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List of the best payout online casino Canada in 2021

List of best payout online casino Canada in 2021
Gambling is one of the oldest popular pastimes in human history, dating back to before 3000BC. Understandably, who can resist the thrill of Lady Luck gracing you with a smile and a huge payout? In the modern era of the Internet, this constantly evolving industry has exploded into a whole new world of online casinos, accessible from the very comfort of your home and enhanced with an array of incentives and bonuses for best payouts. In this article, we are going to explore the best payout online casino in Canada.

Best no deposit bonus free spins at online casinos Canada

In this paragraph, we will introduce you to the best Canadian online casino promotions about no deposit bonuses in the form of free spins. You will just need to register in the following casinos to get your free bonus. In the first place, we recommend you the most trusted casino - get your 15 free spins (no deposit bonus) at Fastpay Casino and enjoy super-fast withdrawals. Our second offer is to click here and grab 15 free spins (no deposit bonus) for sign up at Casino4U - enjoy problem-free payouts. The third recommended online casino offer is to go to Instantpay Casino and get 15 free spins without any deposit, just for registration - they will send the winnings instantly. At last but not least is to get 15 free spins casino no deposit bonus at Wildblaster - they will offer perfect customer support and fast payouts.

Before we explore what determines a casino's rating, what to look out for when choosing the highest payout online casinos, and where, when, and how to play for the best chances of coming out on top, allow me to introduce the top 10 highest payout online casino Canada.

  • 1. Fastpay Casino

To keep visitors playing and returning to a casino, it is important to have various types, styles, and designs of games. To capture clients’ attention, Fastpay Casino provides a wide range of betting options, from live casino card games to an abundance of slot choices, some of which have tags indicating whether they are New or Hot. This highest payout casino accepts a multitude of currencies and allows one player to bet with several different currencies simultaneously, including cryptocurrency, which is becoming increasingly popular as a form of online payment. Fastpay charges no fees for depositing funds, and several enticing incentives for signing up are advertised. Furthermore, there is a VIP loyalty club, where each level unlocks new benefits and bonuses. Some games disclose theoretical payout percentages in the rules section, generally in the higher range on par with the best payout percentage online casinos.

  • 2. Casumo Casino

A white background and bright colours are a pleasantly refreshing design choice for a mobile casino. Having over 2000 games available is great and all, but let’s talk money! Casumo lures its players in with an impressive promise of matching the first deposit of funds up to $300, with the cherry on top being 20 complimentary spins. I would like to point out a great feature: a live online chat with ambassadors ready to answer any questions you may have 24/7, which, I'm confident you'll agree, beats scrolling through pages and pages of terms and conditions & FAQs. Besides offering games to suit all tastes and preferences, Casumo happens to be the first gambling platform to express gratitude towards their loyal clientele by granting rewards while they play. It is popular with one of the best online casino payouts.

  • 3. Videoslots Casino

Three words - slot lover’s paradise! Join and watch your first deposit double – you’re welcome! Do, however, read the terms thoroughly, and watch out for stipulations regarding how this bonus may be used. Explore "the Weekend Booster" feature, which transfers a portion of your winnings into a vault, releasing them during the weekend, so there’s a little something extra to wager with. This is something to keep in mind when hunting for the best casino payout days. Play, win, “achieve,” and earn a shot at exclusive jackpot wheels with life-changing wins up for grabs! Have a question or concern? No fret! A 24/7 live chat is at your service! Online casino payout rates are amazing!

  • 4. BitStarz Casino

In the mood for some card games for keeps? Spinning some slots? Perhaps a game of roulette? It’s all here! And, if you ask me, the signup incentive structure is pretty impressive. Not one or two, but four initially deposited funds are matched up at different rates here at Bitstatz, besides the multitude of on-the-house spins, of course. Best casino payouts.  Additionally, enjoy "Free Spins Wednesdays" by replenishing playing funds on the previous Tuesday, plus several other enticing promotions. Availability of such features gives Bitstarz a nice head start running for the "best payout casino site" title.

