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List of Best Online Casino Games with Best Odds

List of Best Online Casino Games with Best Odds
Modern online casinos provide users with a great variety of games. When a gambler visits a casino’s site for the first time, he/she faces the embarrassment of riches. What game to choose and what to start from? Let’s consider the issue in this article.

Of course, staying online allows players to try something new each time they visit the casino’s site. However, imagine the case when you find yourself in Las Vegas just for one night. You do not have time to try all the games. Thus, we suggest choosing the following games that have the best casino game odds.

We are going to describe them in detail below. But before we get down to making a list of the games with the best odds, let’s consider one important notion related to the topic.

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Odds = Advantage?

When speaking about odds, it is important to understand the notion of “casino’s advantage.” It is closely connected to player odds. Thus, let’s explain this term. The casino’s advantage means the size of the casino’s profit expressed as a certain percentage of an initial player’s bet. When being aware of the casino’s advantages for a particular game, the player can assess his/her chances to win. Usually, the advantage is about 2-3%. It is important to remember that the lower this indicator is, the more odds the gambler has.

  • Blackjack

Although newbies may rush between slots and table games, experienced players know for sure that the second ones have more odds. Many players bypass tables giving preference to slots, and it’s a great mistake.
Blackjack is considered a casino game with the best odds. According to statistical data, the casino’s advantage is 1% (or even less) in blackjack. Most frequently, this figure is somewhere 0.13%. It means that players have more chances to win a big prize.

One more proof blackjack is that the client plays against a croupier in comparison with poker, where your opponent is a skilled poker player. That is why the player odds in blackjack are higher. Winnings and jackpots in blackjack are also quite high. In gambling circles, the game is considered one of the most profitable.

  • Craps

This kind of casino game may seem too complicated for a newbie, as it implies many multipurpose bets. But if you learn the rules, then the game won’t cause any problems. Craps is the second more profitable game for clients. Its main features are a low casino’s advantage and high winnings. When speaking about figures, it is necessary to note that the average casino’s advantage is 1.2%. Sometimes, casinos have an even lower coefficient, and the indicator is 0.6%.

Thus, one can say for sure that this is one of the best casino games to win. One more feature of the game is that almost all gamblers will receive some prizes. This is due to the basic bet that is called a “pass line.” Thus, it is an excellent chance to start! As you play, you will learn new rules and be able to make other bets.

  • Roulette

This is the next profitable game where even newbies can easily win. A winning secret is the mixture of a low casino’s advantage and rather simple rules. Generally, gamblers consider this game simple. Many users state that newbies easily get their hand in the game. Thus, if you make the first steps in gambling, pay attention to Roulette.
Its rules are simple: just bet on your favourite number and hope that the ball will hit the cell with your number.

Most casinos have 5.26% for American Roulette and 2.7% for European Roulette as their advantage. These figures are higher than in Craps and Blackjack, but if you’re a beginner and choose casino games with the best odds of winning, this one is definitely better than vivid slots.

  • Baccarat

This is a popular card game. Although newbies frequently bypass it, if you read the rules and get accustomed to the strategy, the game won’t seem too complicated anymore. Moreover, getting the main prize is one more trigger to try this kind of casino game. Usually, the advantage ranges from 1.01% to 1.24%. Thus, Baccarat has all the right to be on the list of casino card games with the best odds of winning.

Although the minimum bet is $25 and $50 in Baccarat, do not get confused by this fact. It is better to bet more but know that your odds are high rather than to choose a simple game with lower bets but with no chances to win. Remember that Baccarat offers one of the largest winnings.

If you still can’t choose one of them, remember a funny tip: if you want to strain your brain and have a lot of time to get your hand in the game, choose blackjack. If you want to have a good time chatting and drinking, give preference to craps or roulette. If you want to feel like aristocrats and pump your skill, baccarat will be the right option for you.

Games with the Worst Odds

Games with the Worst Odds
When considering this topic, it is necessary to say a few words about games that players should avoid, especially if you’re a newbie.

“Big six-wheel” heads our anti-rating. It is a widely spread entertainment game that can be found in any casino. Although the principle of the game is clear and simple, in practice, it comes out that the player odds for winning are extremely low. The probability is 54 to 1. Moreover, casinos claim the advantage ranged from 11.2% up to 24%!

The second place is given to all sorts of slot machines. They are too vivid and alluring. Casinos’ halls or webpages with slots are always full of colours, blinking signs, and multicoloured images. All these draw attention. However, it is better to keep aside such entertainment. Gambler odds to gain some profit or win some sum of money are negligible. Your odds to win in slots are 1 to more than 4,000,000.


To conclude, it is necessary to say that although table games require more brain activity and time to study their rules, they are potentially more profitable. Casinos have fewer advantages for such kinds of games. We hope that the article is informative and useful for players, and now, you understand what casino games have the best odds and where to direct when visiting online casinos’ sites.

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