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Best Free Roulette Games at Online Casino in 2021

Best Free Roulette Games at Online Casino in 2021
Currently, there are three main types of roulette found in online casinos - European, French, and American. Each species has its characteristics, yet, the principle in these online casino games is the same.

European free roulette online contains 37 sectors from 0 to 36. The zero (zero) sector is green, the rest alternate between red and black. The likelihood of precipitation is zero - 2.7%. European roulette never involves zero in bets.

American Roulette contains another green sector - a double zero located on a wheel opposite the first zero. The casino advantage rises to 5.26%. There is no track on the gaming table with oral bets specific to French and European roulette games. It also has a different order of numbers. American free roulette online is allowed to bet with zero and double zero.

French roulette is the forerunner of European and American roulette, contains 37 sectors from 0 to 36, bets are accepted only before the wheel spins. It provides for the possibility of making oral bets and differs in that the external bets when the zero is dropped remain on the table for the next round. If they then win, then the players get them back, although without payment. This rule also reduces the casino advantage by 2 times in roulette free play. Check our list of Canadian online casinos with no verification withdrawal.

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Best Roulette Game for Newbie

There are two main types of roulette - European and American. You will also like 3d roulette free. The real roulette aces advise novice gamers to choose the first option. This is explained by the fact that in Europe there is only one sector zero (zero sectors). There are two such sectors in American. Therefore, the chances of beginners in European roulette will be higher, and the risk of loss is reduced. As for the third main type of roulette - French - then old-timers advise beginners not to test the waters here at all. There are too many nuances in French free roulette games that will be difficult for beginners to master.

First of all, a novice roulette player must determine the size of his bank. It is necessary to calculate the amount that you are ready to lose without prejudice to your financial situation. This does not mean that you will necessarily lose, but no one is safe from losing at roulette. And if you determine in advance the amount that you are up to lose, then subsequently you will not have much upset. And this will not affect your well-being while playing free 3d roulette. 

As a rule of thumb, the size of the online casino bank will also help you determine your strategy. If the bank is small, then an aggressive style of play is not good. You do not want to be left without a bank after one or two bets. In any scenario, players with great experience advise the freshmen to follow several rules that will help a successful game in any kind of free live roulette. These recommendations include:

  • maintaining a sober mind in various game situations;
  • compliance with the chosen strategy and management;
  • choose a table where the game is played at lower rates;
  • you can’t rush to win back the lost amount on the same day

French Roulette

This kind of game is considered the ancestor of the American and European species. Goals and objectives are standard, but the playing field is slightly different. This is a very popular form in which various competitions are constantly held for the players.

Zero-free Roulette

Many players, faced with this concept, are wondering what it is. This type of roulette implies the absence of a zero sector. This greatly increases the chances of players getting the desired winnings.

Of course, this game has its screw-ups. To enter the game, you need to pay a small commission. It is at the expense of it that the casino pays for the increased chances of the program. Many players in this mode prefer to play for dozens or bet only on black or white.

How to Win in Roulette?

Of course, roulette slots for money are always associated with risk. In no way can one guarantee one hundred percent gain, even knowing all the secrets. But you can play a free roulette game and take several measures to increase the chance of winning.

  • Choose only honest establishments that have established themselves, for example, FastPay online casino. This online casino offers a huge variety of astonishing roulette games, and you will be impressed by the pleasant bonuses. Do not get carried away with big bets; it is better to bet a little and win than to lose a large amount.
  • Determine for yourself the scheme by which you will play - this will significantly increase the chance of winning. Before you start playing roulette for a certain tactic, be sure to thoroughly study all the features. Having studied the new method, immediately decide on how much money on the account you will need for a full game.

The main goal is to beat the online casino and hit the jackpot, so mind your steps. Whatever principle of the game you choose, you must adhere to it, without deviation for a single step.

The American version is standard at Las Vegas casinos. However, in some places in Vegas, you can also find European roulette. In American roulette, zero gives the casino an advantage of 2.7% and double zero - at 5.26%. The chance to win is estimated by assigning the number of winning options to the number of all possible. For example, if you bet evenly, 18 winning options are possible; by dividing this number by 38 (total number of options), we get a probability of winning equal to 47.37%. The casino advantage does not change, whatever your bet. It is worth working to compensate for it, as well as get your advantage. Even a little effort here can greatly increase your winnings. It is necessary to plan accordingly your steps and tactics in general. By playing online roulette, you get an idea of what strategies you should use when you enjoy the real game. And, as is the case with many other gambling games, you improve by playing regularly and learning the different nuances of the game.

