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Best Online Blackjack Real Money Review

Best Online Blackjack Real Money Review
Let us start by considering the facts. Blackjack is a beloved card game of many. It’s a traditional table game with a croupier. Recently, it has become popular online. Apart from the bright emotions, this game is a source of income for some. Many people play blackjack for real money. Indeed, there are huge sums that can be won. 

It’s a simple game with strict rules. Observant people who are good at maths have a big chance of winning. Players developed many schemes for playing that game. Still, it’s difficult to win. In this guide, you will get familiar with several blackjack sites for real money

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Site

A few criteria exist for choosing a good website for playing. Make sure that the one you’ve chosen meets these requirements.

  • Plenty of blackjack games for real money. Lack of choice always looks suspicious. The selection should be more or less big. Some sites offer 6-9 versions, while others 20 and more. If the variety is too large, start with the most widespread versions. 
  • Before registration check, if the website provides any bonuses for newcomers. As a rule, every trustworthy casino has a lot of them. Not every bonus can be applied while playing blackjack. Ensure that it does before you start.
  • Mobile versions. Right now, each casino has both desktop and mobile versions. Strange, if it doesn’t. The majority of the mobile versions are supported by iOS and Android. Others can operate on one system only. Frequently the game selection is not the same in these versions. Traditionally, desktop one provides more choice. Some brands have developed a real money blackjack iPhone app.
  • Payment options. International brands show a great diversity of them. There are e-wallets, credit, and debit cards, bank transfers. There should be at least several options for making deposits and withdrawals. Quick payouts show that the work is well-organized. A few sites have a blackjack real money PayPal option.
  • Safety. Only licensed brands with SSL protocol provide proper security. For this, less-known sites with poor choices should be avoided. Usually, the information about licensing is at the bottom of the homepage. If it’s there, check it on the Internet. Probably, the licensors pointed out there don’t exist.
  • Customer service for Canadians. The customer’s complaints and problems should be solved quickly. For this purpose, there should be several different ways to contact the staff. E-mail, live chat, and telephone calls should be available. The quickly responding team is a sign of reliability. 

Some readers may wonder, why consider so many aspects? It may seem easy to find good sites to play online blackjack Canada real money. Still, it’s a bad idea to jump into things too quickly. Reasonable players devote a few days to choosing an appropriate website.

By choosing an unknown site without licensing, people risk losing their money. Those who win are not able to withdraw their winnings. No matter how attractive it looks. The worst thing is that there’s nowhere to send a complaint. Very often, such companies work for several months and then go into the sunset. There’s no chance to find anyone responsible for the fraud.

Blackjack Casino Sites

As known, there are dozens of versions of blackjack. Most of the sites can boast wide game choices. The versions are available for Canadians as well. All in all, there are 36-38 types of blackjack. Blackjack can have as well as desktop, mobile and live versions. Let’s look closer at what sites can offer to the gamers. 

It’s quite hard to find the best place to play blackjack online for real money. Don’t try to do it yourself; read our article. 

  • First of all, the site offers a good welcome package. The sum can be up to 1,000-1,600 CAD. Sounds unreal? Yes, but we don’t kill a pig every day. Such a generous bonus requires a deposit. Besides, some sites allow playing no deposit real money blackjack.
  • A great variety of games is a sign of a respectful and reliable site. Some sites are suitable for professional games, as well as for greens. If you are a compulsive gamer, you will be happy to see dozens of games. Unless you aren’t a pro, don’t panic! Every game has brief instruction and gambling tips on how to play. So, if it is your first blackjack game, stay cool. All the sites give a short guide or even a whole page called “Rules.”
  • Casinos can offer not only welcome bonuses but also free spins. Their number can rise to 100. Remember that exclusive games and generous promotions are available on some sites. You will be lucky if you find them and get free spins bonus (such a reliable Canadian site is Fastpay casino). 
  • Equally, the important aspect is good customer support. If the team answers your questions on time and is intelligent, you will feel comfortable. 
  • A variety of payment options is also an important point. Pay close attention to it too.
  • The main aspect for beginners is the safeness and reliability. Remember, a casino one wants to play at should be licensed. Otherwise, they can easily cheat their customers. 

Now you know what the main aspects of reliable casinos are. Next time pay attention to the offers that every reliable casino has. But please, always remember that the Internet is full of fraud. Check the sites twice.

Blackjack Bonuses

Let’s focus on promotions and bonuses. Everyone wants to win more and to spend less. To play the best blackjack online for real money, select one of our recommended sites. Special bonuses for this game help enlarge the bankroll. Besides, some of them give extra cash that can be used for betting. 