  • 5. Riobet Casino

An all-inclusive betting site provides players with an array of games, sports betting, and tournaments. And get this - Riobet offers deposit incentives for new AND already registered players! These span from matching deposit amounts plus free of charge goes at the slots to birthday bonuses and coin comps. Familiarize yourself with our beloved terms and conditions, though, as they can get somewhat tricky. A useful element I haven't come across before Rieobet is a tag on the icon of a game displaying the average payout rate, aiding players in choosing the best payout slots the casino has to offer.

  • 6. Play Fortuna Casino

If you thought that live online support chat was pretty nifty, please take a seat. Play Fortuna has support agents readily available through email, live chat, and even by phone and skype! I don’t know about you, but I appreciate hearing a human voice while handling questions issues. Play Fortuna Casino’s only cons are varying withdrawal times and some country participation restrictions. Furthermore, they accept practically all forms of payment methods and currencies. Play Fortuna Casino's site has much exposure on social media, including YouTube and Instagram, where they often run contests and promotions. The structure and design of the site are easy to navigate and exceptionally appealing. New players are offered two types of welcome packages with slightly different features and requirements, so, dealer’s choice! Play Fortuna invites all to play practically any game you can think of. With one of the best Canadian online casino payouts!  I wouldn't go as far as to name it the “best online casino,” but it’s definitely in the running for "best managed."

  • 7. Booi Casino

This mobile casino has an eye-catching modern graphic design style that puts a smile on your face before you've even started playing. Booi happens to have the highest deposit matching percentage (250% combined) in addition to perks for the first 5 deposits, which is mouthwatering! Treat yourself to an array of games, whatever your style! Playing consistently bumps up your loyal player status level, unlocking personal perks such as higher cashback percentage and access to special tournaments and promotions. If I had to pick a casino to gamble at without analyzing the best online casino payout rates and percentages, Booi would be at the top of my list, based solely on its fun and impressive design. Best online casino payouts. Nicely done, Booi team!

  • 8. JoyCasino

This highest payout casino platform features a rustic design and offers the standard game varieties topped with a few extras - quest games and online scratch-offs. Yes, you can purchase a digital ticket and use your finger (or mouse) to “scratch-off” the required portion of the ticket. If nothing else, it saves you gas money, and a trip to the Mini Mart, not to mention the mess paper scratch-offs create! The sign-up bonus consists of matching the first 5 deposit amounts and 200 free spins for the first 10 days after a minimum of €20 deposit. Joycasino also advertises their mobile app, the benefits of which we will discuss further in this article.

  • 9. Surf Casino

As the name suggests, Surfcasino's webpage features a beach theme with marine life and cute little Tikki totems. Their homepage informs you of current promotions, which I didn’t find too impressive; however, the “Reload bonus days” during which your deposit will be matched at a rate of 50% up to CA$150. Not exactly dazzling, but better than nothing! Please note these particular days when we discuss where and when to play and the best casino payout days. 

  • 10. TTR Casino

TTR Casino’s game style range is somewhat narrow. Their welcome bonus matches your first deposit of up to €100. Another bonus day to note is "Reload Tuesdays," which means a 50% deposit match up to €100 for you! A "Reload bonus" is available to loyal players by email invitation.

Best Payout Rates at Online Casinos

What are payout rates, and how do you determine the best online casino payout rates? Payout rates are typically percentages expressing the statistical likelihood of winning a bet or the number of losses expected before a big win. These statistics are generally provided by reputable independent organizations commissioned by online casinos and publicly available on their web pages. Choose one of the highest payout online casino Canada. Understand that any random player may win above or below the estimated average, and these percentages are more applicable to games of chance like slots than strategic games. The best online casino payout rate percentages range between 97%-99% and provide an idea of the casino's standing compared to its competitors.

