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How to Play Online Video Slots - Professionals Tips

How to Play Online Video Slots - Professionals Tips
Is it interesting to spend time without leaving home? Easy! After all, now we have the Internet, and we have access to a huge amount of entertainment. One of them is gambling offered by a large number of different casinos. And if you consider yourself a lucky person, then be sure to play the slots.

One-armed bandits, despite all the simplicity, quickly drag out and many players are ready to spin the reels for hours in anticipation of a win.

However, some want to know how to play slots successfully. The desire of the players is understandable, they want not only to play, but to profit from it, but it is extremely difficult to increase the chances of winning in slots. In this article, we will tell you how to use a slot machine, as well as suggest some options that help to win more often and more.

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Features of Slot Machines: Glossary of Basic Terms

Before starting to play on a particular gaming machine, many players carefully study its description, as well as slot machine rules. They do it absolutely right, but only by no means do they sometimes fully understand what is said in this description because it contains many specific terms that can be used to hide very interesting and useful information. Information on the basic gaming terms will allow you to better navigate when choosing online casinos and slot machines, as well as learn how to play slots with special strategy.

  • Spin. In a slot machine, the spin is called the start button of the game, that is, the rotation of the reels with symbols.
  • Scatter. A scatter is a special symbol on the reels when dropped, you can start the bonus (free) game, or increase your winnings. The function of this symbol depends on the type of game slot.
  • Wild The symbol on the reels of the slot, which can replace any other symbol except the scatter. Thus, with the loss of the wild, you can make various winning combinations.
  • Factor. The multiplicity of the increase in winning when playing the corresponding bet.
  • Automatic game - the ability to pre-set your tedious game parameters and subsequently spend it in automatic mode.
  • Skill stop. The ability to manually stop the rotation of the reels at any time during the game.
  • Bankroll is a gaming budget.
  • Game Banking A game that allows you to accumulate bonus amounts in the game bank.
  • Comp. Bonuses from the casino for the game on the machines.
  • A progressive jackpot is an accumulative game fund, to which a certain percentage is deducted from the bets of all players and which can be won on certain conditions.
  • Return percentage - a certain percentage of the bet that is returned to the player.

This summary of the main terms will help you quickly understand what online video slots offer at your chosen casino. More detailed descriptions of each slot machine can be found either on the official website of the developer or in the description of the slot in an online casino. Companies must post information to their customers. Thus, the user can immediately choose the right option for the parameters, appearance, and music.

Classic Genre - Parsing the Most Demanded Five Reel Slots

Five-reel slots are the most common type of slot machines in the world of online gambling. Such models are distinguished by an exciting plot, modern sound design, and the presence of interesting bonus rounds. Unlike their classic predecessors, 5-reel slots have more pay lines. They have a wide variety of subjects: from television comedies to favourite cinema masterpieces, from cavemen to aliens from outer space. Now we will talk about several features that help to understand how to play classic slots.

Features of Five Reel Slots

To understand how to play 5 reel slots, you should understand their device. Almost all gaming slots, consisting of five reels, have several characteristic features:

  • The playing field, as a rule, has a 5 × 3 format. That is, each reel is a vertical section with three symbol cells;
  • More playing lines than the three-reel predecessors. Their number varies from game to game, but the classic version is from 10 to 20 pay-lines;
  • Presence of special characters. Very often two or even three pictures with special features take part in 5-reel machines, for example wild, scatter and bonus;
  • Availability of prize options. Typically, such models contain several bonus rounds at once, among which there are: free spins, thematic mini-games, rounds to double the gain or to increase its amount by 4 times;
  • Winning combinations in such models are formed quite often. And they are usually paid according to the linear rate and the corresponding payout ratio.

Due to the variety of slot machines with five reels, each user can choose a model that suits his preferences. Many devices from this category combine an interesting storyline, user-friendly interface, and exciting bonus features.

A Few Working Tips for Beginners to Play Video Slots Online

To understand how to play slots and win, whether it is worth contacting and whether it is possible to beat them at all, you first need to figure out how they work. On the Internet, slot machines operate on the same principle as offline and almost do not differ. By what principles do all online slot machines work now, and how to play slots for real money online? Find out now.

In no slot machine tutorial, you'll don't recognize that all machines are programs that are located on a specific hosting. They work on the principle of a random number generator. This system each time generates a new combination of numbers or any images that you see on the slot screen. Combinations are not generated randomly, but there are certain algorithms that only manufacturers of such programs know about. We will talk more about this system below.

