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Settings of slot machines

Settings of slot machinesAll the casino visitors should be informed that performing on a central server, NetEnt slots are providing fair for the players winning position. It is of significant importance to play in demo mode first before you identify the slot cyclicality. This way you can examine the slot mood risk-free - at certain bets, taking into consideration the value and size of the stakes. With more time spent testing the slot, you will start understanding the game better and will begin to identify the start/end moments of the cycle. This will enable your maximum winning awareness. Besides, the risk-free demo playing around will give you the opportunity to find out all the slot option settings and to discover the functions that you like to have/or not activated while playing.

  • Check here the standard interface of the slots by NetEnt.
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Slots functions

Our table displays the possible Slot functions:

Button Action

Start button

Starts the spin at a specified rate and at the same coins value (you can still use SPACEBAR).

Setings button

Opens the settings and options menu of the game (see the slot machines Settings below).

Mute button

Disables sounds: Use the slider to adjust the sound level.


It opens the rules of a slot machine.

Auto game

Opens the auto-play settings menu: Select the number of spins in the automatic mode. There are also advanced settings, where the rules of auto-play stop apply.

Back Forvard and exit buttons

Turns over the pages of the payments table: Press Centre button to return to the main game.

Advanced Options of autoplay mode

Slots functions

NetEnt always delivers the very best of players’experience. With their expert tenacity, NetEnt developers constantly offer to the gambling world fully configurable slot games designed to give comfort and ease elements. Surely each player can customize every option to his game taste- sound, picture, quality, and speed, but if for any reason he wishes to be free even from clicking on the start/launch button at any moments of the game he can use the auto-play function and adjust the auto settings according to his choice.

Auto-spin settings

Once you access the auto-play advanced settings, you will have the following conditions to manage the auto-spin control:

  • If any Winning → Stop auto-play.
  • If Free spin is won → Stop auto-play.
  • If one Single win exceeds value “X” → Stop auto-play. (Auto-play will self-terminate if the winning amount is greater than/or equal to some specified amount.)
  • If the player Balance is increased by value “X” → Stop auto-play. Auto-play will self-terminate if the balance amount is grown to some specified level.)
  • If the player Balance is decreased by value “X”→ Stop auto-play. (Auto-play will self-terminate if the balance amount is dropped to some specified level.)

 If you change the settings of the auto-play in the course of one round, the new chosen settings will become active only after the running spin completion or the finish of the already activated function. Also, if you lose your connection while playing or your device has a technical halt, all the auto-play settings will be annulled - automatically set back to their default values.

Additional Information

The following features and options of NetEnt slot machines are applied across all operators that use the company software:

  • Actions to take if a game round is unfinished. The timeout after which the inactive sessions automatically end.
  • In the case of software malfunction, all bets and payments are cancelled, and the total bet amount is refunded to the player.

Feel free to examine the below 3 technical parameters of the slots using the links:

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