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Better to choose one of the NetEnt casinos than Microgaming or Playtech

You would do better if you choose one of the NetEnt casinos than Microgaming or Playtech
In this feature, we will share our opinion about the 3 most famous game developers - Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt and the significant difference of being a partner/player of any of these elite companies. We will try to explain our vision about the casino software giants and will help the players with advice and historical factual perceptions to make their choice where to play. What is distinguishing the trustworthy Canadian online casinos partnered with NetEnt network and how to detect the scammers, please read below.

NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming unique details

It is widely presumed amongst casino players, laymen, and those who only skim through internet gambling sites that any of the casino sites can purchase software of whichever manufacturer and can combine them into one platform. Nothing is further than the truth. What justifies the statement that the players have a better chance of winning (big or small) at operators utilizing NetEnt software?

Where is actually the most gainful place to gamble: at Netent, Microgaming or Playtech casino?

This is our representation for each network individually:


  • While searching where to play if you notice Canadian online casino fully driven by Playtech software but not offering Poker- be advised- CLICK AWAY! (Business/Playtech-affiliate-program-euro-partners) 
  • The real name behind the scam is a company named "Euro Partners", which deals with affiliate programs of Titan casino and Europa casino. The "Euro Partners" firm is a true Playtech subsidiary.
  • A couple of years ago players have been warned to close their accounts before a certain time, or else their accounts “will be frozen”.
  • These operators have been pulled out of many online markets (incl. Canada) for the “foreseeable future” due to “regulatory reasons”.
  • Moreover, business specialists identified a close tie between Euro Partners’ exit from some North American countries and the “Panama Papers” affair- famous data breach and document exposure, which involved Playtech founder and largest shareholder Teddy Sagi in at least 16 offshore companies. (Teddy Sagi was the owner of Playtech Turnkey Services, the operating company behind Euro Partners before Playtech bought it in March 2011.)
  • There is a Casino’s blacklist - a factual tool of early fraudulent identification, dedicated to alert all the players to be cautious and handle their online activities with great awareness. 
  • Some narrations are circulating about the “unspoken Playtech bylaw” prohibiting software junction or work integration of Playtech unit casino with any other manufacturers. That will say the casino may be either packed with only Playtech slots or any others but no Playtech’s.

Playtech B2C

Playtech responds to Gamnling Comission


Ever since the development and publishing of their crowned Viper software in 2002, Microgaming has experience exponential explosion as a gambling network power company offering its partners and players a few new slots every month. That is why players can recognize the discarded Canadian online casinos operating on the platform of Microgaming. These operators do not receive upgrades or new games, and mostly extend their protracting in lethargy immobile life. When searching where to play if you notice one online casino fully driven by Microgaming software but only providing old-timers and ageing games (like “Thunderstruck” and “Agent Jane Blonde” be advised- CLICK AWAY! 

Considering these games cannot compete with NetEnt top-notch slots, nor do the casino itself.

Relying on relics cannot be the only promise for honesty or fairness.

  • In the former times, Microgaming slots were handed out almost for nothing, which at that point diminished the developers’ evident achievements and the manufacturer’s reputation. In this sense, having games priced so down, for many shady just launched casinos was an easy way to close the entire establishment rather than to pay some large win.
  • Terrific Bonuses looking as bankable as "1000 CAD per hour of play", "200% up to 600 CAD ", paired with the lack of abundance of new games like Thunderstruck 2 and Avalon 2, it should raise a red flag for the gambler seeking trustworthy Canadian online casino to play.
  • The reputation of the Microgaming casinos is swinging from one extreme to the next. On the bright side Mega Moolah- has taken the reigns within the past few years awarding record payouts of $ 20 million in 2019, and $ 21 million in 2018 (Guinness World Record). On the flip side after some long and difficult lost battles, Microgaming completely vacated the US slot segment in 2010- losing one of the most lucrative market positions in the gambling branch.
  • Now in 2021, after avoiding legal clashes with some US states Microgaming could potentially look (in the future) for some partial state coverage when some provinces successfully legalize online gaming and obtain licenses.
  • Moreover, Microgaming succeeded to ignite some extra gambling sparks when they began repeatedly to block some high-roller accounts and frequently unreasonably confiscated their money. Combining with the individual gambler’s account verification issues like this only tarnished further the network’s name.
  • Almost all casinos have every Microgaming game in their treasury. Respectively the affiliates receive payments that are carried out by the operators and not by the network. The general opinion is that the cost of Microgaming software integration is much lower, the slots are plenty generous and almost all the betting partners/casinos are reliable.
  • In our opinion Microgaming software - is the golden middle between Playtech and Netent.

