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List of Best Free OFFLINE SLOTS for Players from Canada

List of Best Free OFFLINE SLOTS for Players from Canada
As the casino industry is developing, more revolutionized ways of playing appear. Gamers have a great number of games to choose from. Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting entertainments for gamblers is casino slots. Some of the players decide to take their chances in real money online games. Others prefer free offline slots. Free offline slots have such popularity because they’re both fun and enthralling to play in. You don’t need a constant internet connection and a huge amount of data to have a funny time. Additionally, such slots allow you to play as much as you want. Now you don't need to stop because your bankroll is over. That’s very important for those who want to play some casino games and not miss anything. Moreover, before starting a game for real money, it can be quite important to test the slot machine for free.

Choosing Offline Slot Games

There are a huge number of free offline casino slots that you can experience. They differ in theme, the number of reels, and pay lines. Sometimes it isn’t easy to find anything exciting and attractive stuff. So many slots may actually confuse you. At first, before the best slots for you, let’s go deep into some of the casino slot machine’s features. If you are a classics admirer, there are old slots with 3-reels for you. But the more modern ones are also more elaborated and have adopted a 5 reel layout. That implies almost all video (including free offline) slots that we’ll talk about today. Well, if you are a beginner, you should definitely try out the list below:

  • Secrets of Christmas

Developed on the Eve of Christmas, it allows immersing in the great holiday. You can do it even in the summer outside the window. This slot machine is an amazing attraction and a great start to your gambling journey. Even the slot is not very good for wagering, you will have a lot of chances to win. Choose the combinations of symbols in the usual spins.

  • Starburst

Another great and top-rated slot among players. It is even called «hot,» which means you can win large sums of money. Starburst is a game with retro style, and it suggests visitors go back to Las Vegas in the 80s. It’s a great choice if you want to have fun and to try your luck. In Starburst, you are offered to play at big stakes (approximately 1/50 of your balance). But the game is directed on the play with bonus money

  • Hotline

Here comes one of the most interesting slots ever made. And it’s dedicated to the popular TV Series at the end of the 20th century called the Miami Vice show. The set of the reels is inspired by the aesthetics of the city in the 80s. Having exciting gameplay, graphics, and well-designed symbols, it deserved to be played in. An opportunity to try the game out offline for free may be a determining factor in games for real money because Hotline is needed to be closely looked upon before starting to risk your budget. But without all that, it’s just a perfect way to have a lot of fun.

  • Jungle Spirit

Call of the Wild. Who wouldn’t want to become a part of the exotic jungle? Firstly, it is needed to be said that you can hear authentic calming nature sounds in this game. They won't mention suitable symbols for the location. Such animals on the reels as tigers, cobras, crocodiles, elephants meet you on your win path. But that’s what we all love jungles for! Additionally, it has several bonus features, and the win here is very likely because of the 96.7% return rate. But to be sure of success, I find it important to try the slot for free at first.

  • Blood Suckers 2

Vampire movies are much of a cultural phenomenon in today’s world. There a lot of movies and books devoted to these fascinating creatures. And the casino industry has not passed by. And the casino industry has not passed by. Blood Suckers 2 is the second part of a game. It has exceptional graphics quality and superb animation. It fully corresponds to the stylistics of the selected topic. It has great potential with its astonishing visual part and many bonus features. 

  • Butterfly Staxx

It’s an elementary variant brilliantly suitable for all beginners to get a taste. But for the fun purpose, the game has quite a low variance. So, you’ll have a feeling of relaxation and comfort playing Butterfly Staxx. The reason is that the main symbols of the slot are tropical flowers. But the most astonishing thing is the amazing butterflies. They will dip you in the hot summer holidays with adorable everyday sunsets. Returning 96.8% of the sum to a player, the machine has a big potential for winning real money. 

  • Dead or Alive

What is Wild West associated with? The joy of the chase, unforgettable cowboy adventures. That’s all that the slot machine suggests. It fully conveys the spirit of the west's wild nature. Potentially, the slot is one of the most profitable while also very dangerous. As in Wild West, you are either dead or alive. Needless to say, game symbols are made up of a cowboy’s everyday life in great detail.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

Based on the self-titled movie, it fits all horror movie buffs. The game process is engrossing. It has original elements from the movie, and the slot machine has huge winning potential. That implies you can get a win during the main game and in the free spins feature. Despite the 2003 release date, its gameplay still looks quite buoyant.

