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Biggest Roulette Wins in the Gambling History

Biggest Roulette Wins in the Gambling History
What drives gambling enthusiasts is easy money. Players strive to multiply their funds as quickly as possible, and some do succeed in it. Luck is an unpredictable thing, so others have to try repeatedly to get what they want. Nonetheless, there are many of the biggest casino roulette wins in history, which occurred quite unexpectedly.

Since the emergence of casino games and up to now, there have always been the lucky ones who manage to get the biggest gambling wins. And roulette is not an exception. Some win this game purely out of luck; others succeed thanks to their special strategies based on observations (though such cases are sporadic). Let's consider both cases.

Gamblers Who Got the Biggest Recorded Roulette Wins Ever

Below you will find detailed information about the players who hit the world's biggest roulette wins as well as how they did it.

  • Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger lived from 1830 to 1892, but his incredible achievements are still remembered today. There is speculation that he was an ancestor of the celebrated rock musician Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones band.

Joseph worked in Yorkshire as a simple British engineer in the cotton industry. After some time, he was one of the first to notice that the results shown by mechanical roulette are not entirely random.

To learn more and check his observations, Joseph hired six assistants. The purpose of their common work was to secretly write down the most frequent numbers in different roulettes of the Beaux-Arts gambling club in Monte Carlo.

After a careful analysis of the data, Joseph realized that one of their roulette machines systematically showed deviations. This was expressed by the fact that nine numbers became winning more often than the others.

So, after obtaining theoretical results, Joseph decided it was time to put them into practice. He went to the gambling establishment to take advantage of the flaw in that gaming wheel. The knowledge gained was immensely useful and brought considerable income — during three visits to the casino, Jagger won £60,000.

In 3 days, the club's administration faced heavy financial losses and decided to reorder roulette tables. The next day, inspired by the recent wins, Jagger revisited the casino — and began to lose a lot.

He then realized that he was playing with the wrong wheel, not the flawed one. It didn't take long for Joseph to find that table, and the next two days, he was getting the biggest wins on the roulette wheel again.

The next step on the part of the casino workers was to repair the mechanical parts of the roulettes. As a result, the “right” balance of the most profitable roulette was lost, so Joe, realizing that he could lose all the money, decided to stop playing and left the club.

Such a negative experience of the Beaux-Arts club made both the establishment and other casinos introduce more precise maintenance of roulettes.

Despite stereotypes about the squandering of gamblers, Jagger displayed an amazing ability to increase profits without subsequently wasting them. He invested three million dollars in real estate, bought a huge mansion, left his previous job, and began to enjoy life.

A lot of players tried to repeat the success of Joseph Jagger a great many times. But their efforts have been in vain, resulting in a mere constant struggle with casinos, which today do not tend to make such mistakes — they regularly monitor their equipment condition.

  • Gonzalo García-Pelayo Segovia

Our next player has had a passion for gambling since he was young. Perhaps that's why the young man decided to become a mathematician and calculate the probability of winning in the roulette with maximum accuracy?

Anyway, Gonzalo worked for many years in a completely different field: a sound engineer and producer. But the thirst for getting rich at the expense of gambling institutions took over.

Only in the nineties of the last century, when he was over forty, García-Pelayo made up his mind to use his skills and abilities for gambling. But, like a true mathematician, Gonzalo understood that reckless excitement was far from the best assistant in the upcoming matter. First of all, he had to carefully study the principle of roulette in a casino and find its weaknesses.

It would seem that owing to the presence of 37 holes in roulette, the probability of getting this or that number cannot be analyzed — it is random even if a person who plays roulette has a mathematical education. Yet, Gonzalo figured out that it was simply impossible to construct an absolutely perfect wheel.

Some numbers will inevitably occur more often. It is only necessary to analyze the situation first: not to bet but look at the game from the outside, recording all numbers that lead to wins.

Fortunately, García-Pelayo was not only a talented mathematician but also a father of five adult children. They willingly joined the game, which promised to bring the family a good deal of money. The hunt for millions has begun!

They did not play for money for some time but watched the game, making notes for themselves. All the information went to the father, who made up a winning strategy based on those data. Soon enough, the weaknesses of the Madrid casino were revealed, and Gonzalo set to the real game.

The first results bore fruit — García-Pelayo regularly won. The success of the new player did not please the owners of the gambling club, so he was no longer allowed to play there. But García-Pelayo was not going to stop.

