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The Best Free Bonuses for Video Slots

The Best Free Bonuses for Video Slots
Slot machines have increased in popularity over the years. Nowadays, they are one of the most popular gaming tools. Thousands of players prefer trying their luck on such slot machines daily. Thus, there is no wonder that casinos offer profitable bonuses and promotions for their clients. Online casinos are characterized by a great variety of bonuses. Thus, in this article, we’re going to consider the most popular ones. We will tell you about the most common and profitable bonuses, as well as make a list of the most demanding ones.

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Types of Free Bonuses

Many people are now addicted to gambling because it is very fun, interesting, and, what is more important, profitable. Therefore, the competition in this industry is very high. In order to get clients, each gaming platform offers a wide range of bonuses to gamblers. They can be credited for completing registration, replenishing the account, and even getting a successful combination during a game. Before we get down to making the list of the best “gifts”, let’s see what types of free bonuses exist in this industry? Generally, all bonuses are divided into two major groups:

  • Deposit Bonus
  • No Deposit bonus

Further, there are some subdivisions of these “gifts”. Let’s consider them in detail.

Deposit Bonuses

It is clear that the deposit bonus is provided for the replenishment of an account. Its size will depend on the amount of your deposit and the rules of the chosen casino. Different casinos have different policies and requirements. Thus, it is advisable to compare at least several casinos in advance, look through the list of provided bonuses, and only then choose the most suitable one. What concerns deposit prizes, there are several sub-types of this bonus:

  • 1. First Deposit Bonus

First deposit bonus
To get started, you will need to go through a simple registration, in which you will need to indicate your billing information. Then a client replenishes the account using any convenient way, and depending on the amount of deposit, he/she is credited with the bonus. As a rule, a casino charges 100% of the first deposit.

  • 2. Deposit Percentage Bonus

This bonus is also claimed for depositing. The difference between this one and the First Deposit Bonus is that the Deposit Percentage Bonus is usually lower than the second one. It means that each time you deposit new funds to your account, the casino will give you the bonus that is equal to the percentage indicated by the casino. For example, if the casino states that it pays 15% of the second deposit, and you replenish your account for 100CAD, then you’ll get 15CAD as the bonus.

  • 3. Payment Method Bonus

This is another way to get the bonus while depositing. To do this, you need to deposit or withdraw funds through the service specified by your casino. This is due to the fact that the casino usually saves on commissions if its clients choose particular payment systems. For example, Skrill, WebMoney, PayPal. Each casino indicates the preferable payment systems on their sites. If you choose one of these systems, the casino will give you an additional bonus that is usually equal to 15%.

  • 4. Reload Bonus

Usually, casinos use this type of bonus to attract their existing clients and return their interest. Thus, to keep regular players interested in returning to an online casino and making additional deposits, they offer the Reload Bonus. Most frequently, such “gifts” are equal to the Deposit Percentage Bonus. Some casinos offer this bonus on a monthly basis.

  • 5. Lotteries

This is the most beneficial type of bonus for the player. Tickets are usually issued without making a bet – only for the deposit. Lotteries should also be attributed to bonuses because the money prizes won must also be wagered.

No Deposit Bonuses

In this case, the player does not need to make any investment; he/she can receive a prize for certain services or actions. For example, one can get the Welcome Bonus for the first registration at the casino. It will be impossible to withdraw the gift to your account, but you can spend this money on slot machines. Thus, you can learn the features of the casino, gain your playing experience, and settle well on the site. Each modern casino has a huge range of bonuses, it all depends on the imagination of managers. Let's look at the main types of such gifts:

  • 6. Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus
This is the bonus that is provided for the registration on an online casino’s site. Thus, this is a kind of lure that casinos use to draw new clients and make them register on the site. Usually, this bonus is equal to 100% of a client’s first deposit. For example, if you deposit 100CAD, then a casino gives you another 100CAD for betting. Thus, a new player gets more opportunities for bets, increases his/her chance to win. But here, it is important to take precaution as free cheese only in a mousetrap. Study carefully the wagering requirements first.

  • 7. No Deposit Bonus

These are virtual money or online slots Canada free spins, which are designed for trying the casino’s services, learn the principles and intricacies of particular slots. This money as well as the wins you get while playing on bonus money can’t be withdrawn. The main purpose of such a “gift” is to introduce available services to the player.

  • 8. Loyalty Bonus

Most online casinos have VIP programs and loyalty clubs, which are designed to reward players every time they make a bet. Casinos provide a status system, which depends mainly on the number of bets and how often the gambler plays on the site. The casino can treat the player as its pride and increase large prizes for the client’s experience. It is possible to receive such a bonus regularly.

As a rule, the player has registered automatically. Then he/she earns points by climbing VIP levels. His/her path depends on how much money he/she has deposited in a particular casino. Once the client reaches a high VIP level, special Loyalty Bonuses that are more profitable than regular Reload Bonuses will be offered to him/her.