Each slot machine has its percentage of return. There are slots where the percentage of return is more than 80%, there are slot machines where the percentage of return is more than 90% and even in some cases it reaches 98%. 100% does not happen. For example, if the slot has a percentage return of 90%, this means that the casino owner will receive 10% of all money lost by users, 90% will go to win other people.

To know exactly how to play slot machine games, you should understand such a thing as cycling. This is the cycle with which the machine gives a win. For example, a slot has a return percentage of 80%, but it may turn out that people there will lose a million in total, and someone alone will hit the Jackpot of eight hundred thousand. Or it may turn out that ten thousand are lost, and then it will allow eight players to win a thousand.

All of the above applies only to honest casinos. If the casino is going to work for the long term, then it will value the client. Such casinos work honestly: they buy officially licensed software, and also use all kinds of bonuses, contests, and so on. There is a lot of competition in this, so to lure a client, they make slots with a real return of up to 98%. Therefore, to choose where to play online slots, you should read the reviews of professional players, as well as read information about the selected casino.

How to Bet Correctly

Professionals of playing on slots with one voice say: “Do not try to be greedy!” It’s not about lowering half the monthly salary in one game, but about reasonable investments. Too small bets do not bring a win - this is the system. The rules of playing slot machines say that you should gradually increase bets. It is not necessary to invest significant amounts, but doubling the initially small ones is possible and necessary. It’s worth trying to replay the machine, but as soon as it gives out a win, stop the game immediately.

  • The ability to stop. Perhaps this slot game rule is the most important thing, without which it’s just no sense to play for money, but you don’t even have to sit down at slot machines. In no case should you pin your hopes on winnings as the main source of income? Any game is good only as long as it is a game - we do not take it too seriously and do not spend significant amounts for ourselves.
  • The right attitude. This rule, how to play video slot games is also an important part of a good game. If there is doubt or, on the contrary, impatience and excitement gnaw at the soul, then it is better to take a deep breath and postpone the One-armed Bandit until the next time.

Random Number Generator (RTP)

In this online slots guide, we could not help but mention the random number generator. In modern slot machines, the result of the game is determined by this particular program. It is the basis of absolutely all machines, regardless of whether they are ordinary or online.

The basic principle of operation is to generate random numbers that correspond to the symbols on the reels. The generator will select any random numbers in almost a second and immediately assemble them into a group. In other words, each spin is the result of choosing RTP. Regardless of the way the gaming machine is implemented (from the "simplest" mechanical roulette to the electronic "multi-game"), its work is subject to a certain algorithm. The unpredictability of slot machine algorithms is based on the use of randomness. The number generator in machines is capable of operating in the range from 1 to hundreds of billions of options per second.

The frequency of winning combinations and the percentage allocated to the lucky ones from the total revenues are programmed in advance and for a long period. Therefore, there may be no winnings on the machine for several days, or a large sum of money is won on it twice a day.

The simplest gaming machine has 3 spinning reels with various combinations, which gives 30 positions or 27,000 possible combinations for falling out. That is, the chance of a gambling enthusiast to hit the jackpot is 27,000 to 1. Even if you take into account the speed of the random number generator, the probability of pressing a button or lever at the time of a winning combination is negligible.

It is extremely difficult to win the jackpot on the machines, as they are pre-programmed for a fixed percentage and frequency of payments. Professional players who know how to play slots smartly recommend paying attention to devices with a low winning frequency, along with a high percentage of prize payouts.

Video Slot Volatility

When slot machine rules and regulations discuss the variability or variance of a game, it is technically the same thing.

The level of volatility in slot machines reflects the degree of riskiness of the selected game. It is this indicator that shows players what the probability of winning in a particular case is. The higher the level of volatility, the more the player risks. Many users begin to confuse the concepts of theoretical return, and variance, at the time of choosing a slot. And this is a big mistake since these concepts are not identical.

The bulk of modern slot machines is characterized by a fairly high return percentage, so it often makes up more than 95%. This means that the slot machine is set up so that players can get 95% of the invested funds back as winnings. The casino reserves an advantage of no more than 5%. However, if the slot has a high level of volatility, this may mean that winning in this slot is not so easy. In this case, only one player will win, and this will be a breakdown of the real Jackpot. It is necessary to understand that volatility or dispersion is a rather conventional concept that is not assigned to slots in the form of specific indicators since it cannot be said with maximum confidence how often winning combinations develop in them. Manufacturers always indicate a theoretical return percentage, but they never seek to register the level of volatility of a slot, which confirms all of the above.

