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EggOMatic slot from NetEnt

EggOMatic slot from NetEnt
Net Entertainment is perpetually determined to stay on top of the casino industry trends, without omission, creating the most theme-attractive and supreme executed games. Staying on this course in 2012, they released EggOMatic slot - one of their most popular machines together with Gonzo's Quest and Boom Brothers. The EggOMatic slot became so successful that shortly after (in 2015) Microgaming Company decided to make a clone of it - releasing Rabbit in the Hat slot.

The fable of the game goes like this: At the eggs plant, the manufacturing is in decline, so the chief in charge- the Blue Rooster designs one mastermind device labelled EggOMatic to bring the egg number up to a higher production level. This is an ‘eggcellently’ concoct a plan, as NetEnt’s ‘eggsperience’ shows that the plot can bring the maximum winning up to 94 750 coins!

A naughty soundtrack in the background while the EggOMatic apparatus and conveyor belt produce factory noises when rolling the chickens and eggs. The Wild - Blue Rooster crows loudly with a grandstand and clucks excitedly whenever there is a catch of an egg, with an abundance of coins falling. Despite its age, the EggOMatic slot is still popular among players due to the winning potential during the Free Spins feature.

The slot has Medium Volatility with an initial RTP of 96.48%. The RTP allows obtaining a positive mathematical expectation of winning in the casino.

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Personal testers’ opinion (Review and recommendations from the testers’ team)

This is one colourful and enticing slot, which will keep you on edge with each spin. The bonus eggs- produced by the EggOMatic apparatus and rolling on the Conveyor belt, will make you want to play this slot again and again. However, you still have to be lucky enough to capture them with a Wild symbol.

Because this is one old game, it is essential to play in big and famous casinos, where the chance for a high prize pool to be accumulated is greater. If the EggOMatic slot is cold - it shows that immediately during the first 100-150 spins. Throughout our game test period, we made the following observations:

Regarding the base game:

Due to rare and low-valued combinations, this slot is not quite good at keeping the balance, and the collected bonus eggs will not make a big difference. Additionally, the Spreading Wild feature does not always guarantee a big win since it can come on the last reel.

There is good news - if the slot gives Wilds on the first reels and the Spreading feature is triggered, you can enjoy a good win almost every spin, but this will not happen often. During the Spreading Wild feature, the average win is about 80x - 100x the bet.

Regarding the Free Spins:

With this slot, you will need more patience for the Free Spins to be triggered. Statistically, every 200th spin (0.50%) triggers the Free Spins feature. During the Free Spins, the average win is about 100x - 200x the bet (which you can call a good bonus). Our average winning here was 52x.

NetEnt announced the following probabilities

  • The total return percentage is 96.5% (67.2% in the usual spins and 29.3% during features).
  • The probability of getting any hit in the base spins is 31.4%, while in the Free Spins is 44.6%
  • The probability of getting Free Spins is 0.71% (statistically, every 141st spin).
  • The maximum winning is 10 000 coins.

The hidden parameters and settings of Eggomatic slot (data from testing)

  • The frequency of triggering the bonus free spins is statistically every 200th spin (0.50%). Our testing results differ a lot from Netent's official numbers. 
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 31,69%.
  • The distribution of the winnings is 67% in the usual spins and 33% in the bonus feature. On the other hand, maximum winning is capped by 10 000 coins. 
  • The maximum winning during the tests was 191x. This result we have got after more than 30 000 testing spins. So the potential of this machine is low.
  • The average winnings from the bonus feature were 52x. This number is higher than Netent's middle line. Features (statistically) will pay more than 50x. 
  • Volatility is 5,98 out of 20 (average). So the only way to increase the volatility here is to raise stakes. The problem is - when you raise your stakes - Eggomatic "forgets" that it has the bonus feature.
  • Cycle length is average. If you already lost a lot in the current session - there is a reason to continue until you win back 50% of your loss. Pay attention to the prizes in eggs.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 5,02 out of 10.
  • RTP of 96.48% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at a Canadian online casino.

