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Archangels: Salvation slot from NetEnt

Archangels: Salvation slot from NetEnt
Archangels: Salvation is one unique game from NetEnt’s portfolio, released in 2018, that is memorable not only because of the smashing 3D graphics and an exalted, powerful soundtrack but also because this is the first slot with 100 pay lines - uncommon for this developer. The game will lead you to "Heaven" and "Hell" experience with their dominant colours: serene beauty and blue versus the abysmal and flammable red.

With the playing field of 6x12, you will come to rounds full of turmoil, sparks, and excitement, where both - Devil and Angel will reward you plenty, regardless of the winner of the clash. The RTP (return to player percentage) of the Archangels: Salvation slot can reach 96.08%, with Medium Volatility and average cycle length.

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Personal testers’ opinion for Archangels: Salvation slot

Sure some players might think that the play symbols appear too small on the lengthy grid, but it couldn’t be any other way, as there are 12 symbols per reel. So, you should expect a “portrait” version of the playing field rather than a “landscape” one. 

Statistically reported, the Free Spins feature will only be triggered every 300th spin. From all the bets you place in the prize pool, only 27% are responsible for the free spins triggering. The other part is likely to be returned during the usual spins, where the probability of dropping any winning is 17.53%.

Example: 10000 spins with 1 CAD per spin. 17.53% means - 1753 spins out of the 10000 will give any winnings. The collective amount of these 1753 spins should be 9680 CAD in the long run (RTP 96.8%)

  • In the base game, the slot eats your money by triggering combinations with small winnings.
  • Now and then, the slot will trigger combinations with payouts of 20x - 30x the bet.
  • But a sizeable win of 150x the bet is unlikely to drop here.
  • The paying potential of the Free Spins is pretty low, despite the majestic spectacle, including additional features with the wild symbol (thunderbolts and musical effects). We could’ve been more satisfied with less theatrics here and more payouts.
  • The winning combinations with wilds during the bonus round are either non-existent or giving a small win.
  • The average win on a bonus game is 40x - 60x the bet and only sometimes reaches 100x.
  • Getting a bigger win on this slot is almost impossible.

Hidden parameters and settings of Archangels Salvation slot

  • The frequency of triggering the bonus free spins feature is statistically every 300th spin (0.33%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 17.53%.
  • The distribution of the winning is 73% during usual spins and 27% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum winning during the tests was 255x.
  • The average winning from the bonus free spins feature was 66x.
  • Volatility is 6,17 out of 20 (average).
  • Cycle length is average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 4,83 out of 10.
  • RTP of 96,08% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at a Canadian online casino.

Slot’s symbols and features

  • Pay symbols are stacked, siding with one of the two - evil or good, but don’t be misled. All the pay lines are only horizontal (not vertical) and count from left to right.
  • You will need 3 or more symbols to make any winning combination, and only the highest win per bet line is paid.
  • Just like with many other slots, card symbols are the least valuable, medium win symbols are the blue and red mask/skull/gargoyle, and the top win symbols are the Devil and the Angel.
  • Wild symbols are artsy, beautifully detailed, and complex lion’s head stamped with “W,” which can be singular or in a 2x2 block. As usual, wilds replace all symbols except scatters.
  • 3 “S” characters - scatters are triggering the Free Spins. The game can grant you 10, 15, 20, and 25 free spins for 3, 4, 5, and 6 scatter symbols.
  • Two areas, each one consisting of two rows at the top and bottom of the playing field, are labelled “hot spot” zones: Heaven up high and Hell below.
  • During free spins, the hot spot zones are expanding from 2 to 3 rows, boosting the opportunities to set in motion one of the Wild features.
  • If a wild block (2×2) lands entirely or partially in any of the two zones, it will trigger the Hell Wild or the Heaven Wild Feature: Heavenly Wild Feature: Falls randomly and if it lands partly, the player receives 2 stacks of wilds, and if it lands fully, the player receives 4 stacks of wilds - all of the piles of wilds consist of 3 to 5 symbols. Hell Wild Feature: Falls randomly, and if it lands partly, the player receives 8 stacks of wilds, and if it lands fully, the player receives 16 stacks of wilds - all of the piles of wilds consist of 3 to 5 symbols.
  • The features can be activated all over if any of the random stacked Wilds or singles Wilds from the original feature end up in the opposite hot spot zone.
  • Re-triggering the same feature is not possible.


  • Provider — NetEnt.
  • Payment lines — 100 (fixed).
  • Volatility — average.
  • Range of bets — 0.4-200 coins.
  • Playing field — 6х12.
  • The maximum winning is 30 000 coins (Archangel and Devil symbol).
  • Bonuses — free spins from S symbol, «Hot Spot Areas,» Heaven and Hell.
  • RTP — 96.08%.

How to win at Archangels: Salvation slot? (Conclusion)

  • As usual, our first advice is to test the game in DEMO mode before starting to play for real money.
  • We do not recommend this slot to the players who want to win a huge amount of money.
  • Undoubtedly there are more games (especially from NetEnt) successfully keeping the balance in the gameplay. Still, we strongly recommend this slot if you attempt playing with bonus money and accordingly to fulfill the wagering requirements.
  • We would recommend Archangels: Salvation slot to play with real money, but mostly to players who don’t mind medium variance slots with smaller but more frequent payouts. They can enjoy the Salvation slot for tons of bonus features which is a great prospect if you fancy playing slots for fun but still want those decent wins.
  • The best part about Archangels: Salvation and other medium variance slots are that you can play them for much longer than high variance online games if you budget right.

Where to play?

  • Play Archangels: Salvation slot at the best gambling site in Canada - Fastpay Casino. They offer over 5300 casino slot games as well as instant and no-hassle payouts. After the first deposit, you will become part of their VIP bonus program for loyal players with 11 levels. Each level will bring new and outstanding prizes for you.

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