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Best Strategies (Tricks) to Win at Video Slots

Best Strategies (Tricks) to Win at Video Slots
Fans of spending several hours in online casinos are always interested in winning at video slot machines that bring the greatest wins. There is a lot of data from online devices, and selecting the best option can be an insoluble task for a novice player. There is no best way to win at video slots, and even if you know how the slot machine works, you can only rely on observation and passing experience.

Types of Video Slots

Consider what the slot machines offered by most online casinos are. All devices for virtual gambling are divided into several main categories:

  • 1. Progressive. Slots have a common jackpot for the entire slot machine network, increasing with each player’s bet
  • 2. Direct. Devices with a fixed jackpot and certain winning values depending on the bet
  • 3. The latest slots of a certain subject, with a certain number of reels. They have extra features that allow you to have great control over the process of playing online for free without registering to play slot machines now. The player will double his bet after the winning option falls out or take part in the bonus tournament.

You can choose any - it all depends on the user's personal preference for the design of the game and the availability of special features. But, it is worth remembering that not a single machine will exceed the limit of winning payments laid down in it during a long game. You will need to figure out how to play the right to win at slot machines.

How to Win at Video Slots with Highest RTP?

All gamblers want to experience the joy of victory as often as possible. One of the betting strategies for playing slots is to choose the slots that have the best payout statistics among all online casino gambling games. Among all slot machines, there are those that more often give cash prizes to win. These are the most promising and promising slots that all gamblers “hunt” for.

The best video slots are in great demand. They are played by all online casino visitors - from beginners to professionals. The technical characteristics of the sites of the largest online casinos allow a huge number of players to play the same slots from a computer or smartphone.

The best way to win at video slots is to play the luckiest slot machines characterized by certain parameters. For example, good results can be obtained by playing slots with various bonus features, which creates many winning situations. Getting into bonus modes usually occurs when a certain combination of symbols appears on the screen. As a rule, these are 3-5 scatter symbols, but there may be other options, which depend on the rules of a particular simulator. When they get into bonus modes, players save money by not paying for bets, but they can win real money prizes.

Winning slots are those that often give out prize combinations and those that highly value these combinations. The regularity and frequency of winning prize sequences depend on the number of active lines that the player entered into the game process during the initial setup, the total number of characters, the presence of service assistant pictures, and other factors.

The profitability of prize sequences depends on only one thing - the size of the payout ratios, which is stipulated by the rules and is fixed in the payout table. For obvious reasons, the most profitable are the slots with the highest payout ratios, but unfortunately, there are not many of them.

The largest number of lucky slots with high payout ratios is observed in the largest online casinos with a huge army of regular customers. Such giants of the virtual excitement industry can offer to play the most profitable slots from leading world developers at any time of the day or night, from a computer or smartphone, for free or at cash rates.

Customers look at slot machine sites for various purposes. Some like the opportunity to win in slot machines; others try to play for the sake of excitement, adrenaline in the blood. There is also a category of people who want to forget about all the problems. Some tend to cash out somehow.

  • Benefits

This basic slot strategy should be considered by all those who play in a casino for the sake of money. Such customers are the majority of visitors, and thus it is worth starting from this point.

In all games, there is always some measure of return. It is usually called RTP. This indicator is determined as a percentage. It shows what percentage of bets the model will give to pay out to players. Usually, RTP is visible only on a large segment of the game. In each particular session, the result can be dynamic, vary greatly. Software manufacturers today supply machines in which the RTP reaches about 96-98%. But, there are other slots. The higher the return, the better such a slot for the player since it will help not stay with zero during the game.

  • Payout Frequency

All slots have their payout frequency. Usually, some slots give big wins, but they do it very rarely. Some slots give small amounts, but often. The rest of the devices can be conditionally put somewhere in the middle between these extreme borders.

Dispersion is what handles winning. The higher it is, the less often you will have winning combinations. You will have more chances to win a large amount within one spin - this is the betting strategy for slots. If the variance is low, then, in this case, you will often receive small amounts.

Video Slots Volatility

Video Slots Volatility
Volatility is divided into three types: from low to high. Each of the presented levels has its advantages. It all depends on the player's experience and his win slots strategy, as well as opportunities. How to find out the level of volatility in a particular slot machine? There are several ways to do this.

First of all, this can be done using the description on the official websites of the developer, press releases, or on the online casino site itself. The volatility indicator is most often freely indicated for player awareness.

Some online casinos have a special free video slots mode that allows you to play slots without any risk. So, too, you can find out what to expect from a slot machine. You can view information on various communities, reviews, video reviews, and ratings. Some more experienced players will gladly share tips on how to win playing video slots.

Most often, video slots in the open spaces of online casinos have an average level of volatility. It is more common and has more benefits, as the largest audience will play it. But, this does not mean that there are fewer other types of slot machines. The strategy of winning slots is knowing how to play them.

