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Finn and the Swirly Spin slot from NetEnt

Finn and the Swirly Spin slot from NetEnt
Finn and the Swirly Spin slot is undoubtedly one of the most original and innovative slots at NetEnt's rich portfolio. It is one delightful and highly amusing Irish-themed game, introducing the adorable main character Finn. There are no typical reels. Instead, NetEnt decided to explore the possibilities of a 5x5 grid with a swirl mechanic.

Wins can come either vertically or horizontally, all that is needed is a combination of any 3+ in a row identical symbols, aligned on a row or in a column. Longer combinations will issue bigger payouts naturally. However, it’s different from any “cluster pays” game, because here big clusters of identical symbols do not all count as one and the same win. Each line of at least 3 matching icons will generate its own prize!

This cartoonish feel-good game has an RTP of 96.62%, which is classified as Low-Medium Volatility. Accompanied by Finn, playing some cheerful, traditional tunes on the flute, you’re sure to be entertained to the max.

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Personal testers’ opinion (Review and recommendations from the testers’ team)

Finn and the Swirly Spin became one of our favourite games after testing it extensively and with great pleasure. This slot from the Swedish wizards besides the sublime graphics, design, and soundtrack- which is expected from them- successfully hit our happy and cheerful spot. Thank you NetEnt!

Throughout our game test period we made the following observations:

Regarding the base game

During most of our long gaming sessions, the slot kept the balance fairly well, spinning a few empty rounds without a win and then compensating with payouts of 10x - 30x total bets. Occasionally, gaming sessions brought a negative result. 

Regarding the Free Spins

The bonus Free Spins feature was not triggered that often, so better not rely on the wins from them. Our average winning during the Free Spins was equal to 58x total bets. By the way, the biggest winning we reached was 196x during testing. 

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot’s symbols and features

  • This is a 5x5 grid game with an untraditional Swirl mechanism.
  • Rubies provide the biggest payouts - 500 coins x bet level.
  • Lower-value symbols - stone Spades, wooden Hearts, leaf Clovers, Acorns, and Horseshoes. 
  • Wild symbols in the form of a Star - are created by every regular win.
  • If a Key swirl to the center as avalanches keep falling, they can unlock 4 different Free Spin rounds: The Star Bar; The Lava Lair; The Lucky Mug; The Golden Pot 
  • 4 random Bonus features include: Starfall Wilds; Dragon Destroy; Irish luck; Magic transform

The Main game

The focus is predominantly on the Free Spins Key, which starts from the bottom left position and progresses towards the central cell of the grid where it will unlock the Free Spins. In one spin it has to reach the middle, otherwise, it starts all over again from the start position. During the main game, the four bonus features appear randomly to assist you to get the key to the middle and create some additional winnings in the meantime. The bonus games are activated with a high frequency, in a series of 2-3 bonus features, with small intervals in between.

The Bonus features

  • The STARFALL WILDS feature places 2 to 4 Wild symbols randomly on the playing field, right after the initial spin. It offers a big chance to get an expensive combination since it fairly often occurs that all four wild symbols land on one line and, accordingly if the 5th appearing symbol happens to be a top one, a big payout will be rewarded. This bonus feature has an almost guaranteed winning of 20x - 80x total bets, but its potential is much higher, and it can give even a bigger win.
  • The DRAGON DESTROY feature is randomly triggered in the main game, but only if there are no wins on the spin before the feature is activated. It burns and destroys most of the symbols on the grid and this pushes the key much faster to the central cell. So the speed to reach the Free Spins feature is increased significantly. The destructed symbols make a place for the next avalanche in such a way, that a win is guaranteed. But often the newly appeared symbols don’t make great combinations if they make any combinations at all. So, usually, this bonus doesn’t issue big payouts. 
  • The IRISH LUCK feature is randomly triggered in the main game, only when there are no wins present on the reels after the initial spin. It will transform five symbols on one horizontal or vertical line to the same symbol. The line can consist of top symbols, but can also offer the potential for further winning combinations on top of the initial win. The total win on this bonus feature is also within 20x - 80x total bets and only rarely gets bigger.
  • The MAGIC TRANSFORM feature is randomly triggered in the main game. There is a possibility to receive a big payout because it replaces all Heart and Spade symbols into high-value symbols. So, it not only gives a win (possibly a big win with top characters in the right positions) but also moves the key almost to the central cell due to the big potential of many matches. In theory, this bonus can give a massive payout of more than 200x total bets.

The Free Spins rounds

If in one spin you are lucky enough to have so many winning combinations and avalanches that the Free Spins Key reached the center of the grid, a Free Spins game is awarded. During the first game, only one can be chosen - The Star Bar. To unlock the remaining 3 games you need to collect 4, 9, and 16 keys, respectively.

  • The Star Bar - 7 Star Bar Free Spins are rewarded, which function the same as the random Starfall wilds in the main game.
  • Lava Lair - Once you obtained 4 Free Spins keys, you have unlocked this round, in which you are rewarded with 3 Lava lair Free Spins. During each spin the Dragon Destroy feature is active, and a Sticky Wild always appears in the place of the Free Spins Key.
  • Lucky Mug - This round requires 9 keys to be unlocked, and will reward you with 4 Lucky Mug Free Spins with the Irish Luck feature.
  • Golden Pot - To activate this round 16 keys have to be collected. 2 Golden Pot Free Spins are rewarded with the Magic Transform feature.


  • Provider — NetEnt.
  • Payment lines — absent.
  • Volatility — from low to average.
  • Range of bets — 0.1-100 coins.
  • Playing field — 5х5.
  • The maximum winning is 50 000 coins (Ruby symbol).
  • Bonuses — 4 random features, 4 free spins features from Keys.
  • RTP — 96.62%, which allows you to get a positive expectation of winning.

How to win at Finn and the Swirly Spin? (Conclusion)

  • As usual, our first advice is to test the game in DEMO mode before starting to play for real money. 
  • The recommended reserve of bet balance for this slot is around 100 to 150 bets. Usually, the game shows its "mood" from the get-go.
  • Make 30 - 40 spins, and if you establish that it only eats your money, better change the game. 
  • The machine is suitable for both short and long sessions, but you should know beforehand what you are aiming for.
  • Short sessions are recommended for real-money play and once you triggered a few bonus features with some decent payouts or even the Free Spins feature, move on to the next slot. 
  • Long sessions are recommended for wagering and completing the requirements accordingly, but be attentive and keep track of the balance (using small bets). 
  • On this machine, it’s very difficult to make huge winnings, so big losses will hardly be compensated.

Where to play?

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