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Augustus slot from Microgaming

Augustus slot from MicrogamingIn 2020 - more than 2000 years after the death of Augustus (AD-14), Microgaming Company allied forces with Neon Valley Studio to tribute the legendary Roman Emperor. They released Augustus slot machine. Dedicated to one of the wealthiest and most successful roman figures - Octavian Augustus Caesar, a nephew and heir of the murdered Julius Caesar, the slot is a glamorous recognition to the great Roman transformer. 

Augustus was once young and inexperienced, making his entry to the high Roman society. But later deserved the nickname ‘generalissimo’ and was even declared a God. Certainly, you can read mixed reports about him: on one side being cruel and merciless (getting his way to the imperial throne in the naval carnage - Battle of Actium) as a politician, ambitious warrior, legendary army leader; on the other, herald of progress for building great roads, bridges, and government premises. He earned appreciation for many financial, tax, monetary, trade standardizations and introduced advanced public administration, courier service, police, and fire-fighting urban cohorts.

Moreover, Augustus is respected for helping poor roman nationals as well: establishing agreeable and happy life (the early years of Pax Romana). The end of the civil war with peace and opulence was emblematic for the last decades of his ruling. Under the influence of his great-uncle, Augustus also became an eager sculpture and monuments patron, theatre, and other arts supporter, and also named a month in the Roman Calendar after himself, fastening himself forever in people’s life and conscience.

The Augustus slots machine carrying the Emperor’s name was built not with abnormal but with Medium Volatility. Other technical aspects of the game are the 20 pay lines across the 5x3 playing field, an RTP of 96.14% (by default), and a maximum win of 100 000 coins.

You can practice in a free session via the DEMO link on our page. No registration is required.

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Personal testers’ opinion about Augustus slot

Microgaming did it again.

  • Here is yet another game reskin, a slot Augustus that is an absolute derivative of the Age of Conquest slot (also Microgaming/Neon Valley Studio, also inside the 2020 release year). Because the difference in publishing is only 4 months, we can simply assume that that’s how long it takes for an art department to come up with a full slot exterior (as the math model is already available). It is something like: you working only 4 months of the year, but planning and pushing toward getting your full-year salary. That is how in general, the skimping (cost-saving) practices of the slot providers look like.
  • And let’s not forget that the Age of Conquest slot is already a remodel of the Forbidden Throne slot (Microgaming/ MahiGaming - 2017), where the 40 pay lines and the overall game potential of 2500x total bet place the medium variance throne game higher qua bankable scope, but the game self has lost some of its popularity the last couple of years.
  • You can call us painstaking and echoing the same disapproval continuously, but we are committed to detect and expose valid data to the players, so in this article afresh, we will state our bitterness for the growing examples of such work approach. One thing is sure: the developers choose this imitation way instead of the creative way, after good planning. They never do this without a special execution program. They never release a game without measuring the revenues and infliction on the market. And that means they know in advance - we will write this hard and sullen article, and you will find out (via our details) about the shortcuts they took. But even this is in their calculations: under the column: affiliates and players opinion - not important.
  • Read our opinion of such not commendable work methods and some copied products flooding the slot market via these links: Gung POW slot or Life of Riches slot.

Back to the current slot: Augustus casino game.

  • Regarding the theme: Not entirely original, as there are myriad games on Ancient civilizations but the Roman Empire, in particular, is the least crowded branch of this largely used theme.
  • Regarding the design of slot Augustus: The Augustus online slot combines wonderful artwork: sharp graphics with reels in front of the majestic roman temple (preserved till today) - La Maison Carrée, a display of the ancient roman grandeur, plus harmoniously attuned symphonic arrangement.
  • Regarding the paytableWild (top symbol) can come as a whole reel (after you collect 2 coins in the appropriate place), but they don’t double the wins where they participate, and for 5OAK of them, you will receive only 50x the total bet. Let’s not overlook the Scatter price - it is the meagre 2x the total bet for 3OAK (you can only get them on reels 1-3-5). Next: the Emperor brings 15x, the female warrior - 10x, and the remaining symbols carry value between 5x and 1.5x the total bet - all for 5OAK. Weak and insufficient price tags.

Regarding the gameplay:

  • In the base game - put your fingers crossed for golden coins - often and in many places. That will secure multiple Wild reels spins, i.e. greater payout possibilities. However, good combinations with a Wild reel in the right position are rare. Our max win in the main game was 33x the total bet (with 3 Wild reels simultaneously) during tests. You will often get decent wins of 10x and 15x the total bet (which the slot names as BIG WIN), and once in 60-80 spins, you can get wins of 30x the total bet (which the slot names as SUPER WIN).
    But frequently, you will get empty spins and such with a win under your bet, i.e. loser spins. Large images (triple symbols) of the main characters are often dropped, but very few times will construct a lofty win. Adding this to the poor paytable and low hit frequency of around 27%, the game doesn’t preserve the balance well. Based on the main spins alone - no chance for a significant balance increase. Without the bonus Free Spins, the gameplay slowly but surely leads you to loss.
  • In the bonus game - the Augustus casino slot labels the wins around 30x the total bet as TRIUMPH. Well, not in our book. Waiting for the Free Spins is lengthy in general. They come once in 148 spins (statistically). Plus, in most cases, the rewards from them are mediocre. Being frightened to pick the "only 2 FS" option, in most cases, we chose the 25 FS (least risk) alternative. There we booked an absolute maximum of 84x the total bet (with re-trigger - 50 Free Spins in total), but the average payout, regardless of which option was chosen, was 36x the total bet. So, nowhere near the 1000x promised by the developer. All in all, Augustus flops in the bonus game as well.
  • Admittedly, the game is very popular, so most of the time will be in a hot mood (an extremely positive feature). However, the very fact that the casinos can adjust this slot's RTP (exceptional feature: freedom given by the provider) is discouraging and somewhat doubtful of the game's fairness.

To summarize our appraisal of the entire game: beautiful, but not the most exceptional qua audio and video; good, but not the most thrilling gameplay; and lastly, not the most generous slot out there. Neutral recommendations for games with real credits as well as for players with bonus wagering intentions.


Coin Collect Feature - Right above each reel are situated 2 indicators for golden coins collection. Each time a coin drops on 1 of the reels, it slides up into one of the corresponding notches. 2 full notches launch the Wild reel feature at that specific location. The Wild reel will remain for 2 spins in a row.

Free Spins
Landing only 3 Imperial Eagle Shields (Scatters) will initiate the bonus round. You will be presented with 3 kinds of Free Spins (all of which re-trigger-able):

  • 3 reels full with Wilds in 2 Free Spins
  • 2 reels full with Wilds in 8 Free Spins
  • 1 reel full with Wilds in 25 Free Spins.


  • Provider– Neon Valley Studios (Microgaming).
  • Payment lines – 20 (always active).
  • Volatility – average.
  • Range of bets – 0.2-100 coins.
  • Playing field – 5х3.
  • RTP of Augustus casino slot is variable (between 92.11% and 96.14%)

Where to play?

  • The best place in Canada to launch the Augustus casino game for free or real money is Fastpay Casino. They offer over 5300 casino slot games as well as super-fast and no-hassle withdrawals. You will be pleased with their bonus program and a VIP bonus program for all loyal players.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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