  • High Dispersion

The strategy of high-limit slots involves big wins with considerable risks. There is a great chance to stay with nothing on such slot machines since the probability of the desired combination falling out is small. Thus, you will need a large margin of patience and time in the game on such slots. Moreover, it is far from the fact that you will not have to replenish your bankroll for a large amount. But at the same time, a win on such slots promises a jackpot, which will be much more than all bets made. Such slot machines for money are so popular.

  • Low Dispersion

Low dispersion slot machines do not carry a lot of risks. There will always be small winnings that will fully cover all bets. Such slot machines are suitable for those who do not want to take risks once again and those who do not have opportunities for a riskier game. I do not think that such slots are boring, so their concept can be much more interesting than games with higher volatility.

How to Determine the Slot Volatility

The dispersion level can be found in several ways. The easiest way to see the instructions that come with the slot machine. It can be easily found on the sites of the same casinos or the sites of developers. You can refer to the forums dedicated to this topic, and more experienced players will clearly show and tell everyone.

Casinos often provide a free mode of video slots, with which you can even start playing your favourite slot machines even without registration. There is no need to make a deposit. And even knowledge of the level of dispersion does not always guarantee that the game itself can be liked. Most often, it is better to try it yourself and draw a conclusion.

The easiest way is to view payout statistics. There and their sizes are visible, and then with what frequency are paid. The player does not need to know exactly the variance to build a successful win slots strategy. But planning is still recommended, even if you have an impressive experience.

Important: Do not trust tips to win at video slots from unverified sources and obvious options

All reliable online casinos never delay payments without good reason. If you managed to win a tidy sum, the administration must present a legal prize after the first request. You can delay payments only if there are significant grounds for this. For example, the user did not provide the necessary documents.

You need to be prepared because the administration will pay attention even to minor flaws on your part. Suppose you entered the last name in the questionnaire on the site and missed one letter. Such dissimilarities in some cases are the reason for freezing an account or even a ban. Always double-check your personal information during registration.

It may seem that such actions by the casino are aimed at depriving you of winning in all possible ways. But the institution is struggling with scammers and also prevents the attempts of minors to gamble. Among the users, there are also rogues - the so-called bonus hunters. They create several tens or hundreds of accounts to get bonus funds. Such manipulations are immediately severely punished by the casino.

Carefully read the terms and conditions of the transfer of funds/payment of winnings!

World Brands Distinguished by High Ratings and Player Reviews

In most cases, the most famous and largest are some of the most reliable casinos. And users accordingly express themselves on them: reviews about their video slots go ahead. Institutions that are firmly entrenched in the market will never intentionally deceive the client. This will entail a lot of discontent from existing users, not to mention the potential growth of the base, which any gambling brand is counting on. Not to the detriment of themselves and people, such casinos are always responsive, conscientious, try as much as possible for each client. If you are a beginner, a support service will answer even the most simple and straightforward questions. Difficulties should not arise with the language barrier, as global brands constantly expand, conquering new markets.

You can find out more information about the institutions on our website. Read reviews, follow the blacklist, stay up to date with the latest developments and the smallest changes in institutions' policies. Do not forget to read the reviews of experienced players, which will allow you to make a more aim assessment and choose the most reliable online casino. Advice on how to play video slots can only be given by specialists who have been analyzing the market for many years.

Playing with High Stakes

All fans of online video slots appreciated the advantages of money betting in slot machines. This is a huge selection of gaming slots, generous bonus offers, a high percentage of winning combinations, a large number of ways to fund your account and receive winnings, a huge jackpot, and secure payments.

Victories and winnings are doubly more pleasant if they bring large material benefits. Gambling for money allows players to experience vivid experiences and emotions and the opportunity to win a significant amount of money.

For players who are not confident in their abilities and do not want to risk their money, sites offer a unique opportunity - to play slot machines for free. Free spins are a great way to relax and exercise. Here you can try out the quick hit slots strategy or other methods that will help you win.

Having thoroughly studied the slot, familiarized with the game rules and management rules, and having worked out a various deal or no deal slot machine strategies for betting on slots, the player significantly increases his chances of winning.

Experienced players know that by spinning the reels, gamers run the risk of losing their money. Using a few tricks to win at video slots, players are almost guaranteed to get a cash prize.

First, you can’t play for the last money and turn bets into earning money. The amount of the deposit should be equal to the amount that is not a pity to lose. The size of a single bet should not exceed one to two percent of the deposit amount. Gambling does not exclude a series of losses. In situations where a player cannot win several times in a row, in no case should you increase the bet trying to win back. Such a path will lead to a complete loss of money. You need to take a break, drink tea, or switch to the free version of the devices.

By following these few simple rules, enjoying the game, and keeping your head cool, you have very high chances of winning money. Playing for money in slot machines is a great opportunity to hit a solid jackpot and get unforgettable emotions.

Tips from Other Players

Tips from Other Players
The world of gambling does not standstill. Popular slot machines get their sequels, completely new slots appear. Online casinos try to add them to their sites immediately. How can you find the best for yourself from about 200 slots (and the list is regularly updated!) From the classic 777 slot machines to the latest innovations with high-quality graphics and dozens of virtual gaming clubs?