  • 1. Slot machines with high dispersion are characterized by rather long sessions, in which almost no winnings occur.
  • 2. Slots with medium dispersion are among the most common devices in the world of gambling, and they are characterized by a fairly frequent loss of game combinations and decent payouts. Bonus rounds happen in them quite often, while lengthy gaming sessions without winning in such slots are a rarity. These slots are especially in demand among players today.
  • 3. Slots with low volatility are characterized by frequent payouts, the size of which is not too high. Usually, it’s enough to make 1-2 bets, as paid combinations immediately fall out. It’s very difficult to get decent payouts in such slots, so you often have to connect bonus funds or other additional features that bring decent winnings to players.

One way to check volatility is to look at the slot’s casino rules or payout table. We are trying to keep you updated on all the last changes made by the developers.

Leaders of Free Online Slots

It should be noted that in the online casino you can play in free slot games only on the demo version. In other cases, a free game is almost impossible, because to get a win, you must first invest at least one cent. We offer you a list of the best slot machines to play online, which are the most popular and in-demand:

  • 1. Mega Joker - In this video slot, two playing fields are combined at once with three reels and five pay lines each, that is, two game modes are available: main and super-mode. Each of them has its win table, which is located right on the playing field.
  • 2. Dead or Alive. Slot machine manufacturer NetEnt. The slot is dedicated to the theme of the wild west, includes 5 reels and 9 fixed lines. The online device provides free spins with x2 multiplier.
  • 3. Jackpot 6000. The slot consists of 3 reels and 5 lines of active pay lines. The classic “one-armed bandit” has an extremely high payout percentage of 98.96%. The NetEnt development team added two bonus rounds to Jackpot 6000 slot machines: “Eagle or Reshka” - doubling of prize payments, as well as “Supermeter” giving a doubled bet according to previous wins.
  • 4. Playboy The video slot, as conceived by its authors, should appeal to the male audience of online casino customers. In addition to luxurious beauties, the slot offers several bonus symbols, a scattering of free launches, and good payout ratios.
  • 5. Xcalibur. The famous sword was in the spotlight of the best knightly plot that can only be found in the gambling sphere. You do not have to fight in bloody battles to get large rewards with the help of the legendary royal weapons. A number of lines: 9872. The gaming machine has 9 pay lines (their number can be changed) and 5 reels.

Two Reasons Why It's Worth Playing Slots

Among all online games of the network, the most popular are slot machines. Monthly traffic to sites with slot machines reaches the millionth mark and continues to grow. There are at least two reasons why slot machines have become leaders in popularity among all online games:

  • Impressive entertainment. Modern slot machine simulators are created using advanced programming technologies. Thanks to this, they boast incredibly realistic graphics.
  • High odds of winning. By playing slots you can increase the level of professionalism and learn how to earn good money in slots with excitement. Modern slot machine simulators allow you to win often, and the amount of cash prizes is very impressive.

We hope our article will help you understand how to play online slot games, as well as choose the best option for a comfortable and profitable game. Having understood these points, you can quickly navigate on any website of an online casino, choose slots with the maximum chance of winning and enjoy the game process.


  • Why is it better to play on the Internet, and not in a real casino?

To answer which is the better - real or virtual casino is rather difficult. But Internet establishments have one indisputable advantage - accessibility. If you live in a gambling zone, you can always visit a real club. But if to enjoy the game you need to go somewhere, then you must admit that not everyone can afford it, and not everyone will have time. So visiting an online casino will be the best way out of the situation.

  • They say that online casinos are cheating. Is it true?

Indeed, this happens. There are scammers everywhere. So, you should wisely approach the choice of online casinos for real money. It is easy enough to distinguish a reliable institution: it must have certified software and a working support service. Also pay attention to the availability of bonuses and promotions, the duration of the club, and the number of users online.

  • Many are faced with the problem of getting a win. Why?

There may be several reasons. The most obvious is the fraudsters. This happens, so choose only proven online casinos. Another reason is your carelessness. Many users rush when registering and indicate inaccurate or incorrect information. And when the data is incorrect, the casino suspects the player of fraud and often refuses to pay him. To avoid difficulties, be careful when registering and immediately indicate the correct information.

Where to play?

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