A part of the bonuses requires a deposit. Another part doesn’t need any deposit. How does it work? Say a player is interested in getting a deposit bonus. In this case, he or she should deposit some cash into the account. After that, the bonus will be activated. For those who are serious about gambling, it’s essential. That means you can play with more than a few hands. Thus, winning odds become higher

It’s always useful to have a lot of cash. But for such games as blackjack, it’s even more useful. This table game is complicated to master. Thus, one needs plenty of time and money to start winning.

How to play blackjack real money no deposit? Even an utter novice will find it simple. There’s no need to spend money. One should just register on a website and claim this bonus. It looks fantastic, but get familiar with the terms in advance. Some bonuses need 30x or 50x wagering. That’s how to play free blackjack win real money.

How to Play

Many casino games are often played for pleasure and fun. But those where one can get money make more sense. An opportunity to get real money gambling blackjack is lovely. Before, players had to look for a decent playhouse. Nowadays, there are plenty of easier options to play. Mostly, games are played online now. There are high and low-stakes versions. Mobile apps make gambling easy and exciting. 

Start in Blackjack

The journey starts with the choice of a proper website. Some of them were introduced earlier. Read the rules and the basic principles. Actually, it’s better to play free versions for the first time. In that way, one can improve the skills and get a clear understanding of the game. That’s a reasonable approach. There is a widespread opinion that beginner’s luck can help. Still, it’s better not to rely on this myth. 

High wagering requirements should be avoided in the beginning. Ideally, one should master card counting. This is necessary to know while playing virtual blackjack real money. That means a player should guess which cards the dealer has. He or she is watching high and low cards. But this can be done at online casinos mainly. Those who count cards at a playhouse can be viewed as cheaters. In the ideal case, the staff will tell you to go out. At worst, they will call the police. 

Before applying any complicated strategy, start with the simplest one. Even if a player has learned a strategy, they may not be able to apply it. Thrill and stress often reduce one’s ability to think clearly while gambling. 

House Edge

The first aspect is to point out is the very definition. What is the house edge? In other words, this is a house advantage. This is what helps a Canadian online casino make money. Every game has its house edge. For example, we have 3%. That means players are constantly going to lose 3% of their bets. So, how to make real money playing blackjack? Don’t forget about the house advantage. Some wonder if it’s possible to beat it. In most cases, it’s impossible.

As for blackjack, its average house edge is 0,5%. It may vary from 0,46% to 1%. Diverse versions have a different edge. This the lowest one among all the games. But it’s still important to adhere to at least some strategies. They can increase winning odds. Card counters can slightly decrease the house edge. 

One can wonder why this game is still played. It seems like people should win thousands while playing blackjack bet real money. Still, it doesn’t happen. The reason is simple. Usually, players spend one or more hours playing the game. They play sixty or more hands, on average. Even someone who doesn’t bet much is going to lose about 100-200 CAD. And this is only one person. For the game to have a low house edge, more and more people play it. That’s how a casino gets its earnings. 

Mobile Blackjack for Real Money

Mobile Blackjack for Real Money
We’ve already mentioned mobile versions in the previous passages. It is high time to describe this topic in detail. The applications are free. It’s possible to download them on the app store. Some brands also place the link on the website. The app design resembles the site. But the selections of games may differ a bit. Still, some companies provide mobile versions only. 

People who play real money mobile blackjack should visit the website and download an app. Another way is to install a mobile casino, which exists as an app only. These applications don’t take up much memory on the gadget. Online blackjack iPad real money apps exist as well

  • Playing for Free

The majority of apps offer free gambling as well. This option has its advantages. One doesn’t need to worry about deposits. Since no money is needed, the process is getting easier. By and large, it’s a fantastic way to improve skills in advance. Some apps don’t ask for registration if one plays for free.

Still, there’s a drawback. Some versions of blackjack are not supposed to be free. 

  • Playing for Real Cash

Who would deny the good sides of this option? Exciting promotions and large bonuses are offered to the new players. Instead of a few free variants, one can enjoy the whole spectre of blackjack versions. Besides, one can discover another betting strategy. But the main advantage is a chance to get money.

But completely inexperienced players will more likely lose for the first time. For better practice, one should play about 70-80 hands for free. After this, one can start playing no deposit real money blackjack.

  • Applications

Let’s get closer to mobile applications. A blackjack real money app is as good as a desktop version. We will list several pros and cons. In contrast to desktop versions, graphics may be better developed. It is tough to develop a good interface for a bigger screen. But mobile games are rather small and simple; there are not so many buttons. A plain design simplifies the gaming process. The simplicity of the interface makes the games work smoothly.

One of the drawbacks is that they take up much space on the gadget. Installation time is a bit longer than expected. It will take more time compared to a mobile casino.

  • Mobile Casino

They don’t take you long to install them. Right after the installation, players can start gambling. The game selection is represented in its full size. Unlike apps, it doesn’t take up memory on the phone or the tablet.