You can go the path of self-selection, opening, in turn, all the gaming machines. You can trust the opinion of other players - for each slot; it is indicated how many times it was chosen and what ratings it was given to it. And you can form your opinion about a particular machine after reading a brief overview. This is also one of the strategies for slot machines.

A detailed text description accompanies each gaming machine. It allows you to understand how many reels and lines the slot contains, whether it is possible to play video slots of a mobile casino and whether there are bonuses and auto games, free spins, multipliers, or other factors. Still, images from the game are placed here, and video reviews have been prepared for some of them. Also, the developers of the site offer a list of similar slot machines that may interest users. And if you have already loved the endless slots, it’s still easier to just use the search bar.

The Most Popular Slot Machine in 2021

In our rating of top video slots, we have collected the most reliable operators verified by real cash withdrawals and resolving issues in favour of players. Here is a list of the best developers:

Gonzo's Quest (NetEnt)

Gonzo’s Quest is a slot machine from NetEnt, whose interface includes 5 reels, 20 fixed pay lines, and a control panel. The slot is dedicated to the Aztecs.

Gonzo’s Quest game features:
  • 1. reels work according to the avalanche technology - cells with symbols fall, and other images fall into their place;
  • 2. during the spins, there is a progressive multiplier, from x1 to x5;
  • 3. the list of characters includes wild and scatter;
  • 4. after three scatter symbols appear, free spins are launched;
  • 5. The theoretical percentage of return of the slot is 96.0%;
  • 6. 3D graphics.

Free Spins

Free spins are awarded to players as part of promotions and as bonuses. They allow you to complete spins on our slot machines for free and save all winnings received on these spins. They are automatically set to the maximum number of lines on each slot, and their value depends on the conditions of the action.


A typical novice mistake is the inability to leave the game on time, being under the pressure of passions and emotions. But this is the most elementary rule - it is important to “jump off” at the peak of your winnings. Gambling requires internal discipline and slots one play strategy of the game; there is no place for irrational impulses and stupid "Wishlist."

So, the best strategy when playing slots, how to defeat slot machines is:

  • 1. Manage your money.
  • 2. Manage time.
  • 3. Manage your location.
  • 4. Prefer high percentage slots.

Avoid high-risk situations. For example, "extra" money in your pocket, obtaining new loans, large amounts of money with you, using gaming rooms and online casinos as a place to chat, the desire to unwind and get away from negative experiences with playing in a casino can weaken your decision to control or quit the game.
Talk about your problem with people that have earned your trust, who will listen and will not judge. This can ease your condition, reduce stress due to ongoing games.


  • What do I need to know about the casino?

All software must be licensed. There must be quick payouts, a bonus to the amount of the deposit, and free spins. Also, pay attention to the presence or absence of permanent lotteries in which you can win cars, travels, cool gadgets because the draws every week increase the chance of winning.

  • How much is it possible to win at the slot?

Over the entire history of the existence of slots, people met more than once who hit the jackpot. The most striking worldwide news about the jackpot hit the slot machines was the news in January 2000. An ordinary American couple managed to hit the jackpot on slot machines in the amount of $ 34,959,458. The most popular among the slot machines that issued the jackpot is the slot - "Megabucks," on this model of slot machines winnings were received: in 1989 - 5 million; 2005 - 21 million; 2003 - an ordinary programmer, putting 100 bucks, made a jackpot of $ 40 million. Progressive jackpot payouts are broken down into years. Do we wonder what the main gambling slot strategy was for these lucky ones?

  • Are video slots legit in Canada?

In 2009, the Canadian government passed a law under which playing in foreign online casinos without a Canadian license is illegal. It’s a rather controversial document since formally, it limited the ability to play, but at the same time, it didn’t interfere with winning real money and withdrawing it online. In other words, no obstacles were fixed for the players. Canadians could easily visit online casinos, choose their slot machines, and play for money or for free. Some foreign online casinos even started working directly with Canadian dollars so that citizens of this country do not lose money on conversions.

Since then, nothing has changed much. On the one hand, you can’t play, but on the other, no one bothers.

  • What is Jackpot?

The first slot equipped with a jackpot function was created in 1930 by Jennings. The slot machine was supposed to receive the corresponding monetary reward when a certain combination of numbers coincided. The main trick for customers was that the amount accumulated and any players could hit a huge jackpot. Slot machines of this kind were based on a progressive jackpot, which was constantly growing depending on the number of bets and losses.

  • How to choose a fair online casino?

The online gambling industry in Canada has recorded significant growth and generated remarkable revenues over the past decade. The choice of a gaming establishment is always difficult. That is why ratings and TOPs of the best online casinos are created. Using a list that includes really serious companies makes it much easier to choose your ideal option. After all, you can know exactly what to count on in the game. This is especially true for those who want big victories and those who do not want to risk their money again. Thus, the rating of online casinos should be considered when meeting people.

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