  • 9. Bonus for High Rollers

Most casinos do not just encourage players to replenish their accounts regularly due to the Reload Bonus, but also encourage clients to make large deposits. The Bonus for High Rollers in online casinos is designed for gamblers who are ready to roll high and get decent prize money for it. Thus, if the client deposits more than 500CAD or 1000CAD, he/she gets a pleasant extra Bonus for High Rollers.

  • 10. Bonus for an Invited Friend

Some live casinos offer a bonus for inviting a friend. Thus, if the gambler invites friends, which means attracting new clients for casinos, he/she gets a free bonus. This is a convenient way to grab new clients for casinos.

  • 11. Cashback Bonus (Lost Money Back Bonus)

The Cashback Bonus returns a particular part of lost money to players. Usually, money is returned to players who lose during their gaming sessions. Here's how it works: if you lose 100CAD, the casino will pay you 10CAD back, provided that the Cashback Bonus is 10%. If you have a positive balance, you will not receive your lost money back.

  • 12. Birthday Bonus

Birthday Bonus
Usually, this is a small, but, at the same time, a very pleasant gift that the gambler gets from the casino. It is not obligatory to use the bonus immediately; it is issued for an unlimited period. The payer will be able to return to his/her favourite free deposit slots and apply a presented gift at any time.

  • 13. Holidays Bonuses

There are lots of holidays in a calendar, such as New Year, Easter, Independence Day, and many others. Casinos love to celebrate such dates and give players a variety of gifts. However, it is better to contact the technical support of the site, because such bonuses are usually limited in number.

  • 14. Bonus for Entering Additional Data

Many casinos ask for a mobile phone number. Those clients who are ready to provide such information can count on a small gift. You may also be encouraged to register through social networks. If the player fulfills the casino’s request, he/she receives a pleasant bonus to the deposit. Do not be afraid that the casino will distribute your data, this is not so. All information is kept completely confidential.

  • 15. Prize coupons

Players who regularly visit the site and play various slot machines can count on pleasant prizes. For example, everyone, who frequently attends the section of slots, can get slot games no-deposit free bonus. For such gamblers, casinos provide a variety of coupons with a code that can be entered in a special place at the box office. Coupons can be issued for any occasion. They can be obtained for a holiday or an important event in the life of the casino. In order to get one, the player should monitor the current news of the site.

  • 16. Free Spins Bonus

Free spins are the opportunity to spin a slot for free for a prescribed number of times. This bonus can be given simultaneously with any of Deposit Bonuses. Or, the player will have to choose between the bonus and free spins. The sum of free spins is usually less than the amount of the starting bonus by 5-10 times.

  • 17. Bonus for Playing on Particular Slots

Bonus for Playing on Particular Slots
If the casino gets a new slot machine from some provider, it is necessary to introduce it somehow to clients. It is evident that gamblers will be afraid of trying a new slot and ricking their money because they do not know the principles and all the intricacies of playing on a particular machine. That is why in order to draw players’ attention to the slot, casinos offer this type of bonuses. Usually, it has the form of free spins.

  • 18. Tournaments

This is one of the most popular online slots Canada no-deposit bonuses. Its essence is rather clear and simple: who will win more money on slot machines during the announced period, those players will get prizes.

Benefits of Using Bonuses:

  • The registration bonus will allow a new user to get acquainted with the resource, find out all the details of using the platform, look through all the available games, and slot machines at the casino while not risking his/her own deposit.
  • Gamblers can get a certain amount of money to increase their deposits. Therefore, they will make more bets, and, as a result, gain more profit.
  • A great variety of bonuses indicates the reliability of the casino because it appreciates its clients and helps them make their game more profitable and interesting.

Pitfalls of Modern Casino Bonuses

Although the story may seem so sweet, do not forget that casinos pursue their own profit always and everywhere. Do not treat bonuses as casinos’ generosity. For managers, this is just one more way to draw new users, renew existing clients’ interest, or encourage gamblers to make more bets. Thus, do not harbour illusions and remember that in any case, the money won on any bonus should be wagered.

Wagering Policy

Remember that you won’t be able to immediately cash out any funds that the casino credits you. Moreover, the money won during using the above-mentioned bounces should also be wagered. Let’s consider what it means.

The account becomes a bonus one, and the gambler needs to wager it by playing his/her favourite games/slots before withdrawing funds. The player has to make a certain number of bets; this is called a wager. While you will try to wager your bonus, the amount of your deposit will greatly reduce, because the site always has certain advantages.

In this case, the client always has a choice. He/she can either accept bonuses, spend time trying to wager it or deposit his/her own funds to the account and use money without any restrictions. This is very convenient because the gambler will not depend on the platform.


To conclude, it is important to say that bonuses have both positive and negative sides. Only you decide whether to use them or not. Such pleasant “gifts” can be beneficial if you are just registering on the site because then you will have a great opportunity to try out the casino without investments. You will be able to practice a little on various machines and develop an effective strategy, after which you can make real money. However, modern casinos are quite profitable and interesting at the same time.

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