Net Entertainment (NetEnt)

  • Enabling an exceptionally high level of game Dispersion and untampered RNG. (Read more about RNG) Furthermore, each slot is configured differently. Some slots accumulate huge banks, while others dump banks with small wins all the time. The player can win a few thousand of his bets per one spin, and he can do it without losing thousands at this point.
  • Enabling the continuous smooth function of the software elements in the course of the game is the principal characteristic for NetEnt. The network’s major concern is about the honest, incorruptible, and equal game for all the players. In this respect, the company introduced a balanced reliable system environment. If the network connection gets broken in the midst of a game round, the bet is refunded back to the player’s account, and the algorithmically predestined sequence of characters is brought to its primary position from before the round. If the network connection gets broken in the midst of a bonus round, or while free spins mode is running, then the system will be reinstated after the link recovery, precisely at the breaking point. So, the player does not lose his chance to play the bonus round and does not waste money due to technical problems with his device or connection.
  • The opportunity of risk-free testing the slots at demo mode. There are real game examples and professional observations (from inside sources) regarding the operations of other manufacturers, stating that the player wins much often in the demo mode, regardless of the actual status of the machine. Once the gambler begins playing with real money - the device comes out of demo MO modus operandi) and skips to its working settings, which are not the same as the test ones and in fact are deceiving the player’s expectation. At NetEnt, because of the similarity of both algorithms of issuance (demo and working), plus the locating of the controlling software directly on the company`s servers, the slot players can receive an honest impression of tests in free mode before playing for real money. This way the player will be able to discover how "hot" is the slot machine before starting to place real money bets, which solidifies his advantageous position compared to that of the operator. 
  • You can run any of Netent casino games for free without registration directly on our website.
  • Bonus Policy of individual NetEnt casino is so generous that allows dragging expectation of winning from the institution on your side. Check out our recommendations about how to get a positive mathematical expectation at Canadian online casinos.

Honest network, Reliable casinos, Satisfied Players

  • Compared with the other two developers the gambling software for online operators by NetEnt is substantially younger. The franchise distribution and software procurement by individual gambling operators started practically not long ago. It is worth mentioning that the prospective partners are always meticulously picked out, therefore, obliging to the rigorous NetEnt stipulations and receiving license approval is recognized as the highest honour amongst the elite casinos reached this level. Insurance payment fund, quality of the services delivered to the players as well as absolute transparent account verification process are just a few of the mandatory requirements, which have to be accomplished before being accepted at the NetEnt family.
  • There is a tangible liability to expect a responsible business burden or even to be prosecuted if some service is not rightfully executed, if winning is not paid, or some player is wrongfully offended. All these infringements can push the casino to forfeit the NetEnt license. This in its turn is the reason for the operators to conduct more loyal and fair service-oriented businesses.
  • License holding operators are indemnified from paying super large winnings for the progressive jackpot because the network covers 90% of the equity, while the casino operator is left over to pay 10%. All the NetEnt operators are wishing that the jackpot falls on one of their players. There are myriad announcements for big wins at NetEnt casinos and many of them with the jackpot win. Such attestation of trustworthiness is an ostensive advertisement for the casino name as well. All this substantially raises the overall NetEnt brand awareness on the Internet.

The assertion, which no one contests are that NetEnt provides not only a sublime portfolio of masterpiece-games, but they also guarantee the whole slew of winning opportunities, regardless of the casino game you decide to play.


Where to play?

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Written by Kamen Valev
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