Slot’s symbols and features

  • This a slot with a 5x3 layout and 20 fixed pay lines.
  • On the highest side of the paytable are:
  • The Red Rooster with a crown tail;
  • The heart chested Lavender roly-poly Madame Hen;
  • The Green young happy chicken with huge eyes;
  • The Light-blue young rooster with a propeller for a tail;
  • The Brown, sad little nerdy chicken.
  • On the lowest side of the paytable are different colours of tubby robotic chickens.
  • With every pay line, the symbols are spewing win coins.
  • The wild symbol is Blue Rooster, shielded by the word "Wild," substituting any other symbol.
  • The bonus game constantly plays with every spin via the Bonus Eggs - rolling on the Conveyor belt.
    During the Free Spins, the EggOMatic factory works extra hard and produces Bonus Eggs for the Conveyor belt with every spin. At the same time, during the base game, the apparatus hatches Bonus Eggs randomly.

Note: Best time to change the game level or the coin value is when no Bonus Egg is rolling on the Conveyor belt; otherwise, you will lose the eggs, which are already rolling, being hatched during your prior play level.

There are 3 types of bonus games: Spreading Wild, Free Spins, and Coin Wins. All 3 types happen when Bonus eggs with various prizes are moving forward on the Conveyor belt, one reel at a time.

  • If the Wild Blue Rooster lands exactly beneath one of the Bonus Eggs with a number and is captured, you receive an instant prize (linked to your current bet level) - Coin Win feature.
  • The spreading Wild feature appears both during the base game and the Free Spins. For example, if a Bonus Egg with the letter “W” (Spreading Wild) rolling on the Conveyor belt drops on top of a regular Wild Blue Rooster, all adjacent and diagonal symbols turn into Wilds.
  • Free Spins feature appears when a Bonus Egg with a number on it, surrounded by green arrows rolling on the Conveyor belt, is dropped and captured by the Wild Blue Rooster. You receive that number of Free Spins (anywhere between 7 and 50). An extra Bonus Egg can be produced, dropped, and caught during your initial Free Spins, rewarding you with extra chances.

The last feature is the Surprise Egg (question mark Bonus Egg). It comes during the base game in all different colours and can contain any other eggs inside: the Free Spins Egg, the Coin Win Egg, or the Spreading Wild Egg.


Eggomatic slot uses non-standard solutions. However, animation and game process are worthy of all praise. Here are the technical characteristics of the slot:

  • Provider – NetEnt.
  • Volatility – average
  • The number of game reels – 5.
  • The number of pay lines - 20.
  • Bet per line - from 0.01 to 10.
  • The maximum bet is equal to 200.
  • The maximum payout for a combination of symbols is 1 000x (5 pink Chickens).
  • Bonus game - yes (several types, below you can find the more detailed description about each bonus).
  • "Wild symbol" - yes (Rooster with the nameplate in hands).
  • Free spin - yes (up to 50 free spins in with special rules).
  • The percentage of winning RTP at the slot machine is 96.48%.

How to win at EggOMatic slot? (Conclusion)

As usual, our first advice is to test the game in DEMO mode before starting to play for real money. The Wagering index here, together with the slot’s average dispersion, makes us give neutral recommendations for fulfilling the bonus requirements. You can try to complete the requirements on the bonus money, but this is not the most suitable NetEnt slot for that. If you do decide to play the bonus money with EggOMatic:

  • 1) Test the machine to define if it is "hot" or "cold" (in DEMO), and
  • 2) Place average bets - around 10 CAD (not higher).

The slot is quite popular and most of the time will be "hot," but you will have to test it and better if you do it in a big and famous Canadian online casino. As a rule, during the first 100 spins, the slot shows its giving/not giving mood. However, we do recommend EggOMatic for playing with real money, and we have the following 2 tips/hints to share:

  • 1) ‘Hit and Run.’ Try with 50 - 100 spins, and if you trigger any bonus feature with a win from around 60x-100x total bets, it is good to change the slot after this. Usually, after a successful Free Spins feature or good Spread Wild feature, it can "eat" all of your capital.
  • 2) ‘Multiple of 10’. We noticed that the slot behaved well during our testing when we used bets that are multiple of 10. Perhaps you can try this strategy as well. Because the cycle length here is average, if you already lost a lot in the current session - there is a reason to continue until you win back 50% of your loss. Pay attention to the prizes in Bonus Eggs.

Where to play?

  • The best place in Canada to launch the EggOMatic slot for free or real money is Fastpay Casino. They offer over 5300 casino slot games as well as super-fast and no-hassle withdrawals. In addition, you will be pleased with their bonus program and a VIP bonus program for all loyal players.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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