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Best Roulette Numbers (Odds) at Online or Offline Casinos in Canada

Best Roulette Numbers (Odds) at Online or Offline Casinos
There are plenty of roulette lovers. Indeed, the spinning wheel is fascinating. Novices generally rely on luck. Experienced punters apply different strategies. Some of them work better than others. But this is about numbers in this article. Though roulette is a game of chance, there are some roulette secret numbers. Read this guide and learn more about the spinning wheel.

The main idea is quite straightforward. A player should place on any slot. If the ball lands on the right number, he wins. It’s possible to place a bet on more than one slot. The odds are increasing in this case. Many consider that there are no best numbers to play in roulette. But researchers claim the opposite. Besides, other factors apart from luck can impact the result.

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Online VS Offline

One can say that gambling at a playhouse and on the website are basically identical. If you played this game online, you have noticed it. The wheel itself looks like a real one. Excellent graphics makes you forget that it’s not real. The sounds are very realistic, that one can think he’s at the playhouse. The best numbers to play in roulette can be applied while gambling online, too. (rules of roulette

Speaking of live casinos, there are some differences. Let us consider them.
  • Dealer style – each dealer turns the wheel in his or her own way. Those who often play can distinguish one from another easily. Old players know how to predict roulette numbers. 
  • Late betting – it’s possible to bet even when the wheel has started to spin. This option lacks if you play online. Moreover, this is what helps some guess the best numbers to bet on roulette. 
  • Speed – the dealers, don’t spin the wheel at the same speed. Some of them touch the wheel lightly. In this case, there are fewer rotations. Some dealers press on the wheel, so it rotates quickly. There may be about ten or more circles. This also helps to predict the outcome.
  • The wheel – it also matters. It should be perfectly balanced, ideally. But this is a rare case. Generally, it has a slight shift. Try to observe others playing at the table. Then you can discover the best casino roulette numbers. 

Unfortunately, there are some serious drawbacks. Players need a lot of time to notice a certain pattern. No matter, be it a dealer style or a biased wheel. Casino staff never sleeps and takes the necessary action. They change the biased wheel as soon as they find it. They can also make the dealers change their style intentionally. 

Hot Numbers

There are the best numbers for the roulette machine. Observant players can see a pattern in the wheel’s movements. Some numbers obviously win more frequently than others. That’s why people call them “hot.” Betting on such numbers brings a better outcome of the game. 

Roulette betting on hot numbers can bring a huge winning. That’s why they are so popular. If possible, players try to bet on them permanently. Some online casinos even develop special roulette. The point is that they specify the hot numbers. This was made for the punters’ convenience. They can see how much they won and their winning numbers.

Roulette strategy hot numbers don’t suppose to repeat themselves constantly. This is a rare case. What determines a hot number? The answer is simple. The frequency of winnings shows that this certain number is hot. Let’s imagine that the wheel was spin three hundred times. If a number has come out more than twenty times, it is hot. But if it wins 16 or fewer times, it is still hot. The only difference is that it’s called “average hot.” Try this scheme and find out the best number roulette wheel.

Cold Numbers

As we have mentioned, there are several best-winning roulette numbers. But those which win seldom are also used. Some players even place on these rare numbers. They are named “cold.” As a rule, hot numbers tend to win less and less often. 

There is an RNG (Random Numbers Generator) that runs the wheel. That means the same lucky roulette numbers can’t repeat for a long time. This tendency makes the players change their choice. They bet on the numbers which have never come out before. 

What if you tried to win betting on the hot numbers but failed? Try this strategy. Don’t bet on the roulette numbers that come out most. Use the cold ones instead. You can make notes for a better result. Your head can’t always keep everything so that it will help you. Keep statistics and bet on the numbers which you have never tried.

You can lose about thirty times before things get better. But this shouldn’t discourage you; make a bit more attempts. After a while, roulette betting on cold numbers will bring the results. If these numbers still don’t win, it’s better to stop and start once again. 

It would be best if you understood that there is no best roulette number system. Hot numbers are supposed to change cold. After a while, they become cold themselves. It’s just a matter of luck. This is a cycle that repeats over and over. If you play online, it’s even harder to predict the result. Casino staff tries not to ease the players’ success. RNG works so as the numbers come out occasionally.

Neighbouring Numbers

Neighbouring Numbers
Apart from the strategies mentioned above, there is another one. It’s a worthy alternative to simply betting on hot or cold numbers. The point is one should bet on neighbouring numbers.

Let’s suppose that you feel what number is going to win. You can’t predict the precise outcome. That is fair because the wheel spins almost chaotically. In this case, place a bet on the neighbouring numbers. The winning odds will become higher. At least one of these numbers may win. Other strategies suppose that you bet several numbers. It can be five, eight or even more numbers.

