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RNG and pRNG at online casinos in Canada

RNG and pRNG at online casinoHave you ever asked yourself how it is determined which symbols to come up next on the slot machine after you hit the spin button? Did you ever think about how the device decides to let you win or make you lose? Is the outcome of every spin entirely unpredictable? From where are the combinations coming- out of nowhere?

Well, the reason behind this decision is one sophisticated ruling system, selecting the numbers from a pre-set range called ‘RNG.’
In fact, the random numbers and numerical combinations used in computer programs are not entirely random, i.e., they are pseudo-random, i.e. they are predictable.

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So, what is ‘RNG’?

The emerging of:

  • Particular symbols on the display of a slot machine
  • Specific cards from the deck during card gambling or
  • Precise numbers on the roulette wheel are determined by combinations produced by this Random Number Generator (‘RNG’).

This ‘RNG’ is responsible for the sequence of events happening “behind the scene” at live games and online casinos as well. ‘RNG’ is a mathematical pre-defined, computer-implementable bundle of instructions designed to represent arbitrary outcomes.

Simply said: ‘RNG’ at casinos is one physical mechanism with its own software.
Important for the normal functionality of ‘RNG’ is its shield by a protective anti-hacking algorithm named.

Until the mid of the last century, the widely spread mechanical slot machines haven’t got RNG at all. They had rather a technical part, which spun the mechanical reels with pre-settled rapidity. Slot gamblers were spotting the glitches in the process and others who went even further than observation- trying to calculate the moment of occurrence of certain events. That is how some urban stories about people rigging the system, “slot hackers,” and “casino crushers” were born.

Nowadays, concerning gambling, people recognize two types of RNG: 

  • HRNG – true ‘RNG’ (also known as a hardware random number generator) and
  • PRNG – pseudo ‘RNG.’

What is HRNG?

You can visualize the hardware ‘RNG’ as a part of an appliance (look-alike chip or hard-board) that is truly setting up sequences of arbitrary numbers in the constantly changing environment of:

  • Complex wave function – Quantum Mechanics,
  • Superconductivity on a microscopic level - Quantum Phenomena,
  • Changes and disruptions of irradiated memory characteristics and electronic circuits- Isotopy,
  • The continuous fluctuation of photons - Poisson noise and so on.

All these factors reflect on the chip and result in spatial and temporal randomness.

The significance of the HRNG

The HRNG provides a guaranty of a sheer result and therefore manifests the game honesty. However, technology is in a constant developing mode.  The generators manufactured years ago linger behind the progress of the modern models, which have multilevel protection with complex algorithms and operating systems fending off hackers.

How the PRGN works at the casino?

How the PRGN works at the casino?
From a precise basic number launch point, the generator calculates every next value based on the already activated sequence. The outcome number becomes the next launch point to be used by the algorithm in the next sequence.  This is one never-ending process, done smoothly over and over again. By pushing the Start button on the gaming machine, the player naturally expects to win, but the combination of appearing symbols is preplanned even before the reels were launched. The developer assigns this plan during machine manufacturing.

‘RNG’ certified casinos

To regulate the casino’s operations, there are special outsourcing companies. They test and verify the casino’s equipment, including their ‘RNG..’ These outside audit firms can issue a certificate of compliance, which indicates the gambling house's transparency. So there is nothing left for the players but to trust these control establishments. They are players’ last resort to getting a real chance of winning.

Cause no matter all casino’s claims:

  • that they want to keep their reputation impeccable,
  • that the players’ loyalty is extremely important, 
  • that their operations are not deceitful, players still don’t believe that for the casino is impossible to anticipate the ‘RNG’ outcome and manipulate the system to their advantage (i.e. to tune it).


  • Some credible advisors on that audit list are Technical Systems Testing (TST), eCOGRA, and Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC). 
  • Gamblers should be conscious that the certifying document is not an assurance for fair operation – it is proof for the moment of obtaining, but not a forever warranty. 
  • The way RNG is being verified is far from ideal.
  • Often you can find the certificates for the confirmed ‘RNG’ operation of each game – BlackJack, Roulette, etc., mentioned in the RTP values of all games (cards games, table games, slots, etc.)

Can we foresee the winning combinations?

  • Theoretically, yes, to find out the upcoming number is possible. Occasionally, by using special equipment, hackers manage to hack older slot models with success. Be aware: Any such attempts are illegal!
  • Realistically, forecasting succession and anticipate the outcome are immensely hard operations. Because of this, “result falsification” and “jackpot prediction” are just rumours floating around people who don’t know much about RNG.

So, to gambler's regret, there is practically no way to recognize what the next combo will be and at which point will appear the one you are waiting for.


To all the ordinary players: Where possible, request and review the certificates of the casino you are attempting to gamble at. For the rest - please, don’t dig in details about RNG’s, PRNG’s; just rejoice in your gamble!

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Written by Kamen Valev
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