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Why do Canadian online casinos always win?

Why do Canadian online casinos always win?Every single person that gets involved in gambling somehow and doesn’t know the phrases “Casinos always win.” You need to understand that the secret is hidden behind the rules of the games you choose. Depending on the selected game, the advantage of the casino may be between 0 and 9% per spin (hand). In this article, we will talk about different games and how much the casino wins. We will take the following games into consideration: roulette, poker and slots. Read further in the article and you will know why Canadian online casinos always win.

The advantage that the casino has over players

Yes, the casino will always have a mathematical advantage over the player, but there is one legal way to get an advantage over the casino. This trick uses the help of bonuses given by the gambling site. Learn more in the following link:

  • How to get a positive expectation of winning

Next, we will consider three different types of games in casinos and we will find out which one has a better percentage of winning.

Playing Roulette

RouletteThere are three very popular types of roulette – The European one is the most famous one (with one zero), the American one(two zeros) and the French one (with one zero). You need to know that if the roulette doesn’t have a zero, then there will not be an advantage, the chances will be equal for the player and the casino. So, there will not be a point of this game in the long term; there won't be a winner at the end.

  • The advantage of the European roulette that has one zero will take 1/37 of each bet made, this is a 2.7% advantage for the casino on your average bet. 
  • The American roulette is the most unprofitable Roulette for players because of the two zeros on the wheel, the percentage is 5.3% advantage over players.
  • The French roulette also has one zero and is similar to the European one. The only difference here is when the player makes big bets on Red or Black and the ball drops to zero, then half of the lost bet is taken by the casino and the rest gets left for the next spin. In this case, the advantage of the Candian online casino over the player is 1.3%.
  • You may see a roulette game without a zero, but this will mean that the roulette will scam you and the casino sets the RTP numbers up.
  • You can play roulette from NetEnt with an RTP of 97.3%, but you need to know that this percentage will be fulfilled in a long game. In a short period, anything can happen.

Playing poker

PokerThe card games are the most unprofitable games for players (except Blackjack and partly Baccarat). There is a hidden secret behind shuffling the cards after each hand, the player thinks that he is loosing slower, this is kind of true, but he is losing more and for sure. There are a few variants of pokers that are the most popular at Canadian online casinos: Oasis, Six card poker, Russian, Red Dog and others.

  • Oasis poker has an advantage of 5% over the player depending on the rules implemented by the casino.
  • Six card poker has a 7% advantage.
  • At Russian poker, you can change the cards without paying additional money, but the advantage of the casino is 9%, which is a huge percentage in my eyes.
  • So, following the statistic, we can conclude that the advantage of the casino when you choose to play poker would be between 5% and 9%, that’s why poker games are very unprofitable for players.
  • You can play online poker from NetEnt, where you will enjoy an RTP of 98.75%.

Playing slots at online and land-based casinos

There are 2 types of slots: land-based slots and online slots. In the first variant, the percentage of return (RTP) is usually between 80% and 90%. This means that a few players have a real chance to hit a huge winning.

Online slots have become more and more popular for the past few years, not only because it's a convenient way of use, the RTP is high as well. Right now, the most popular slots come from NetEnt and Microgaming, but there are many other providers that offer a higher RTP. If you are playing at an honest and reliable Canadian online casino (like Fastpay), you will enjoy an average RTP of 96%, while the blacklisted casinos offer an RTP 90% - 95%. Play all of your favourite slots for free right here, get familiar with the return of percentages.

If you choose to play slots, then you need to get familiar with other important factors:

  • The prize pool in Canadian online casinos.
  • The variance and volatility of slots.
  • Bugs and holes.
  • How the provider classifies the players

The best games

How not to loose money?Blackjack and slots can be extremely profitable for a player. Even if you are not following a specific strategy (that can be learned on our site for free), you can get a positive expectation of winning.

  • Learn more about the basic strategy of Blackjack
  • How to count cards at Blackjack

Slots with high volatility have a higher chance of hitting a big win but they also a higher chance of losing the entire balance of the money.

  • Learn more about slots by playing them in demo mode


In the end, we have concluded that the most unprofitable game is poker, while the top 2 most profitable games are Blackjack and slots. Try to use strategies when playing at Canadian online casinos; this will increase your chance of winning. Make sure you choose trusted casinos as the blacklisted ones may lower the RTP of the games. Do not forget that one of the essential things when gambling is to stop on time. If you are lucky enough to hit a Huge Win, then we recommend you stop playing immediately, then request cashout and forget about gambling for a while.

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