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Play free slots from Habanero

Play free slots from HabaneroHabanero company was founded in 2010, but their products weren't successful. Two years after that, a few European investors bought a percentage of the company, and everything changed. Right now, Habanero has offices in four countries and has developed more than 100 casino games, including slots, a few variants of video poker and table games as well. You can be sure that all of the trusted and licensed casinos in Canada have this provider in their virtual lobby. Moreover, Habanero constantly participates in yearly awards in the online gambling industry, and they even received some! In this article, you will be able to read brief information about the company, and you will also be able to select and play free games from Habanero.

Selections of pokies from Habanero

You can select any of the slots presented in the table below by clicking on the name. It will lead you to the page with a demo mode. You can sort the slots by clicking on the blue buttons. Each of the pages will familiarize you with the hidden data, probability of triggering the bonus, description, tester’s opinion, and strategies on how to win. If something doesn’t work with the page, refresh it with CTRL + F5.

(Play in the demo)
12 Zodiacs
12 Zodiacs 98% very high
5 Lucky Lions
5 Lucky Lions 98.09% low
5 Mariachis
5 Mariachis 98.05% average
All For One
All For One 96% high
Arcane Elements
Arcane Elements 98.09% very high
Arctic Wonders
Arctic Wonders 96% very high
Aztlans Gold
Aztlan's Gold 96% very high
Barnstormer Bucks
Barnstormer Bucks 96.03% average
Bikini Island
Bikini Island 96.15% high
Bird of Thunder
Bird of Thunder 98% average
Blackbeards Bounty
Blackbeard's Bounty 96.19% very high
Bombs Away
Bombs Away 97.90% average
Buggy Bonus
Buggy Bonus 96.1% average
Cake Valley
Cake Valley  98.19% average
Carnival Cash
Carnival Cash 95.96% very high
Cash Reef
Cash Reef 96.16% high
Cashosaurus 95.96% high
Colossal Gems
Colossal Gems 97.93% low
Coyote Crash
Coyote Crash 97.83% low
Disco Funk
Disco Funk 96.09% average
Double O Dollars
Double O Dollars 95.98% low
Dr Feelgood
Dr Feelgood 96.02% very high
Dragon Castle
Dragon Castle 96.13% very high
Dragon`s Realm
Dragon`s Realm 96% very high
Dragon's Throne
Dragon's Throne 98.05% average
Egyptian Dreams
Egyptian Dreams 96.08% very high
Egyptian Dreams Deluxe
Egyptian Dreams Deluxe 98.30% very high
Fa Cai Shen
Fa Cai Shen 98% very high
Fa Cai Shen Deluxe
Fa Cai Shen Deluxe 97.94% high
Fenghuang 98.21% average
Fire Rooster
Fire Rooster 98% high
Flying High
Flying High 96% average
Fortune Dogs
Fortune Dogs 97.85% high
Four Divine Beasts
Four Divine Beasts


Frontier Fortunes
Frontier Fortunes 96% average
Galactic Cash
Galactic Cash 95.92% average
Gangsters 98.02% high
Glam Rock
Glam Rock 95.94% very high
Gold Rush
Gold Rush 98.1% high
Golden Unicorn
Golden Unicorn 96.11% high
Grape Escape
Grape Escape 95.15% average
Happiest Christmas Tree
Happiest Christmas Tree 98.08% high
Haughty Santa
Haughty Santa 97.94% very high
Hot Hot Fruit
Hot Hot Fruit 97.94% very high
Hot Hot Halloween
Hot Hot Halloween 98.01% very high
Indian Cash Cather
Indian Cash Cather 97.83% high
Jugglenaut 98.01% low
Jump! 98.15% very high
Jungle Rumble
Jungle Rumble 95.65% very high
Kane`s Inferno
Kane`s Inferno 96.06% high
Knockout Football
Knockout Football 97.89% very high
Knockout Football Rush
Knockout Football Rush 97,97% very high
Koi Gate
Koi Gate 98% high
Little Green Money
Little Green Money 96%  very high
London Hunter
London Hunter 98.09% average
Loony Blox
Loony Blox 98.02% very high
Lucky Fortune Cat
Lucky Fortune Cat 96.72% high
Lucky Lucky
Lucky Lucky 98.01% average
Magic Oak
Magic Oak 98.06% high
Monster Mash Cash
Monster Mash Cash 96% very high
Mount Мazuma
Mount Мazuma 97.93% very high
Mr Bling
Mr Bling 96% high
Mummy Money
Mummy Money 95.97% low
Mystic Fortune
Mystic Fortune 96% average
Nuwa 98.04% very high
Ocean`s Call
Ocean`s Call 98% average
Pamper Me!
Pamper Me! 95.98% low
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 98% average
Poolshark 95.84% average
Presto!  97.99% average
Pucker Up Prince
Pucker Up Prince 96% high
Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch 98.14% average
Queen of Queens
Queen of Queens 96% high
Queen of Queens 2
Queen of Queens 2 96.03% very high
Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive 96.04% high
Rolling Roger
Rolling Roger


