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Gambling in Canada per city/state - Greater Sudbury 2021

Gambling in Canada per city/state - Greater Sudbury 2021
Greater Sudbury is a Northern Ontario city with a population of over 162 000 people. It is known as the City of Lakes, home to 330 lakes (more than any other administrative division in Canada). Other Sudbury facts are that over 16% of the city's total surface area is covered by water, and 38% of the residents are bilingual.

Greater Sudbury is a leading mining center with its ups and downs in history but thriving. The mineral resources of nickel-copper and nickel sulphide ore were found during the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the Sudbury geological Basin. They are the reason for the emerging of local mining and metallurgical industry, which, together with lumber extraction, form the genesis map of this multicultural, labour and business-oriented, bilingual northern lifestyle community.

Today the local mining companies: Inco - Vale, and Falconbridge - Glencore Xstrata, employ around 6000 people - directly and indirectly, another 10000 people in the region (in the support, supply, and service of the mining sector).

Things to do, things to see in Sudbury

Besides ore, there are other gems concealed in the heart of Sudbury:

  • Science North - Northern Ontario’s most popular tourist attraction and an educational resource for children and adults across the globe;
  • Dynamic Earth Science Centre, featuring earth science and mining experiences;
  • Northern Ontario Railroad Museum & Heritage Centre, Sudbury Region Police Museum, Anderson Farm Museum, Copper Cliff Museum, Flour Mill Museum, Rayside-Balfour Museum - for all culture and history enthusiasts.
  • Bell Park and Grotto Lady of Lourdes provide spectacular sights of Lake Ramsey - for all the nature admirers.
  • Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival, Jazz Sudbury Festival, Northern Lights Festival Boréal - for all the art and culture lovers with an amazing artist lineup.

Stay with us to find more about Gambling in Canada per city/state.

Gambling in Sudbury

There were multiple challenges to the entertainment/cultural business community of the city throughout the years.

For over 20 years, provincial Canadian cities, far from the country capital and other influential cultural centers, had to deal independently with evolving any social and public life and local entertainment infrastructure. Sudbury was one of those cities.

After the Federal decision to give the provincial authorities autonomous lawmaking and managing the gambling industry in the Sudbury region, legalized land-based casinos started to emerge. This was after a period of illegal and clandestine operations in underground establishments, serving the gambling demands of miners, manufacturing workers, and lumberjacks willingly choosing to fill their short leisure by attending 'hush-hush' clubs and salons.

So, the legalization has fundamentally transformed the state of the gambling and entertainment market in the provincial city.

It is perfectly legal to visit any land-based casino in Sudbury (Ontario), but you must be 18 years of age or older to enter or play, and you must be 19 years of age or older to be served alcohol. Government-issued photo identification will be required.

Moreover, the healthy competition was an important part while drawing the 'new gambling picture' in Sudbury. Rather than a huge number of shady establishments, a handful of decent gambling clubs and slot machine halls got their licenses and started operating transparently in Sudbury and vicinity. Nowadays, the local gambling community still considers the number of establishments small. There are only 3 operating objects in the city.

New Gambling projects in Sudbury

For over 2 years already (2018-2020), the opening of new casinos was hardly opposed by local business owners who are very concerned about new operators' economic and cultural effects in Sudbury. The group of opposers sent a Legal Appeal to the Superior Court, wherewith their opinions and facts they counter the 'lucrative' city plan to expand gambling to the 'Kingsway Entertainment District.'

They try to show the arguments/promises of some prospective casino owners as empty. Those are (according to the future casino proprietors): 1) new job openings (over 250) and 2) bringing plenty of new tourists to the city (via new casino attractions, events center, and a hotel-convention space), i.e. additional benefits to the local area and economy. The campaign attempts to stop a completely new casino from being built (first one, later perhaps other casino venues) in the Sudbury community by the Ontario Government. The hub of the movement, as we mentioned, is the group of town firm representatives named ‘CasinoFreeSudbury.’ Their issues are still unresolved.

Meanwhile, they are supported by another party of more than 50 faith (church) leaders, complaining to the city council about the proposed gambling plans. This second group of opposers uses studies showing that ‘the social costs of easier access to gambling outweigh the supposed benefits. They refer to the casinos of proximity to low-income housing places, where vulnerable people will be subjected (by the new establishment) to develop an addiction. Later, the religious institutions have to pick up the slack of the 'personal ruin through gambling.'

It is unclear how many (or if any at all) municipal officials support the casino opposition movement.

To be continued.

The rationality of the regularly gambling folks is torn between:

  • the mood to surrender to an inevitable development and expansion of gambling units in the province;
  • the hope that new establishments and forming of entertainment districts will be a plus for the community;
  • the compassion for the campaigners against the building of new land-based casinos in the region.

Ultimately, because of the city plans with several exciting projects bound to offer players a superior gaming experience, one may say that those are interesting times for casino devotees of Sudbury.

Places to gamble in Sudbury

The first 2 establishments popular for leisure time amongst the people of Sudbury are Delta Bingo & Gaming (Sudbury) and Delta Bingo & Gaming (Val Caron). Both places with in-person bingo (paper bingo) hall and bingo at home (digital bingo). Also, both places are fully certified and equipped with ATM service, free parking, and wheelchair accessibility. The clubs also feature TapNPlay/Slot electronic gaming machines provided by IGT, allowing a minimum wager of 10cents per spin and giving a chance of triggering the progressive jackpots.

The 3rd establishment in the city is the traditional casino is the Gateway Casinos Sudbury in Chelmsford, one of the 23 casinos from the Gateway Casinos brand. The Sudbury Casino accepts visitors above 19 years of age, and the dress code is formal. Here you should be expecting a full range of casino entertainment with a Roulette table (the only one in the city); 10+ tables for card games (Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Craps); tables for special games, lotteries, and scratch cards; 400+ Slot machines and video games.

Online gambling in Sudbury

As there are currently not too many options for land-based casino entertainment in the city, and the future casino plans are still rebuffed, Sudbury residents are left with the alternative of online casino sites. One can create an account and play at the provincial online website: PlayOLG, launched in 2012. Naturally, wider choices are provided by the foreign operators.

In Sudbury, as in many other Canadian cities, it is perfectly legal for players to gamble at online sites located offshore.

Those online casino sites are legally registered and managed by some offshore governments. The foreign/offshore companies provide immense opportunities for gambling variants, and also they are in tremendous demand.

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