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Blood Suckers slot from NetEnt

Blood Suckers slot from NetEnt
If you like the spooky, unnerving stories and the bloodsuckers’ corps, you will have to try NetEnt's 2013 release of Blood Suckers slot. We promise - this game with a 3x5 playing field and 25 fixed pay lines will tickle your sensations with thrills and screams.

Despite not having an ultramodern look, the slot has proven to be very popular because of its enjoyable gameplay, authentically creepy design, and the terrific Vampire Slayer bonus round.

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Personal testers’ opinion about Blood Suckers slot (Review and recommendations from the testers’ team)

This slot remains famous among players despite its outdated graphics and sound. The dingy and tired-looking at first glance images will grow on you, bearing its real excitement - money-wise, this is one more than adequate and responsive game.

Thus, the best quality of the slot is undeniably the strength to perfectly keep the balance and, on most occasions, to snowball the wins. Throughout our game test period, we made the following observations:

The base game nicely preserves the balance and can reward you in two ways:

  • 1) Can give winnings almost every spin, but not with big amounts (just above the stake value), or
  • 2) Can give a series of 5 - 10 empty spins and then compensating for this with an expensive combination.

The Bonus game can be triggered very often, but the wins they supply are only significant enough to keep the balance in the stand-by for the Free Spins. Bonus games can reward you in three ways:

  • 1) One winning combination with 40x the bet (coffin with an instant prize). The rest are not significant. So, the winning potential here is about 50x the bet.
  • 2) Two winning combinations of 18x the bet and the rest are not significant. So, the winning potential here is about 40x the bet.
  • 3) All winnings combinations are not significant. So, the winning potential here is no more than 10x - 15x the bet.

Often, the slot puts the winnings from the second category - amounts of 40x the bet, in the lower right corner of the grave setup.

The Free Spins are the greatest potential for this slot.

  • The majority of times, the slot rewards with series from 2-3 bonuses in the interval of 200-300 spins (i.e. long waiting).
  • During the Free Spins, the slot often gives payouts with good combinations. The win here can be 100x - 300x the bet. Of course, as in any slots from this provider, there are free spins with lower total winnings, but they are seldom.

Our test team can share the following judgment results:

  • During usual spins, such a winning potential is close to 0, and the Pick and Click feature will deliver something notable only if the player is lucky enough to find 4000 coins vampire. 
  • All winning potential is concentrated in the Free Spins feature, where our average score was a win of 31x. 
  • The Cycle length is short. So it wouldn't take a lot of spins to pass through the cycle and win back half of your losses.
  • You can try to put 1/50 of your balance here to increase the volatility. 
  • As a secret to establishing the slot mood, our testers offer the following tactic: 
  • If you are playing on the maximum level (max number of coins) and do not see the 4000 coins vampire during Pick and Click feature (when picking is over, all the Coffins are revealed) - it is a good reason to shut down the current session on this slot. Try again later.
  • You can give a spin at the Blood Suckers 2 slot as well!

NetEnt proclaims openly the following slot’s probabilities

  • The RTP (return to player percentage) is 98%, pared with Low Volatility.
  • This percentage allows for obtaining a positive mathematical expectation of winning in the casino. 
  • This is one of the highest RTP at all NetEnt slots.
  • Of the 98%: 52% is paid in the usual spins; 12.9% is paid in the Free Spins feature, 13% is paid from the Scatter symbols, and 20.1% is paid in the Pick and Click feature.
  • The probability of getting any winning in the current spin (including scatter symbols) is 46.4%. 
  • Dropping 3 or more Scatters plus triggering of the free spins feature has a probability of 0.5% (statistically, every 200th spin).
  • The probability of a hit (getting any winning) in the next spin is 44.52%.
  • The probability of triggering the pick and click bonus feature is 2.1% (every 50th spin).
  • The maximum winning (per line) is 90000 coins (45000 CAD). In the usual spins is 30000 coins, during Free Spins - 90000 coins, in the Pick and Click feature - 20320 coins.

The hidden parameters and settings of Blood Suckers slot (testing results)

  • The frequency of triggering the bonus free spins feature is statistically every 191st spin (0.52%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 44,52%.
  • The distribution of winnings is 84% during usual spins and 16% in bonus features. Please note that this data dramatically differ from numbers that Netent declares. 
  • The maximum winning during the tests was 262x. Just imagine, we have won only 262 bets during 45000 spins. Thus, the winning potential of Blood Suckers is very low.
  • The average winning from the bonus feature was 31x. Here is mixed data from the free spins feature winnings and pick and click feature winnings. All winning potential is focused on the free spins feature, so pick and click winnings (in fact) are less.
  • Volatility is 4,16 out of 20 (low). It will be tough to hit a big win here. During usual spins, winning potential is close to 0 and the pick and click feature will deliver only if the player will be lucky enough to find 4000 coins vampire. 
  • The cycle length is short. So it wouldn't take a lot of spins to pass through all the cycle and win back half of your losses.
  • The rating of the slot machine for bonus wagering is 6,40 out of 10. Bonus hunters can use Blood Suckers for completing bonus wagering requirements.
  • RTP of 98% allows obtaining a positive mathematical expectation of winning at a Canadian online casino. This is one of the highest RTP at all Netent slots.

The Free Spins feature

3 + Scatters trigger 10 free spins - played with the same bet as currently playing.
During the Free Spins, all winnings are tripled (except re-trigger and the bonus feature winnings).
The bonus feature can be triggered during the free spins feature. It can be re-triggered.

The Pick and Click bonus feature

3+ Coffins, from left to right on the active line, are triggering the Pick and Click bonus feature. The action moves to one somber and sinister grave chamber full of Coffins. Opening the Coffins will destroy the power of the vampires. Unlocking them one by one will reward them with instant prizes until eventually picking an empty Coffin - the end of the bonus feature.


  • Provider — NetEnt.
  • Payment lines — 25 (always active).
  • Volatility — low.
  • Range of bets — 0.25-50 coins.
  • Playing field — 5х3.
  • The maximum winning is 30 000 coins (Dracula symbol).
  • Bonuses — free spins from Dead Bride, the bonus game from Coffin.
  • RTP - 98%, which allows you to get a positive expectation of winning.

How to win at Blood Suckers slot? (Conclusion)

As usual, our first advice is to test the game in DEMO mode before starting to play for real money. The rating of the slot machine for bonus wagering is 6.40 out of 10. So, Bonus hunters can use the Blood Suckers slot to complete the bonus wagering requirements with great success. We do recommend the Blood Suckers slot to bonus hunters, but only:

  • If they tested the machine to define if it is “hot” or “cold” (in DEMO), and 
  • If they place bets around 1 CAD (not higher).

We do recommend the Blood Suckers slot for players with real money as well, but also first testing if it is “hot” or “cold.” Use small bets - usually, the slot reveals itself from the very beginning. Honestly, the slot is so popular that very rarely can be detected in a "Cold mood." 

During our experiments, we establish a slight change in the slot behaviour is with hitting the buttons "Spin" and "Max Bet," so you can also try this strategy here. You will need to put higher bets if you want to win some significant cash here (our advice- bets with 30, 40, and 50 CAD). To score the huge winning, you need to be patient enough till the trigger of the Free Spins feature, as the biggest potential of the slot is there.

Where to play?

  • The best place in Canada to launch Blood Suckers slot for free or real money is Fastpay Casino. They offer over 5300 casino slot games as well as super-fast and no-hassle withdrawals. In addition, you will be pleased with their bonus program and a VIP bonus program for all loyal players.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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