Betting Options

Players start by betting on numbers on the playing field. Players may make internal or external bets depending on the situation. Winning depends solely on luck. Las Vegas casinos limit players to maximum and minimum bets. These rules apply to players with each rotation separately. It is better to check with the dealer all the restrictions at the table where you play. The value of your chips is determined by the amount you paid for them.

Players may, at their discretion, buy chips from the dealer. You can play by making as many bets as you wish, limiting yourself only to the maximum payout amount of the table.

Domestic Rates

American free online roulette is very popular and gives real pleasure. Domestic bets allow you to get big wins. In terms of winning, they also provide the greatest chance. These bets can be placed on numbers from 1 to 36, as well as on zero. You can make as many bets as you wish, provided that their size is above the minimum. The online casino stipulates the size of the minimum domestic bet.

External Rates

These bets cannot be placed on specific numbers. Instead, you can bet on the colour, odd or even, small numbers (less than 18) or large numbers (19 to 36), or dozens and columns.

French Roulette Games are One-of-a-Kind

This is one of the oldest varieties of roulette games, yet, it has still not lost its popularity. It was from her that other varieties received their development. The French version is characterized by the following:

  • with this option, cash is not used, only chips or special tokens, which can later be exchanged for money;
  • this roulette requires remembering all kinds of bets very carefully, otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to play. This is because all the names are pronounced in French (in very rare cases, English terminology is used, which greatly facilitates the game for people);
  • when choosing a table, you need to pay attention to the table of limits, it determines the minimum and maximum possible rates;
  • players have the right to place bets of the external and internal type themselves, and only the dealer can place the oral type after the player has made an announcement;
  • if the zero sector falls, then with bets on equal chances do one of two options:
  • they are all placed on the field until the next draw. If zero falls again or the bets lose, then the income goes to the casino. If they win, then the players are refunded without making a payout;
  • half of the bet is returned to the players.

Strategies Preferred When Playing Online Roulette

You can change your strategy by carefully following the bets that other online players at the roulette table have already made. You can learn this by trying to play for free online. When making bets, you must also take into account the percentage advantage that the online casino has. However, the first and main principle of any strategy is to monitor your financial resources.

Players believe that betting on equal chances will help to win big. You can bet on the colour, odd or even, small numbers or large. However, it is worth remembering that a casino always has a slight advantage. When you use this strategy, you are not guaranteed a constant win, but the chance to win is really good. Try to play for free to get an idea of winning strategies that you should choose when playing for real money. Recently, many roulette strategies have become very popular. Not all of them are always effective, but you can try your luck with them. You can, for example, use the Martingale strategy, in which you must double your bet unless you have won or reached the casino's bet limit. The d'Alembert system is another popular strategy in which a player after losing increases the subsequent bet by one and decreases the bet by one after winning. These strategies may or may not work. It is best to try them in the online game yourself and learn from experience.

  • European Roulette Games

The European free roulette is similar to the French one, the main difference that pleases many players is that this version uses English terminology, which greatly facilitates the game because this language is international. The rest of the rules are similar and the bottom line is to guess one of the 37 numbers. Casino price tokens are activated. The payment of bets is made with the largest and not the smallest. Bets on equal odds similar to French roulette: the first option with them is that they are “locked” until the next draw and are lost if they lose or lose another zero. The second option is that they are returned to the players at a 50% value.

  • American Roulette Games

American roulette casino game with free play is close to previous versions of the game and has similar principles. Of the individual features, the following should be noted. In this game, there are two zero numbers: 0 and 00. The general arrangement of numbers is somewhat different from how they are located in previous versions of the game (French and European versions). There are up to three croupiers that can be at one table. The exact number depends on the total number of online players at the selected table, i.e. table workload. If there are several croupiers, then they distribute duties among themselves in an arbitrary order. The player should only know that the exchange of chips is made only with the dealer, who is behind the wheel. No price chips are used for the game, special tokens of various colours are used for bets. When playing, each player at the table will have his token colour. There are no oral bets in the live roulette.

