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Play Backgammon for free Online with no Download in 2020

Play Backgammon for free Online with no Download in 2020Backgammon is one of the most popular desk games worldwide. A big percentage of these players gamble for real money, but you can also play backgammon online with no download for free. If you are interested in this game and want to start gambling with real money, our advice is to spend a lot of time in the free version, learn some strategies and then “dive into the deep waters.” Nowadays, you will find many Canadian online casinos that offer backgammon for real money (we highly recommend Fastpay casino.) In this article, you will learn the basic rules of the game as well as some strategies and tactics for a successful game.

How to play backgammon

In backgammon, there are two players, but in the online version, you will play vs a computer. You will find three basic components: a game board, the draughts and a dice. On the board, you will find 24 triangles (the points of movement), and your draughts will move according to the triangles. 

Each player starts the game with 15 draughts, the point of the game is to move all of the draughts to your side of the board and bear them out. The game begins when both players throw one die, the higher score starts the game. The values obtained from throwing the dice will show the points that the player got so he can move the draughts. Points with just one draught are called Blots. Placing your draught on the opponent's point( where he has one draught only) is called a hit. That draught will be moved to the center of the board. The player with the hit draught needs to get to the board before he can move the other draughts. You get back to the game when you throw the dice, there are free points on your side of the board once you do that.

When throwing the dice, you can be in a situation where all of the possible points are used by the opponent's draughts; then, you will not move. You can move your draughts if the point is free or if your opponents have one draught; if there are two or more, you cannot "step" there. When your roll doubles, you will move four times instead of two times. In some backgammon variants, there are doubling cubes so the opponent has the opportunity to accept the double score.

How to bear off draughts

When you have collected all of the draughts on your side of the board, you can start bearing the draughts off. To remove a draught you need to roll the dice, then the number shows the points, which you can (triangle) bear off. If the point is empty (no draughts), then the amount you have to move is the number the die shows, if moving is impossible, then you bear the draught off.

Mobile backgammon

Nowadays, you can find anything on the internet, you don’t need to go outside just so you can find a friend to play against. You can open your Browser/ Android / iOS and start playing immediately for free or for real money. Choose reliable online casinos in Canada (like Fastpay) so you don't have to worry about getting your withdrawal when you request it.

Play backgammon with the bonuses given by your casino

In the past few years, a lot of online casinos started to give free bonuses for backgammon. You can check the terms and conditions because you will need to wager the bonus money before withdrawing them.

Which strategy should I use when playing online backgammon if I plan to play for real money? Well, you'll need to follow a few strategies. We aren't saying that following a specific strategy will help you win every time, but it will increase your winning chances for sure. We believe that to win at backgammon you need skills and a bit of luck as well, but a few tactics will be useful for every player.

One of the most popular strategies is the Running Game. The strategy teaches you to move your draughts to your side as quickly as possible (do not make unnecessary moves), the essential part of following the strategy is to try roll high numbers on the dice. 

Another popular strategy is called Blitz; it is a much more aggressive tactic. Following the recommendations of the strategy, you will need to attract the opponent's blot draughts (single). You need to remember that such moves can be dangerous because your draughts will also be blots. We recommend this strategy for more experienced players.

Priming is another strategy that helps you connect 3 to 4 triangles (points) with a small amount of draughts( starting from 2); this will make the moving of your opponent much more difficult. Combining Priming and Blitz strategies can give you outstanding results at the end of the session. But to do that, you will need a lot of practicing hours.


Backgammon is a very popular game all over the world. It can make time with your best friend very exciting. Moreover, you can even bet on your results. The point of the game is to move your draughts through the board following the roll of the dice and collecting them all (bringing them to your home side). After that, all you need to do is bear them off with the help of the points that the dice show after the roll. You can hit your opponent and return his draught to the center of the board. The one who bears off all draughts wins the game.

Where could I play?

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