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How to win at the best mobile online casino in Canada?

How to win at the best mobile online casino in Canada?In the last couple of years, NetEnt Company brought to life various techniques to target the players to use more intensively the mobile version of the casino. According to our observations, one approach was adjusting the gaming algorithm as a stimulus mechanism for gathering a bigger group of mobile consumers. No public notifications suggested such ‘modification,’ but the gambling community could spot several inferential clues, all of which boosted the games' lucrativeness in the mobile casinos. 

With the vast demand for online entertainment services and products (especially in the super-fast developing mobile/technical industry- 4G,5G; and precisely in the times of self-quarantine), the casino software developers needed to re-navigate not only their own business plans but also the public interest into this mobile applications - as the future number one casino segment. So, the mobile online casino appeared suddenly under the spotlight of all the market concerns, and sure enough, NetEnt thought - they deserve the biggest chunk of the “pie” as an industry leader.

This article will give our take on the necessity of such mechanisms and our opinion on how you can win at a mobile online casino.

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Is it possible to win more often at a Canadian mobile online casino?

According to our evaluations, in 2014, there was a temporary re-targeting of the games’ algorithms for issuing slots and the table games winnings favouring the mobile online casinos. In other words, players using the mobile version of NetEnt Touch had the chance to win more often than those using the regular PC/NB (personal computer/notebook) version.

How to attract more players to the mobile casino versions?

For a decade already, NetEnt’s slots and table games are thriving with intense popularity. Despite the long polemics of opposite views and opinions attesting to who creates the best slot machines, Yggdrasil, NYX, or Microgaming, in reality, every player recognizes that NetEnt is the industry leader.

Regardless of the fast-paced advances of the internet and mobile service providers, rapidly covering every corner of the consumer’s desire, there are still not many players accessing Canadian gambling sites from mobile phones or tablets. This could be justified. Specific factors explaining why still not many users are playing on mobile devices are:

  • the slower Internet,
  • the game misshape on display,
  • the gameplay distortion on the small screen, and
  • the universal problems that players are anticipating.

We believe that the suppliers are offering a higher standard of mobile Internet every year, which will undeniably promote the casino mobile versions and intensify their usage. 

The Canadian online casinos, in their turn, are competing for a place in this stridently expanding section of the online gambling market, trying to entice every player into choosing their own lobby. Around that time, a decision is made to temporarily raise the percentage of winnings for NetEnt’s mobile unit - NetEnt touch for purposely motivating the players to choose it. This choice enabled the players to win higher amounts and more often at NetEnt’s mobile online casinos in 2014.

The statistics show that the players experienced some registration and deposit troubles once they decided to jump playing with real money on mobile devices. This unpredictable situation pressured them to remain at the same casino and with the same account they had already in use. That was the same account processing their deposits via PC or NB, managing the communication with their bank card (or another payment system), installing the "quick deposit" button, and making a bookmark in the mobile device's browser. 

To avoid repetition of the same steps (as mentioned above) and to minimize the security risk of applying to multiple sites with his personal financial data, the player usually will stay with the same Canadian online casino he was using before.

Until now, all the details stipulate the eagerness of the big software developers to do their utmost to entice as many players as possible to their mobile versions. The major firms are trying conventional methods: facilitating the account verification process, increasing the security measures for online gambling and, of course, with some alluring advertisement politics (bonuses, personal gifts, free spins, etc.). Some companies go beyond that. They create unconventional ways to drive the market figures in their favour.

NetEnt increases the percentage of winnings

If no ordinary approach works to increase the mobile online casino users, then one uncommon method is the redistribution of the winnings to the mobile version of the Canadian online casino. But that includes inconspicuous and secretive proceeding with making the ‘mobile-ness’ of the games drawing all the attention.

Perhaps you get the inclination - to achieve this goal, it is imperative to shift the algorithm slightly for issuing jackpots and the big winnings to the mobile version. 

Why it became easier to win in the Touch version?

We cannot ignore the truth:

  • Many of NetEnt‘s operators created bonus money packages that can only be used with the mobile version of NetEnt Touch.
  • Two of the last three network jackpots have been issued to mobile version players.
  • Use the browser search option and check ‘large winnings at the mobile online casino.’ A lot of elements of the puzzle will become apparent to you.

How to increase my personal chances?

In theory - shifting the algorithm for bigger and more frequent winnings toward mobile players is welcome, but can we really profit from this? Can we win more real money at NetEnt mobile online casino? Gambling experts determined by statistical analysis that the system of accumulating and handing out money by all NetEnt games occurs at once for the PC/NB games and games of the mobile application Touch.

You can use the DEMO version of your favourite games to establish the mood of the slot until you find a game in a "giving" mood. This technic will give you the chance to spot which slot machine is worth playing.

The below strategy allows you to significantly increase the probability of winning at a Canadian mobile online casino while playing for real money.

The first attempt:

  • It is desirable (but not necessary) to test several games in free mode.
  • An important aspect is that you will play each of the selected slots only once till a big win after registration. 


  • You register an account at Fastpay casino.
  • You use a mobile phone (or tablet) and place a real money deposit into your account.
  • Please choose your favourite slots and play them until a big win in each.
  • Under a big win in a mobile online casino, we mean the amount of 50x total bets (which you deposited already) and more.
  • You change the slot after each time winning and do not return to it.
  • Then you cash out the won money.
  • You register an account at another Canadian online casino from the "Best casino" section.
  • You repeat the steps described above. 


There are several signals, where under equal circumstances, it is likely that the algorithms for issuing money at the slot machines of NetEnt were adjusted in favour of the mobile applications. This speculation is mostly logical for games with a progressive jackpot.

Where to play?

  • Play over 5000 games at Fastpay Casino, the best gambling place in Canada. You will be pleased with the excellent customer care, VIP bonus program for loyal players and super-fast withdrawals (1-5 minutes.)

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Written by Kamen Valev
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