  • Reel Rush

Reel Rush has succeeded in becoming one of the most popular slots ever. All because of its simplicity and colourfulness. Game symbols in the form of fruits and sweets make the slot juicy so that you can barely keep it together. The slot machine has one feature – every winning in a row creates more winning lines. And if a player can succeed 5 times in a row, the free spins are starting. You’ll have great chances to win big rewards playing in it.

  • Jean and the Beanstalk

Do you want to go back in time and become a part of an English fairy tale? The fairy tale that your mother probably told you in childhood every time before going to bed? It’s now possible with the Jean and the Beanstalk slot. It’s a beautifully created slot for all who truly love magical stories. It has excellent graphics, sound, appropriate thematic symbols, and huge bonus potential. That all make this game one of the most popular in the world. 

  • Victorious

There are a lot of slots on different topics, but this one is unique. It refers us to the time of ancient Rome, teaching us, thus, world history. The symbols of the Victorious are various things. They had significant meaning in that country’s army. It has not only important historical knowledge but also authentic sounds. They immediately transfer you to the ancient battlefields. It is important to add that the slot machine is one of the most favourites: all beginners and those who like playing a game with a small amount of money.


Analyzing all these slots, one may conclude that the most important details for a game are:

  • Game process. It should be as simple and exciting as it is possible. When it comes to having fun, nobody wants to play in something entangled. Background music and organic thematic sounds are always welcomed. 
  • Interesting topic. All mentioned slots are somehow attached to a certain theme. Authentic and naturals themes are more attractive to gamblers than others. People like history and animals. 
  • Graphics. HD graphics are always a great addition to the whole gameplay of free offline casino slots. Some of the slots have incredible graphics despite their release date.
  • Accessibility. Although you can play in all slots above for real money, there always has to be a free version. Before starting to risk your money, it’s much better to try out and feel a game for free. The Demo-version of the game is a great opportunity for new gamers.

How to Download Offline Slots to Your Device

Firstly, you need to choose a preferable slot machine. Sometimes it’s too difficult to find something worth in all this variety of slots. But look at your interests and hobbies and choose the appropriate ones. The next important step is to define what casino you want to play in. If it’s online, you’ll have to download either their app or software. After uploading, you should check out the rules, paytable. And then have a nice time enjoying all the features of a game! 

Even though you can play free slots with no internet connection, it’s useful to download casino software or apps. It gives a wide range of opportunities, including access to amazing games. Various online casinos offer them. There you can play for real money. It’s up only to you to try something new and risk your money or limit yourself to the free version.

Bonus Features, Symbols, and Developing of Casino Slots

Actually, there is no difference in bonus features in online and free offline slots. The most rewarding are free spins, and they can lead you to large wins, to even a jackpot of the chosen game.

A wild symbol can replace all symbols. It significantly increases the probability of a winning combination. In some slots, it is the most precious symbol of the whole game. It is true that the attractiveness of a game highly dependent on the created symbols. They should fit people’s wide interests, and be ingenious by themselves. That’s what developers of the slots are involved in. It’s of their competence to create innovative, excellent slots.

Some of the famous acknowledged developers: NetEnt, IGT. They have earned the trust of millions of people. Also, the industry is virtually based on their elaborations. Their good reputation helped them. Nobody calls into question the fairness of the games.

Final Points

After playing free slots for a long time, many people decide to try playing for real money. So the main question: is it possible to play for real money in free slots without an internet connection? Yes, of course. And most of the casinos have suitable payment methods that make a game even more pleasant.

To add, every casino game has a set amount of money that will be returned to you after a game. It’s named the payout percentage. I recommend you be very careful about choosing offline slots and paying a lot of attention to returning sum.

It isn’t easy to describe how convenient the game process became. You don’t even need an internet connection to enjoy a huge variety of slots, their diverse features. Basically, the bonuses in offline games are equal to the ones on online casinos.

It turned out that, to have fun, it’s not necessary to play for money, risking everything you have. Free offline slots make you relax. All you have to do is download an app on one of your devices and start playing one of your favourite games. With the appearance of free casino slots, people realized that we play games for pleasure.

Where to play?

  • To have a great start in the gambling industry, I’d recommend trying Fastpay CasinoCasino. First of all, you’ll find any game you want there under your tastes. Secondly, it provides suitable payment methods and gives a lot of privileges to its users. Additionally, it has speedy payouts – within approximately 5 minutes. An impressive number, don’t you agree?

Pick your favourite casino game and play for free

Written by Kamen Valev
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