Players make bets on their own, the dealer can do it instead of them at their request. Or the online croupier can intervene in the process if the player commits incorrect actions. Tokens are collected by hand, while in other varieties of the game the collection is carried out using a special spatula, which is why the game is much slower. Payments are made at the lowest rate and then in ascending order. American Roulette has two sectors "0" and "00". You can download a free roulette game in two shakes.

  • European Roulette Online

European free online roulette is a popular gambling entertainment. Especially popular is the European Roulette by NetEnt. It differs from other versions by the presence of one sector of zero. Modern online roulette is available in most online casinos, where users can play roulette, free online roulette games for fun, and slot machines for free and for money.

The homeland of modern roulette with free play is France. The word roulette itself is of French origin and translates as “small wheel”. Studies indicate that Blaise Pascal invented the game in 1655. The scientist and mathematician devoted his whole life to the creation of the perpetual motion machine. Unfortunately, he was not able to do this. But Pascal, without knowing it, gave the world a popular game. Naturally, since that time, the appearance of the invention has completely changed.

To improve casino software, sophisticated mathematical algorithms are used, which are based on a random number generation algorithm. This is a guarantee that external factors cannot affect the operation of the system. As a result, the ball stops in a random cell in the online casino.

European online roulette quickly became popular. Players can place bets on the same site from different continents.

One of the positive aspects of these games is the return of half the bet on a roll of 0 and the absence of a bet limit. The highest payout ratio for winning is Straight (11: 1), followed by Split (5: 1) and Street (3: 1). Column and Corner bets are paid at a 2: 1 rate. All other varieties of bets go one to one.

  • Roulette Without Zero Games

This game attracts new fans. Among fans of gambling entertainment, almost everyone is trying online free roulette games, and not everyone continues to play in the future. Many are scared away by the sector with the number zero - “zero”, the opportunity to lose the money donated does not appeal. In this kind of game, like roulette without zero, there is no green cell on the field and in the roulette wheel.

The specifics of the online games are almost completely indicated in the name itself, but we can add that the rules of the game are fully consistent with the European variety. The sizes of bets and the casino commission from them are slightly different.

The latter is explained by the reduced risk of playing roulette without zero because you just can not lose everything at once. The fixed fee depends on the bet amount and is 0.05CAD (5 cents) at standard rates from 0.01 to 10CAD; 2.5CAD at high rates from 1CAD to 100CAD; 5CAD in the case of a large game, VIP bets from 5CAD - 1,000CAD.

As you can see, the commission varies from a few cents to a couple of dollars, which is quite moderate. Those wishing to first test their strength can be recommended to try out the demo version of the game. In principle, the zero-zero roulette player feels more confident, as there is no risk of losing everything if the ball hits the green sector. That is why the game of roulette without zero is a profitable activity, and large bets are justified and reasonable. Nevertheless, the decision to take part in any gambling game is always the player’s personal choice. The free roulette wheel is working smoothly.

  • Roulette Boule Games

The table itself consists of a bowl and a playing field, a game ball should rotate in the online free roulette. The bottom has 36 grooves where the ball should lie during the game. This means 9 cells that are numbered or 4 sets. The cells themselves are decorated in different ways - the cells number 1,3,6,8 are black; red cells under the number 2,4,7,9; and the yellow cell is at number 5. Five is the same as sector zero in other roulettes. The playing field itself has a sector for betting, where you can bet on numbers or equal chances. In the centre of such a field, you bet on even-odd, on the sides on red and black, and the top and bottom on big and small.

Roulette rules are easy as cake. The player must make a bet on the playing field. To start the free online roulette games for fun, the player needs to click the PLAY button. If a player wants to make a move without a bet, he is given a chance to make an idle start, in which the player does not lose a cent. When the free roulette wheel stops and the ball falls into some cell, the player looks at the number where the ball hit, this number is winning. In the very top corner, you can also see an increase in this number on the screen. In the right corner, some numbers have already won this game.

The bet itself can be made both on numbers and equal chances. Players can make a lot of bets in this game, the capital itself should not exceed the permissible norm. If you want to place a bet, you must click on your existing token and place it in a special field of the gaming sector. If you want to put not one token but several at once on one field, then you need to click on this number with the mouse as many times as you like. In Roulette Boule, payments are made at the rate of 1 to 7.


Now you know the main games of roulettes that are popular in the online casino, as well as some of their features. There are many more varieties in the world, but they are all based on one of these three species and are subject to general principles.

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