Roman Empire
Roman Empire 98.06% high
Ruffled Up
Ruffled Up 98% average
Santa`s Village
Santa`s Village 98.08% average
Scruffy Scallywags!
Scruffy Scallywags! 97.85% average
Shaolin Fortunes
Shaolin Fortunes 96.02% very high
Shaolin Fortunes 100
Shaolin Fortunes 100 96.30% low
Sir Blingalot
Sir Blingalot 96.06% high
S.O.S! 96.18% average
Space Fortune
Space Fortune 95.65% average
Sparta 98.16% very high
Super Strike
Super Strike 96.02% average
Super Twister
Super Twister 98% very high
The Big Deal
The Big Deal 96% average
The Dead Escape
The Dead Escape 98.00% low
Tower of Pizza
Tower of Pizza 96.41% high
Treasure Diver
Treasure Diver 96% average
Treasure Tomb
Treasure Tomb 96% low
Viking`s Plunder
Viking`s Plunder 96.13% average
Ways of Fortune
Ways of Fortune 98.16% low
Weird Science
Weird Science 95.87% high
Wicked Witch
Wicked Witch 97.99% high
Wild Trucks
Wild Trucks 98.00% high
Zeus 96.03% high
Zeus 2
Zeus 2 96.04% average

Distinctive features of the software

  • The design and themes used in the Habanero’s slots are very diverse. The provider tries to satisfy the needs of everyone, so they create slots with topics about Egypt, Asia, pirates, cartoons and others. We can ensure that the design and gameplay will please you.
  • Paylines and reels. Most slots have five reels, but the pay lines differ a lot. You can choose to play on pay lines starting from 5 up to 1024 pay lines. Moreover, there are re slots with fixed pay lines; there are also games where the player can change their activity.
  • Range of stakes. A wide variety of bets can be wagered on slots by Habanero; you can bet up to 1000 coins per spin.
  • Bonus features. The typical special symbols Wild and Scatter, are part of most of the slots as they are responsible for triggering a big part of the bonus features. We need to mention the additional bonus features that are available during the usual spins; such extra features will increase your maximum payout. 
  • The RTP (return to player percentage) is one of the best distinctive features coming from this provider. Many slots have an RTP of 98%, which is very rarely seen in other providers. A very small amount of the pokies will have a small RTP 
  • Volatility. Here, it will be challenging to get a Mega-Big-Win as a big part of the online casino games have a low variance of winnings. Bonus hunters like slots from Habanero.
  • Progressive Jackpots are available for all players who bet with real money.
  • Languages and currency. Slots can be played in more than 20 languages. There are many slots that the player is offered to bet in cryptocurrencies.

Habanero's History

Let's start off by mentioning that this company started growing when a few European investors decided to buy it. A few years after that, the company became one of the top 4 developers of slots in the Asian market. We believe that the company growing and becoming popular was a very important moment for the business. Some of the awards that they received are “The Best Online Provider” and the “Best Mobile Solution” reward at the Asia Gaming Awards.

Nowadays, everybody who is familiar with online gambling thinks of Habanero as a gambling provider with innovative games and a wonderful design that has excellent gameplay. We will not be surprised if, in a few years, the company is compared with some of the biggest providers in the industry, such as NetEnt and Microgaming.

Where should I play?

  • We suggest you play at all of the slots from Habanero in demo mode or for real money at the best Canadian gambling site – Fastpay, a 100% trusted online casino. After you request a withdrawal, they will send your money super-fast (1-5 minutes.)

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