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Best Online Casino Games among Canadian Players

Best Online Casino Games among Canadian Players
Let us start by considering the facts. More than 1,6 billion people play some kind of casino online game. On the one hand, it’s just a hobby for many of them. There are plenty of exciting games and activities that help people pass their time and relax. On the other hand, a part of players earns real money, playing these games. There are a lot of strategies and guides that tell how to get more profit. Some people even turn this hobby into a permanent source of income. Gambling is considered to be a risky business. However, when doing it carefully and professionally, it may bring many benefits.

We should note here that it’s hard to count all the existing games, but several of them hold their position for many years. We tried to represent here how various the games can be. While some of them require thinking (for example, blackjack or poker), others are created just for fun and relaxation. This article will certainly be helpful for those who are new to the world of gambling. If you don’t know what to start with, just read this guide and choose a free casino game you like most of all. Every game described here has an online version, so all the rules and basic principles are everywhere.

  • Blackjack

One cannot deny that this game has won its popularity. It’s considered to be the best game to play at the casino. Probably, the main reason is that it has high odds. A person plays with the dealer only, which is quite nice compared to those where you play against the whole team (for example, poker).
The rules are not complicated. You have to bet something before the game begins, using the chips for this purpose. After you have done this, the game starts. The dealer will help you understand the process if it’s your first experience. There are some special terms (learn more about the basic strategy of Blackjack), as, for example, “double,” “hit,” or “stay,” but you will know everything about it after a while.

Let’s talk about the good sides of blackjack. What does it make so attractive? First, it’s good for those who love communication and interacting with other people since it’s the game's main feature. You try to predict the next move of your rival and react properly. Therefore, a good blackjack player has to know something about human psychology. Secondly, if you are fond of card games in general, you will love this one, too. It requires maths skills and logical powers, so it won’t be hard for you if you are smart enough. But even if you don’t use any strategy, you don’t lose that much. Thirdly, it’s the best odds casino game, which is important if you’re a novice. 

We cannot ignore the fact that despite blackjack’s advantages, it also has some significant drawbacks. People who can’t or don’t like thinking far ahead may not like this game. Those who don’t want to stick to a certain gambling strategy won’t like the game since such behaviour leads to loss only. Another thing is that it’s not a game for passing the time. You should devote much time to improving your gambling skills if you want to succeed.

  • Roulette

Another beloved game is roulette. Funny, but experienced players don’t take casino roulette games seriously. At first sight, this game is rather simple and doesn’t require a lot of thinking. One can say that the odds are not so high. However, it has remained popular for a long time. We are going to describe it here.

There are two kinds of roulette – European and American. Mostly the first one is played. These two kinds of roulette don’t differ a lot. The European roulette has only one zero on the wheel, while the American one has a double zero in addition to that. It’s important to add that the American roulette has a higher house edge and, as a consequence, makes it harder to win. 

The principle of the casino roulette game is very plain. Think of a certain number and place a bet on it—the wheel spins. You can win if the number you bet on comes in. There are 36 chips, which are black- or red-coloured. The zero chips are usually green. Count the zeros since when you play double-zero wheel, the odds become significantly worse. 

The game is suitable for communicative players that like to take their time. You can play unhurriedly and amuse yourself by talking to other gamblers gathered at the table. Besides, if you think that this game is too simple, you can search for some information on the Internet, and you will be surprised by how many of the strategies you will see. If you want to improve your logical skills, it’s high time to do it. 

Nevertheless, one should accept that roulette is not just a silly game to pass the time. If you think so, you’d better not start. Firstly, roulette casino game free play requires certain skills and smartness. If you want to pass the time without thinking, there are plenty of lovely simple games, but it’s not the case. Secondly, you have to be a little risky since you need to place a bet at least five times at most casinos. It’s not like you bet once and wait. 

  • Baccarat

This game is played between only two people. It’s used to be called a “player and banker” casino game. There are even several versions of it. The gambling process of this card game is quite simple. Both players have a certain number of cards. The point is that they have to guess the total score of their cards. The cards’ value is from 2 to 9. You may think logically or try to guess your rival’s thoughts; what would he do next. 

