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Best Android Casinos for Real Money in Canada

Best Android Casinos for Real Money in Canada
The first aspect to point out is that the development of high technologies has made gambling more popular. It also brought a lot of new opportunities for those who want to play. Naturally, live casinos still exist, but the laws of many countries forbid gambling. There is a nice and convenient alternative.

Now people can play right on their phones via special-made applications. We want to tell you everything about these apps and how they work. Moreover, some of the real casinos for android bring real cash. It is essential if you want to spend your hard-earned money on gambling and receive something. It’s important to add that some casinos just cheat their customers. To help you avoid them, we will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of these apps.

Get familiar with this article and find out more about android pay casinos. We are sure you will find a lot of useful and relevant information here.

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How to START?

Don’t worry if you have never played on your phone. It doesn’t differ that much from playing on the official casinos’ websites or offline. There are a lot of android casinos with real cash. The first thing you have to do is read the reviews and feedback very carefully that real people have left. Don’t be very excited if you see mostly positive comments since they may be fake.

Afterwards, go to the app store or the website. The app you’re looking for may be found there. Learn the provided information. Ensure that all the terms and conditions are clear to you; otherwise, you won’t be able to prove the fact of cheating or something like that. Install the app and open it. It is possible to play the same games on the website and the app in most cases.

Now it’s time to register and create your account. There is nothing complicated. All the real casinos for android have a similar algorithm to do that. Done? Now you can start playing. Select the game you like best of all. Many apps offer an option to play for free. It’s a better way for the novices. In case you already have some experience, you can stake and play for real money. Note that the largest companies offer beneficial bonuses for new customers. Before the registration, learn everything about it in order not to miss the chance. Almost every app gives welcome bonuses and amazing promotions for those who are new. It goes without saying that you should read the terms of any bonus beforehand.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Android Casinos

Why are these android pay casinos so popular? Let’s find out together. Several features are typical of this kind of apps.

Unlike playing on your laptop or PC, the graphics are much better. You can enjoy your favourite games without any bugs. Another pleasant feature is that now you can play wherever you like. It is convenient for those who can’t afford to play at real casinos or spend time at home. In addition to that, most android casinos' real cash offers the same game selection as on their website.

Furthermore, it would help if you did not forget that many apps offer welcome bonuses for new ones. It’s a pleasant thing to start with. The games are various and fascinating. Sometimes one app has as much choice as a whole casino does. Free spins, jackpots and other rewards are common things for online casinos. We recommend you to choose a popular and famous app since there’s much more probability that it’s an honest and reliable brand.

However, we’d like to mention some drawbacks. No matter how exciting and funny the games are, you probably won't like them if you prefer to do everything on a big scale. But we believe it depends more on one’s temper. Another point is that some apps have a lot of restrictions, especially about payouts. If there is a website, the app may offer far fewer games in comparison with the website.

We personally believe that there are plenty of good features of playing at real casinos for android. If you follow the instructions given above, you’ll be able to find an app that doesn’t have any of those drawbacks.

Choosing a Reliable App

It would be unfair not to mention that there are several criteria you should consider before playing at android pay casinos. You’d better take your time and think thoroughly. No matter how catchy and good-looking an app is. First of all, don’t judge by the pretty design. So, how to determine whether a certain app is good and reliable?

  • 1. While you’re navigating the site or reading the description of an app on the app store, nothing should alert you. Good android casinos real cash should be certified and have several ways to contact the staff if something goes wrong. We highly recommend not to use it when even a small thing looks suspicious. In addition to that, ensure that the personal data you enter while registering is secured. 
  • 2. We cannot ignore the fact that decent apps offer at least several payment options. If you see a wide range of payment possibilities, that means the company cares for its clients and makes gambling as convenient as possible.
  • 3. If on the one hand it can be said that plenty of choices is always attractive, the same is not true if the games can’t be played without some technical problems. Look at the graphics and offered software. They should work as well as possible.
  • 4. The winnings you receive should be paid within the shortest terms without any delay. Alert if the terms of the payouts depend on the amount of cash. Honest apps pay quickly to save their reputation and attract new customers. 
  • 5. Real casinos for android should offer proper customer service, which plays a huge role. If the company can’t solve the minor issues and the staff doesn’t respond timely, we would not recommend such an app. 
  • 6. Last but not least. Look at the app’s ranking. It should at least 85%. This is obvious, but there are still many players who give their money to scam apps. They have a low score but look catchy and have a lot of probably fake positive feedback. 

