cool if it offers free demo mode. This allows you to spin the wheel for free while improving your skills.

Where to play?

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