Though it has some drawbacks, there are more pleasant benefits. One of them is the simplicity of the game. There’s no need to think a lot or develop your strategy to win, compared to poker or blackjack. It’s a kind of game which suits most of all to pass the time. You can relax, chill out and even get some cash. Since the house edge is low, this is the best casino game to win money. There’s also an opportunity to place a bet, which will please the experienced rollers. You don’t have to do that much to get a win.

What would be the reasons not to play baccarat? Some players prefer challenging and risky games, where they can show all their skills and knowledge. The casino game baccarat may seem boring to passionate people. Moreover, if you are sociable and like playing in a team or against many people at once, the game is too calm for you. 

However, in general, it seems to be a nice alternative for beginners who haven’t yet become skilled enough to play more complicated games. In addition to that, it’s a nice choice for those who don’t want to become a professional punter. 

  • Poker

This is probably one of the oldest games on this list. It first appeared in the 16th century. This is a card game played with a single deck. While playing, any participant can request a new deck. Furthermore, another important feature of poker is that every player must see the new deck unpacking. This rule prevents cheating and dishonest gambling. Poker is risky, but some think it’s the best casino game to win money. It’s important to add that a contribution is necessary to start playing. Several people play the game. There are at least 200 chips to provide for the whole party. 

Let’s see which benefits poker can bring. The stake amount is strictly limited, which makes the game fair. In case if someone has a lot of cash, he or she can’t stake it all. Otherwise, this person gets an advantage. The next point will probably surprise you. This game can become a source of money; we mean a real job with its working hours and something like that. But don’t even try it if you’re new or not sure. Playing this free casino game (Texas Hold'em), you will notice that your concentration and observation skills have considerably enhanced. You can also become more discreet and sensible. On the one hand, you have to figure out what other players will do and what they feel. On the other hand, you shouldn’t let them know about your feelings and emotions. It’s for those who understand human nature. 

Nevertheless, poker has a couple of serious drawbacks. The playing time is limited beforehand. You may say it’s good. But many players don’t want to quit when the time is running out. Besides, it’s a sophisticated and elaborate game. You should have math skills to master it and spend a lot of time learning the rules. Moreover, it consumes your time if your goal is to play perfectly and win. Before starting playing this free casino game (Play Oasis poker for free), think about why you want to do it. It’s not a time-passing thing. 

  • Keno

This game is about probability theory and luck. It looks a little like Bingo. A player should select up to 10 numbers. There are 80 numbers. The more numbers you guess correctly, the more you will win. Unlike other games listed here, special balls with numbers are used instead of chips or cards. Being in a transparent container, they are spinning around and shuffling, if we can say so. Afterwards, you see 20 numbers and compare them to the numbers you have chosen when it stops. Keno casino game is simple and exciting at the time. 

Along with popular games, this one can be played on casino game apps or online. Nowadays, it’s more popular than playing Keno offline. One good point is that some online versions of this game allow choosing more than 10 numbers. As a consequence, it can increase your odds. Most of the platforms work on an attractive interface to make people like it more. It’s suitable for those who just want to have a rest. One doesn’t need to be very clever to enjoy Keno and win since it’s a game of luck. 

However, this may also be considered a disadvantage. Players can hardly impact the result. Naturally, you can try different numbers or choose a different amount of them, but it all comes down to the probability theory. 

  • Craps

At first sight, this dice game casino can confuse the new players. However, there is nothing complicated there. Craps is played with two dices. Everyone who takes part in crap can roll the dice. A person who does it is called a shooter. The participants pass them one by one. The meaning of this game is simple. The players place a bet on the numbers on the outcome of the rolls made by the shooter. When their guesses are right, they get the point. That’s the basic principle. But despite the game’s simpleness, there are many kinds of bets you can place. We won’t list all of them here, but you can find out more about single-roll, field, multi-roll bets, etc.

That’s how craps works. So, why should you choose this game? Since there are several kinds of bets, you can select this one with the lowest house-edge (spoiler: this is an odds bet). The basic type is a simple bet. You have to stake on the shooter’s roll result. You see, if you understand the rules, you can win as much money as you in blackjack. It makes craps the best game to play at the casino along with blackjack since the odds are high. One can win a lot, playing craps.

There are several drawbacks, which you should take into account. Though this dice game casino is much simpler than, say, poker, it may seem hard for novices. Besides, some bets are better not to choose because the probability of success is very low. Another point is that this game is hazardous. It seems harmless enough, but here hides the danger. Too venturesome people may lose a lot, playing craps. We recommend you to be cool and sensible; otherwise, this game may not fit you.