Here are some negative features. For some reason, graphics often leaves much to be desired. Moreover, the speed of the gaming process may be lower. It’s related to the fact that they weren’t specially adapted for small screens.

Gambling Tips

This paragraph is for novices, in general. One can name plenty of blackjack games that pay real money. We present several tips which will definitely be helpful. Since many sites provide an opportunity to play for free, don’t neglect it. While many prefer to learn from their mistakes, that’s not the case. 

When you have enough confidence, it’s time to begin. Placing low bets is reasonable in the beginning. Though high stakes increase winning chances, they also increase losing chances. 

Another tip is to play sober only. It may seem a funny idea after a good party with friends. But in the morning, you’re likely to find yourself out of cash. Even if you’re sober indeed, don’t play being too excited. Excess of emotions interferes with the process. The goal is to win money and not to lose it. 

A simple card deck is the only necessary thing. A traditional deck has 52 cards. There are four suits called diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs. The first two are red; the second two are black. There are nine cards with numbers from 2 to 10. Others are Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. That’s 13 ranks altogether. 

Learn the basic terminology and cards’ value. Speaking of 2-10 cards, it’s simple. A 2 is worth 2, a 3 is worth 3, and so on. Jack, King, and Queen are worth 10. Only an ace has no permanent value. It can be 1 or 11. Face cards (Jack, King, Queen) are worth 10.

Most readers already know this information. But in blackjack, the suits are not necessarily to have value. This is true for several versions only. A player has to determine the value of his or her cards quickly. The values should be summarised. That seems easy, but it’s difficult to count while playing.

There can be several players. But the point is that everyone plays against the dealer. As soon as a player gets more points than the dealer, he or she wins. 21 points will provide a guaranteed win. But if someone gets more than 21, that means a loss.

Live Blackjack

Any opportunity to play live blackjack should be used. Good-looking girls and the atmosphere make you feel like at a house of fun. Gambling with experienced dealers is like you are sitting in front of them. Live chat makes it possible to communicate with others during the play. It’s essential to use it. Other gamblers can give a piece of precious advice.

Blackjack real money iOS apps frequently offer live games as well. Besides, playing online, people feel more comfortable. Not everyone would dare to play this game at a playhouse. The croupier doesn’t see your reaction, what’s suitable for emotional people. 

It happened so that not every casino offers many live games. The reason may be that it’s too expensive. High-qualified staff should be hired, which means great expense. But almost every site from our list has this option. They are, for example, Fastpay and Instantpay, and some others. 

Moreover, this is available not on the sites only. There are plenty of blackjack real money android apps. Though a big screen is preferable, they are just as good. Some people are convinced that only high stakes are acceptable. That’s not true. There are games where you can bet 0,5 CAD!

To put it in a nutshell, we want to say that it is crucial to choose reliable sites. Check the sites according to the aspects mentioned in the article. Remember that not all the aspects have to be on one website at once. We wish you to have a good hand in games and be attentive!


? Can You Play Blackjack Online for Real Money?
Yes, that’s more than possible! There are hundreds of brands that offer this game. Some sites include more than 30 versions of blackjack. Games can be played on websites directly or on mobile apps.
? What Should I Do First?
Choose one of the recommended sites. We have introduced a list of reliable companies. Check whether it offers any bonuses. The majority of them are available for newcomers only. Then make a deposit and enjoy gambling.
? Can I Use Canadian Dollars?
Of course. Every site represented here has a wide range of available currencies. Usually, there are Canadian and US Dollars, euro, and pound. It’s not necessary to choose your country’s currency. Those who have a euro account can pay euros.
? Are the Payouts Fast?
Our recommended casinos can boast of the fastest payouts. Some of them will take 1-2 days to transfer money. As a rule, e-wallets are quicker than credit or debit cards. Bank transfers take up to 3-4 days. Still, there is procession time. That means that your withdrawal request is processing. It may take 1-3 days.
? Should I Use Bonuses?
Our answer is yes. Bonuses allow you to gamble without spending your cash. Especially for blackjack, there are not so many bonuses and promotions. When you’ve decided to use one, read the terms and conditions beforehand. Some of the terms are strict. Wagering requirements can be too high.
? What’s for the Apps?
It’s not hard to find a blackjack casino app for real money. Right now, almost every brand has a mobile version or an app. They are available for both iOS and Android in most cases. But some of them work on one system only.
? Is Online Blackjack Real Money Legal in Canada?
Yes, it is. This is legal. The sites above are an excellent example of this. Still, companies should be based abroad. Playing at those who are based within the country is illegal.

Where to play?

  • Play over 5000 games, including Online Blackjack at Fastpay Casino, the best gambling place in Canada. You will be pleased with the excellent customer care, VIP bonus program for loyal players and super-fast withdrawals (1-5 minutes.)

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