For example, you want to start from the top 5 roulette numbers. Say you have a certainty that number 16 is going to win. All you have to do is bet on five slots. One of them is 16, of course. Then choose two from the left and to from the right. We will be 8 and 27 from the left. The right side will cover 31 and 7, for example. These are the best 5 roulette numbers. 

Another strategy covers eight numbers. Let’s suppose you bet on three adjacent numbers – 13, 36, 11. Then you place a bet on 5 neighbouring numbers on the opposite side of the wheel. They will be, for example, 9, 22, 18, 29, 7. This strategy is named “orphans.” The numbers are separated, so it looks like orphan kids.

Instead of betting on one, two or even eight numbers, you can cover one-third of the wheel. It works simply. You mentally divide the wheel into three equal parts. Then you bet on 12 numbers. This strategy brings the best odds roulette wheel. Professional players usually make split bets. 

The methods described here are a bit complicated for novices. We recommend them to experienced gamblers. 

Things to Avoid

Though there are a lot of winning schemes, it’s not enough to win. Many players think that a good strategy is everything. But they forget that there is no best way to play roulette odds. This is a game of luck. As for the online versions, many schemes are difficult to apply. 

Actually, the probability of winning and losing is almost 50:50. There are 37 red and black pockets. That means the odds are 37 to 1. You can increase the odds by applying any strategy. But they won’t become significantly higher. Moreover, it’s reasonable to apply more than one strategy. No matter how good one is, it won’t bring you a win every time

Here is a common mistake. When the new players lose, they increase the bet size. But this scheme leads to an unwinnable situation. In case they win, they will only cover their losses. If they lose, they will spend a lot of money for nothing. One should try to bet on the best online roulette numbers. This is better than the mindless losing money. 

Repeating numbers roulette strategy is also wrong. Some people prefer to place on the same numbers. They hope they will appear sooner or later. Some players believe in “special numbers.” Probably, they are right. But it’s more probable to reach the table’s limit. It will happen earlier. 

Surprisingly, but some players combine two losing strategies. They place larger bets after each loss. Along with that, they bet on the same numbers without thinking. That’s how people spend all their money while spinning the wheel. 

We also tell you not to enlarge your bets suddenly. If you feel disappointed, upset or angry, take your time. Don’t hurry to increase your bet. This is a bad idea to let the emotions take you over. Do you want to know roulette which numbers best to play? Then calm down and think. 

A good tip is to think about how much you can spend beforehand. If your budget is 300 CAD, don’t spend it at once. It won’t help you find the best numbers to pick for roulette. A reasonable approach is to place small bets. This is more sensible than betting 70 CAD at the beginning.


It is necessary to be sensible while playing. Every number has the same chances. Despite the stereotypes, there are no good or bad ones. For example, some people believe that the number 13 is unlucky. They avoid betting on it intentionally. Is that reasonable?

But this circumstance shouldn’t upset you. It’s possible to play online for free to learn more about roulette. Besides, you can apply one of the offered schemes to win more. Before using any of them, you should consider if it’s suitable for you. Each of them requires a different size of bankroll. We hope you will find roulette money numbers. 

There are plenty of newcomers that don’t know how to play roulette with the best odds. If you are one of them, use the simplest possible strategies. For example, the Martingale or Fibonacci system is excellent for inexperienced people. 

It’s hard to deny that this is a game of chance. But here lies its attractiveness. The fact you don’t know the outcome is exciting. That’s why people play this game. They hope that fortune will favour them. What are the best roulette numbers to play? You never know if you won’t try. 


  • Is it possible to win always?

Yes, but the chances are minimal. The crucial factor is what numbers are hot and cold at the time. In this case, you can bet on them and win often. But it won’t be probably every time. Perhaps you know about the European roulette best odds. That’s because the wheel has only one zero.

  • Which roulette type is the best?

The European one is the best. The house edge is quite low – 2,70%. If you play the American version, it increases to 5,26%. That means they will take this percentage from your stakes. 

  • What is Russian Roulette?

This is a deadly dangerous game. We highly recommend not to play it. The point is you have a gun with six or more bullets. You don’t know the bullets’ position. The Russian roulette's best odds are about 83%. It seems high, but you can die at any moment. 

  • What’s about the Probability?

The European version is better than the American one. But they don’t differ a lot. The best odds roulette wheels are 48,60% and 47,40%, respectively. 

  • Is it safe to play Roulette?

Yes, it’s safe enough. Online casinos and playhouses usually don’t cheat their customers. If they are licensed and certified, there is nothing to fear. Moreover, special authorities used to control and check these companies regularly.

  • How did these strategies appear?

The major part of them comes from France. The game itself was invented there. Some of these ways use mathematical knowledge. Some of them were invented by observant people who noticed certain patterns. One strategy even comes from the films about James Bond.

Where to play?

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