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Why should you choose a NetEnt casino?

Why should you choose a NetEnt casino?
What makes NetEnt so well-liked by the casino operators and how is the company software different? Why are NetEnt pokies are favourable for the players? Are the slots of this manufacturer so exceptional? With this column, we will try to answer all these questions and will talk about the bonus policy of different Canadian online casinos: welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and free spins as well. By the end of the article, you will know why NetEnt is the best and you should choose it.

NetEnt company

Approaching its 25th anniversary (next year- 2021) as a leading software developer of online casino games Net Entertainment company can be proud of its successful collection of over 200 NetEnt games and dozens of successful NetEnt casinos operators.

With their board games: Roulette, Texas Hold'em Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat, and of course, with the markets' strongest and finest - NetEnt slots - the Swedish company solidified its prestigious place at the top of the online gambling industry for years. Slot titles such as Starburst and Gonzo's Quest are among the mightiest products on the current slot branch.

With their award-winning live casino games, NetEnt is providing supreme video quality and picture angles, faster bonus rounds, higher limits, and additional in-game chat features. Standardly NetEnt is not selling licenses for the individual games but is providing an entire packet of games to online casinos under certain conditions.

Upholding those conditions, the online casino renders the developers a portion of the gambling profits (mostly in the ratio of 80- for the casino/20 for the network). When one player wins big, and the casino operator has a shortfall on the payment, the network contributes by adding the deficit. 

When one gambler wins the jackpot, the operator pays only 10% of the amount, and network NetEnt pays 90%. This is what makes Canadian online casinos genuinely happy when a player hits the jackpot.

NetEnt requirements to casino-partners

Creature from the Black LagoonAll operators presented on this site are members of the Net Entertainment network. They have testimonial qualifications of principles, integrity, and loyalty. Currently, players' trust that is included in the NetEnt family is the highest guarantee of casino honesty. In order to obtain slots listed by NetEnt one potential casino-partner must meet the following requirements:

  • Insurance contribution deposit for White label Canadian online casinos in the event of a big win. This is to attest that in a state of insolvency of the casino, the gambler will receive his money directly from the network. The insurance deposit will be used for the payment of 10% of the jackpot as well.
  • Must reassure full cooperation and compliance with the laws of Malta. Because the head company Net Entertainment (NetEnt) holds a Maltese general license, as a subsidiary All Net Entertainment operators will have their license cards issued in the EU by Malta as well. The “T&C’s” of these potential casino-partners respectively are created to abide by the Gaming Authority of the Republic of Malta.
  • Operator’s ambition, readiness, and competency to perform according to the company rules: 
  • 1) paying the players’ withdrawal winnings within the established deadlines,
  • 2) managing proficient and friendly Customer Support department, and
  • 3) hosting bonus offers following the parent company regulations.

NetEnt slot machines performance aspects

Gonzos QuestThe return to player percentage - RTP stipulates/predicts how much of his betting rate the player will receive at a long distance.

At the land-based gambling houses, the RTP of the slots is frequently around 70% - 90%. But since organizing and maintaining an online site is much cheaper than supporting a physical casino, the managers can afford to pay less for costs and give a greater return to players. That will say that Canadian online casinos are much advantageous for the players with an RTP of 95% or higher (at some casinos- NetEnt casinos included- the slots RTP is even 97-98% of the bets).


Please, be prepared to realize the following reference between RTP and VolatilitySlots with high Dispersion usually have a lower RTP.

Term related to the size of the payout and what/when to expect in regard to the payout.

There are two ways for the players to estimate the range of variance of one slot:

  • 1) To calculate the difference between payout with 4 and payout with 5 symbols (both in one payout line) by that specific slot. Usually, dispersion - low is shown by 3 to 5 times payout difference; medium is shown by 5 to 10 times payout difference and high is shown by a 10 to 15 times payout difference.
  • 2) To read reviews about that specific slot and to play as much as possible (preferably in DEMO mode). Licensed slots are supposed to work equally in DEMO and paid mode. After becoming accustomed to the game, understanding, and analyzing the changes and payouts the player can see that the slot often gives out winnings, but on the “peanuts” side, so this slot has low volatility. If the winnings are rare and large - this slot has high variance.

Most of the slots of the Swedish company NetEnt are characterized by average and high dispersion, i.e. you can theoretically get an amount, that is thousands of times greater than the initial bet.

True stories:

  • During the testing period of Jack and the Beanstalk, our tester won 110 000 CAD at the stake of 40 CAD.
  • The second tester, playing at Creature from the black lagoon slot machine, won more than 120 000 CAD at the stake of 225 CAD.

This proves the possibility to get a huge win at a small bet, which is one of the most distinguished characteristics of NetEnt games compare with those of other manufacturers and solidifies the favourable position of the player, who chooses NetEnt casinos.


Aspects as RTP and volatility are helping the player to decide his individual game strategy. The perception of these parameters is also an essential advisor in the beginning process of choosing the slot to play. Having picked the right slot and the optimal strategy at one trustworthy Canadian online casino the player should know that he/she did his best with the available bankroll and the amount of time spent gambling. The rest is game enjoyment, bliss, and luck!

NetEnt casino first deposit bonus and free spins

Each NetEnt casino partner (we suggest you Fastpay casino) offers welcome bonuses as a standard practice to encourage their new players. The most usual wagering is from 35x to 40х on bonus money. The bonuses are typically in the range from 100 to 500 CAD, and the first deposit percentage ratio is in the scope of 50% to 200%.

Another cheerful deal often offered by operators is the rendering of free spins on the release date of a new slot machine. Frequently they celebrate this date with the granting of 10 to 50 free spins. The money won on the free spins must be played as well, because they too are considered to be a bonus. The wagering on this money is again in the range from 35x to 40x. Check out the no deposit bonuses list.

NetEnt casino account verification

Account verificationThe official standard adopted by the Licensing institution, which issues the legal certificates for online gambling activities is to set a border below or above some amount for account verification. Because the head company Net Entertainment holds a Maltese general license, as a subsidiary All Net Entertainment operators have their license cards issued in the EU by Malta as well.

For transactions above the equivalent of 2500 CAD, according to Gaming Authority in Malta, it is needed player’s payment account verification.

So, for a withdrawal amount over 2500 CAD, as a player, you can expect to have your account verified, regardless of the sum is to be withdrawn fully or in several pay-outs.

NetEnt casino retains its right to verify the player's account in the following cases:

  • The player received winning via no deposit bonus.
  • The player received winning via free spins.
  • The casino team is suspecting the player of cloning his accounts to obtain repeated bonuses.
  • The casino team is mistrusting the player and suspecting him of cheating.
  • The casino team detects already an existing player with the same IP address.
  • The casino team has reason to believe that the player will lose money when hesitating to withdraw.

Where to play?

  • We highly recommend you choose Fastpay Casino as your favourite NetEnt operator in Canada. You will be pleased with the excellent customer care, as well as instant withdrawals (1-5 minutes.)

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Written by Kamen Valev
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