Next in line were the casinos of other European countries, then Las Vegas. It is no wonder that after a while, the mathematician was put on trial: the casino owners filed a lawsuit, accusing the player of fraud.

García-Pelayo argued that he didn't engage in any fraud but only carefully studied the weak points of roulette. He was acquitted after almost ten years of the trial. Furthermore, the judge advised the owners of the clubs to monitor their equipment more carefully.

  • Charles Wells

Charles Wells
One of the biggest roulette winners, Charles Wells, was born in 1841 in England. The boy dreamed of fame and fortune from childhood, but he absolutely did not want to work for this. Therefore, he spent all his conscious life searching for ways to make easy money — and got familiar with roulette.

In his youth, Wells had already begun to raise money for this game and came up with a clever way of frauding rich people. He pretended to be a talented inventor, received money for his development, and then just disappeared. These amounts became his first bankrolls.

At the end of the 19th century, the casino owner François Blanc decided to introduce a rule according to which all the chips involved in the roulette were shared among several of the most successful players. This news astonished the world of gambling and attracted the attention of Charles Wells.

In June 1891, he came to a casino with a few thousand dollars. He was fortunate that day, breaking the bank 12 times in eleven hours: he got the biggest win in a roulette table. As a result, Charles's personal account was replenished with a million francs.

Wells's second successful gamble took place in November 1891. He won a million francs again! The player just bet on the number “5” five times, and all the games proved an incredible success. The casino employees got suspicious but didn't notice any tricks. As Wells himself later said, he was pretty lucky.

Charles spent all his winnings quickly. He was ultimately convicted of fraud and sentenced to three years in prison. As a consequence, he had to immigrate to France. But there, he couldn't stop either and continued his deeds, receiving another 5 years in prison.

Wells died in Paris in 1926. At this time, oddly enough, he was very poor.

  • Ashley Revell

Another gambler to hit one of the biggest casino roulette wins is Ashley Revell. He was born in 1972 in the UK. His biographical data are rather scarce, and until 2004, the player was a most ordinary Englishman.

Still, he was always interested in poker and roulette — as a matter of fact, he liked all gambling games. Numerous home tournaments with friends brought a small profit to the player; moreover, at that time, he was able to gain invaluable experience.

The persistent thirst for risk that has always been inherent in Ashley Revell has led to the emergence of the most unconventional ideas in the player’s mind. Once, in 2004, he made a fateful decision: to sell everything he had, even shoes and some clothes, and put the money on the line at the casino.

Revell's parents and friends supported his courageous act. Many journalists learned about this, and the popular British show “Double or Nothing” invited the gambler. He agreed and soon arrived in Las Vegas.

The game took place in the luxurious hotel “Plaza and Casino.” Ashley Revell's bankroll was 136 thousand dollars. This was the amount for all his property. So, it can be considered one of the biggest bets ever paid out.

At first, Ashley played several games that turned out unsuccessful. A loss of $1,000 somewhat upset the player but overall did not cool him off. Then came the time for the decisive game. Ashley wanted to bet on black, but at the last moment, he changed his mind. His bet was 7 Red, and it gave Revell a prize of $270,600.

Revell spent the money won on the creation of his own online casino, Poker United. It became quite popular among Internet users.

At the moment, Ashley Revell is still one of the most famous roulette players, although he plays only for pleasure.

  • Mike Ashley

Last but not least, Mike Ashley. The multi-billion-dollar Newcastle United holder is quite fond of gambling, so he has long been a frequent visitor to popular casinos. Once in London, Mike went to one of the local gambling clubs to play roulette.

That night he chose an interesting tactic. He made "17," his lucky number and kept betting on it (and on various combinations with this number). As a result, in three hours at the casino, Mike won 1.6 million pounds.

Of course, for the football club owner, it was not a tremendous amount, but still. Besides, Mike is notable for losing big money as well. In 2011, he lost a million pounds — in playing roulette, too. Easy come easy go.


Every player is anxious to become the owner of a big win. Yet, there don't seem to be plenty of people who succeed in that. It takes guts to gamble with real money as there is always a chance to lose it. But isn't it what gambling is all about? You can never know what you will get with another spin of the wheel (unless maybe you are some brilliant mathematician or engineer).

All the lucky players mentioned above were not afraid to take risks and find out what's in store for them at roulette. Now, with the development of online casinos, you can easily take your chances without leaving your home. Prove yourself lucky and get big wins on roulette machines, just like our heroes did at land-based counterparts!

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Written by Kamen Valev
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