Quite an impressive list, isn’t it? But it’s better to be safe than sorry. Check the apps you want to use according to these criteria. We are sure that it will be helpful.

Best Casino Games for Real Money on Android

There are indeed hundreds, if not thousands, games and activities on these apps. We are going to describe the most known, which attracts many players. You can easily find them or their updated versions almost everywhere. We only recommend you read the terms of each game attentively.

  • Blackjack – a favourite game of many people. You see the cards and play with the virtual dealer. Some say that it’s even easier than real blackjack. In some cases, the whole app performs only this game.
  • Keno – a simple game, available almost on every app, which provides a wide range of choices.
  • Poker – card game, which has many modified versions (video poker or live one, for example). There are separate poker apps and apps which include this game.
  • Slot games – easy games, usually with well-designed graphics and bright pictures 
  • Roulette – the main principle is the same, but the game itself may differ a little at different android play casinos.

Actually, the variety is enormous. It’s only you who decides what to play and when. However, if android casino's real cash offers too large a game choice, it should alert you. You can see many bonuses, rewards, and totally positive comments, but the low ranking is suspicious. When it looks too good, it is most likely just a scam company.

There are not so many outstanding pros and cons of these particular games. We would mention that if an app specializes in just several games, they may be more elaborate and better designed. It may not be true for the apps providing dozens of various games. This short-list shows that you can find anything you like, from traditional games to modern ones. Some of the games are free, while others can be played for real cash.

The Perfect Platform for Beginners and Experienced Gamblers

Fastpay casino
We cannot ignore the fact that it’s rather difficult to choose a worthy online casino if you are just a beginner. FastPay Casino won’t disappoint you. This is a modern company which has already attracted a huge audience. Look at the name, which speaks for itself. This brand specializes in fast payments. This is an essentially important criterion. If you want to win and receive the winnings swiftly, that’s what you need. They don’t delay payouts intentionally. The best feature of the brand is that they pay instantly. This circumstance has made it so famous.

Customer service is represented by their live chat and the possibility to contact staff via e-mail. They are ready to help you at any time. The verification of the account goes easy and fast (usually within 10 minutes). All the personal information is protected, which is a necessary thing for worthy real casinos for android. The list of the payment methods is sizable (Maestro, Interac, Visa, Ethereum and many others). You can pay with cryptocurrency as well. Bonuses, jackpots and promotions for the newcomers and existing customers are also available.

It offers five versions of blackjack, including European, American, etc. Though there’s no live gambling, the variety is amazing. When you are fond of video poker, at least ten versions of the game are at your service! Some of them offer multi-play and power poker. It’s hard to believe, but FastPay has more than 160 games to play. Among them, you will see Baccarat, Double Exposure, Pontoon, Rocket Dice, etc. The brand is international. The website and the app are available in several languages.


Let’s summarize. As you have understood, the gaming process is very similar in comparison to playing on the laptop. It’s important to add that you can use the same account on the laptop and the phone. From time to time, mobile apps provide better-designed games than websites, which is certainly an advantage. Most apps have a user-friendly interface. They may also give a better choice. There’s no need to wait to come home to play your favourite games because your android pay casinos can travel with you anywhere.

We have presented the points to show that android pay casinos may be as exciting and interesting as live ones. They are more convenient than the websites and may offer a wider choice than a standard playhouse. Moreover, these applications are getting better every year. A lot of designers and programmers work hard to make them as attractive as they are. A decade ago, they probably couldn’t compete with live casinos, but now the situation has radically changed. Gambling apps are top-rated now.

This brief article shows you that online gambling on your phone is almost as fabulous as live playing. It’s a modern and convenient solution for those who appreciate their comfort and time. Just try to follow our recommendations, and you will succeed. There are plenty of websites with lists with the best apps, descriptions, pros and cons. Learn them before you start. We are sure that the article will be beneficial for you, no matter how experienced you are.

Where to play?

  • You can always play at the best Canadian Android casino - Fastpay, a 100% trusted gambling site. You will be satisfied with the wide range of games (over 5000), excellent customer service and speedy withdrawals (1-5 minutes)

Best Android online casinos in Canada 2021

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