  • Slot Games

Slot Games
Today slot machines offer a wide range of games. The graphics have significantly improved during the last decade, the games themselves have become more fascinating and various. They are played at the game slots casino, and we will describe two popular games here. 

Many slot machines offer quick Hits. Probably, everyone knows the rules even if he or she hasn’t ever played it. You have to insert the coin (or a special chip) and click the button. The wheel spins, and if three or more symbols (fruits, 7’s, bells, or something else) stand in the row next to each other, you win. The stakes may be as low as one cent; the highest stake is different at the various casinos. Quick Hits casino games can bring both fun and money.

Moolah is a frequently played game. One can play it at the casino, on the website, or the apps. Moolah casino game is attractive due to its impressive graphics and huge jackpots. Speaking of the real slots, one has to insert several coins (usually up to 5) to place a bet. The winning condition is the same as in the previous paragraph, but there are some additional symbols. If you have the “Lion” symbol, you can win with any pay line. There are other animals, which give you a bonus, which makes the game more exciting. 

The main advantage of such games is that it’s as easy as it could be. It requires only money and a bit of gamble. No additional skills are required. The bright pictures and big jackpots attract many gamblers. On the other hand, people lose enormous sums playing such games and become gambling-addictive

Playing Online

Though not every country allows casinos, recently, many casino game apps and websites have appeared. It’s available for everyone, free and as exciting as playing at the real slots. We will introduce two favourite slot machines in this paragraph.

  • One of them is Buffalo. It is one of the most beloved games among both novices and experienced punters. The rules don’t differ from the typical slot games. A coin denomination is from 1 cent to $2. Buffalo casino games can be easily downloaded on the app store. The game offers free spins and different bonuses while playing. There is an app where you can play for free; another one offers to play for real money, where one can win up to 300 coins. It keeps you entertained and allows win real cash. 
  • Another is House of Fun. It has a website; a mobile app is also available. House of Fun casino game has a great choice of entertainments. Some of them are Diamond Forest Slot, Frankenstein Rising Slot, etc. It’s known not only for its prizes and bonuses but for its thrilling games with the perfect graphics. The 3D effects bring a sense of reality. Risky players can make high stakes. This brand also has several free games. 

What’s the overview? Both slots have free casino game apps for android. They are convenient in usage and look amazing. The provided choice is huge. We believe that it’s important for every player. Moreover, the bonuses and jackpots one can receive are higher while playing other games, described in this article. Nevertheless, you should accept that along with these advantages, there is also a very high probability of losing. You may not notice how you stake more and more little sums and lose them all. 

Fastpay Casino

We would like to tell you a little about this brand. It’s a virtual establishment. Though it’s relatively new, it has proved itself as a reliable company with a license and has many players. The homepage is black-coloured, offering various promotions. We think that one of the most useful features of it is that they have reasonable gambling restrictions. It was made to prevent people from becoming addicted to it and make them play responsibly. The variety of games represented on their website is huge. You can find everything: from slot games to live casinos with excellent dealers. One can also use cryptocurrency to play some games. As for the mobile version, this brand has the best casino game app. It doesn’t differ that much from the website.

There’s an opportunity to become a member of the loyalty program, which certainly brings many privileges. Naturally, Fastpay Casino offers its bonuses and promotions. Surprisingly, how a two-years-old brand can become so popular and develop itself for this time. If you have a chance, try it or just have a look at the website.


Let’s make a short review of the games we have listed here. We are sure that you will find here something for yourself, or at least you got interested in it.

  • Blackjack – card game, requires making decisions, high odds
  • Roulette – simple, easy to win, doesn’t require any strategy, though you may use some
  • Baccarat – card game, requires logical skills, calm and slow
  • Poker – risky, tense, complicated, requires math skills
  • Craps – dice game, simple, slow-paced, good odds
  • Slot games – easy, attractive, risky, not so high odds

The games we have presented have remained a favourite for a long time. We tried to cover all their good and bad sides. We don’t try to convince anyone that some games are good and some are not. We just hope you can weigh all the pros and cons and select something you like. If you want to start playing, it might be better to choose a free casino game first, where it’s not too allowed to use real money (to practice a little). Here are the options that suit both beginners and professional gamblers perfectly.

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