When and where to play at best online casino payouts Canada?

Although some people are loyal to one betting site (just as some prefer to attend the same casino), there is an advantage to becoming familiar with perks available at other highest payout rate online casino. To determine the best casino payout days explore promos offered by different gambling platforms. For instance, Fastpay offers complimentary spins on Saturdays and Birthday Bonuses, so those would be great days to enjoy the chance to make some profit from slots for $0. Similarly, Videoslots offers “free spin Wednesdays,” increasing a player's probability of hitting a higher payout for a lower average wager. If you don't mind making a deposit but would like more bang for your buck. Choose one of our top 10 best Canadian online casino payouts. All things considered, I would advise you to be cautious when taking advantage of such promotions and thoroughly examine the rules and stipulations because you are often required to make a certain amount of bets or use your perks in a predetermined time frame. Such nuances can make applying your bonuses and coming out on top a little tricky.

Best Payout Percentage at Online Casinos

Payout percentages are specific to slots. Ranging from 75% to 98%, this number reflects the portion of money put into the slot that is returned to players at the highest payout rate online casino. Clearly, the higher the percentage figure, the better the casino payout percentage. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that this statistic is not that useful to players. It is determined by working out the mean average over a mind-boggling amount of plays. Besides, lucky players who hit the jackpot claim a substantial amount of the sum taken in by the slot, leaving us mortals with a much smaller amount left to be distributed. In any case, having this information and access to a search engine, it is possible to find current casino slots with the best payout that may strike your fancy.

APP VS BROWSER at top payout casinos

Not every player has a desktop readily accessible for when they are in the mood to place some bets, so, of course, top payout casinos mobile apps exist for those who wish to play from on a mobile device. Therefore, I would like to point out that every casino listed in the top 10 best payout online casinos in Canada mentioned above has an app available for download to mobile devices. There honestly isn't much of a difference between playing at an online casino platform through your mobile app or mobile browser. Pretty much the only notable differences are picture quality and layout preferences. In some instances, when playing through the mobile browser, the browser bar may remain visible or pop up at extremely inopportune times. Additionally, those who stick to one specific casino probably prefer quick access to their favourite app. In contrast, others may love “trying on” different platforms or taking advantage of those promotion days we talked about earlier and go with the browser option. Just pick one of the best online casino payouts Canada.

The Online Casino Site with Best Payouts

To sum up and address the original question of this article - "highest payout online casinos" we have presented a list of the top 10 online casinos in Canada. However, it is key to remember that staying informed and playing smart is tremendously important for having the best odds of success in online betting. Furthermore, it is important to examine and understand your playing style and preferences in your pursuit of a casino with the best payout. For example, If you're a baccarat player, you wouldn't use the Videoslots Casino platform. And finally, statistics and percentages are not a guarantee but merely an average or a guideline. In games of chance, such as slots or roulette, you rely on plain luck at the end of the day. With strategic games like poker, increasing your chances of winning takes patience, practice, and experience.

I hope that you have found this article helpful and informative. On that note, I bid you good luck and remind you always to play responsibly, friends!

Top 10 best payout online casino Canada

BonusPlay for real
Fastpay casino
Fastpay 150CAD
Play for real
Casino4U 150CAD
Play for real
Wildblaster 150CAD
Play for real
instantpay logo small
Instantpay 150CAD
Play for real
Casumo 500CAD
Play for real
Joycasino up to 2000CAD
Play for real
1xSlots casino
1xSlots 450€
Play for real
BitStarz casino
BitStarz 400CAD
Play for real
Riobet casino
Riobet 750CAD
Play for real
Play Fortuna casino
Play Fortuna 750CAD
Play for real
Booi 450CAD
Play for real

Where to play?

  • Do not hesitate to play at the best gambling site in Canada - Fastpay Casino; a 100% trusted operator. They will send the money instantly, and you will enjoy a wide range of games (over 5000)

Choose the best Canadian online casino 2021

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