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American Roulette for Real Money at Online Casinos in Canada

American Roulette for Real Money at Online Casinos
The American roulette exists along with the European one. Though the first one is not so popular, there are some fine ways to win. It is often said that it’s hard to win while playing this version. But we are going to prove here that it is not true.

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First of all, use only reliable sources. Check the information about the safest sites. This is a good way to play American roulette online with real money. Then consider the size of your bet. Set a certain amount for yourself and don’t exceed it. Think about whether you want to play roulette only or some other table games.

When you answer these questions, you’ll be able to find the best option for you. The number and the size of bets vary in different casinos. If you would like to play other games along with the American roulette wheel, see the provided choice.

Ensure whether the interface is user-friendly and comprehensible. Do you understand what every button makes by pressing on it? If not, don’t hurry to start. Otherwise, you can occasionally press the wrong button. No one will be able to help you in this case. 

How to Find the Best Site for American Roulette?

Read the reviews and feedback by the real gamblers to choose a good website. Pay your attention to the score. It shouldn’t be lower than 7-8 points out of 10. If you want to play American Roulette for Real Cash, avoid using suspicious sites.

  • Bonuses

It’s a common practice for many casinos to offer diverse promotions and bonuses. Some of them are meant for the newcomers, another for the existing customers. Compare different sites to choose a suitable one. Ensure that you understand all the terms and conditions can differ a lot. That’s why you shouldn’t be very excited when seeing a large bonus.

  • Mobile Apps

Nowadays, it’s possible to experience sitting at the American roulette table online. It has become even more popular than playing offline. The interface of some apps can impress you more than a well-designed website. Try different apps or mobile versions of the websites. It’s a good option, not to mention that it’s very convenient and practical.

  • Other Features

Online casinos usually offer other games along with the American roulette wheel. Check it out, not to miss the chance to play something else. A decent casino always has several payment options. The withdrawals should be as fast as possible. Finally, ensure that a site has all the necessary licenses. This can be checked in various Internet sources.

American Roulette VS European Roulette

These two types don’t differ a lot, but the American version has a higher house edge. There is one zero on the European wheel and 36 numbers (1-36). The American roulette wheel has two zeros, single and double. Thus, the odds of the European version are twice as high. 

This is quite logical because a player loses his bet when the ball stops at zero. The American roulette has two unwanted outcomes. This reduces the odds. But several extra rules will help you increase the chance of the win. They are called “En Prison Variants.” 

  • Berlin. Even if the ball stops on zero, it’s possible to win back the bets. The bet is supposed to transfer to the next spin if the ball has landed on zero. It works in case a player bets on an even number. When the next spin showed an even number, a player wins back his original bet. But if the number is odd, he loses.
  • Holland. The principle is the same as the one mentioned above. The difference is that the ball can land on zero two times sequentially. A player gets his bet back in two spins.
  • La Partage. A player gets only half of his bet when the ball stops on zero. The playhouse gets another half.


The winning odds don’t differ, whether you play offline or online. But there are some positive things about this game. You can play American roulette online for real money and win. Using various promotions and bonuses is a smart choice. You can get more if you already have a bonus (free spins or something like this).

No matter how exciting playing at the American roulette table is. There is often a bunch of people nearby, which can make you nervous. An online version is practical and convenient. Online playing is also more relaxing and fun. Compare to a crowded playhouse on Saturday and Sunday, and you’ll understand.

It is clear that American roulette online is less stressful. You can think of your strategy in peace. A homely atmosphere is not that calm. Many people can’t win there just because they can’t concentrate properly. 

Types of Bets

You can use outside and inside bets while playing the American roulette wheel. The first ones are risky; the second ones are safer.

  • Inside Bets

There are straight-up bets, split, and corner ones. That means you bet on one, two, or four numbers, respectively. The more numbers you choose, the higher the winning chances are. The payouts are increasing with the number of numbers you have bet on.

  • Outside Bets

You should bet on red or black, even or odd, high or low numbers. Low bets are from 1 to 18; high bets are from 19 to 36. These three methods have a payout of 1 to 1. Or you can divide the table into three columns and bet on one of them. Example: 1-12, 13-24, 25-36. This way provides a payout of 2 to 1.

That’s how you can win at the American roulette. Some players double the bet after each win using outside bets. But inside bets are perfect for novices because the risk is not so high. 

Fastpay Casino

  • If you wonder which casino is better to play American roulette online real cash, Fastpay casino is the best one. It is famous for its instant payouts. Besides, it has all the necessary licenses and legislation. The website is designed in dark colours. The registration form is elementary. The homepage contains information about promotions, bonuses, etc.

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