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Golden Grimoire slot from NetEnt

golden grimoire netent
The Swedish gaming giant keeps on indulging the players with more fascinating creations-beautiful, elegant and captivating. In 2019 they released such an alluring and bewitching at the same time example - Golden Grimoire online slot

Launching the game, be ready to embark on the dark world of witches' craft, magical recipes, and powers to fight demons, warlocks, and other evils. No matter what your favourite power will be (stopping the time, moving physical objects, or seeing the future), you can see the symbols of spell and ancient magic in the graphic, music, design, and gameplay of this supernaturally constructed slot.

The books with hidden secrets and magical sigils along with the voodoo attributes- candles, flacons containing poison, maps, and witching doll are only for the eyes, while the Mystery symbol transformation, Wild Substitution, and Free Spins are for the players to enjoy the game.

The Golden Grimoire slot from the NetEnt provider made me feel like a slot combining the graphics from Phantom of The Opera and a partly gameplay from the Wolf Cub slot. With this game, the developers offered the possibility of getting a big win during free spins and in the usual spins, as well as the high potential for getting an expensive combination. Still, a low maximum winning, only 200x total bets.

The slot has Low-Medium Volatility with an initial RTP of 96.44%. The RTP allows obtaining a positive mathematical expectation of winning in the casino.

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Review and recommendations from the testers’ team

Regarding the base game

The bonus feature is reduced to giving Mystery symbol-magic book randomly, and if it coincides with the symbol in the first reel, it copies it from right to left. Accordingly, as in many reels, the magic book it is, the more expensive the combination will be. 

The slot often drops the magic book in the usual spins, but that doesn’t always bring out a win (even not a minimum) - because it doesn’t coincide with the first reel. Moreover, the magic book takes quite a bit from the game time, with each appearance just turning 2-3 times without payout result. At the same time, the slot often gives "coincidences" in series, and accordingly, you can receive a large total winning of them. The average value ranges from several bets to 30x – 40x bets, and our test group's maximum win per spin was 120x. 

All in all, it might seem that the slot is not keeping the balance well but in a long-distance; however, combinations via the help of the Mystery symbol-magic book compensate for the losses, and we believe the slot performs decently in keeping the balance. Here you can expect countless low-value winning combinations and never some exciting amount.

Regarding the Free Spins round

The gameplay in the Free Spins feature is not much different from the usual spins except that the magic book is sticky - remains during all Free Spins. The potential for getting a big win here is exactly the same as in the main game. So, during testing, the minimum win was 4x the bet, the maximum was 160x, while the average was about 30x - 60x total bets.

NetEnt seems to periodically switch from producing awesome hit slots with High Volatility (like the 2018 released Vikings) swirling to Low-Medium Variance, lesser and uncongenial ones like the Golden Grimoire slot. Because at the end of the day we play not only for the marvellous animations (for only that we will rent a movie) but also for the opportunity to profit. In Summary, we see the pros and cons of the game like this: 

Pros and cons of Golden Grimoire slot


  • 1) Interesting theme 
  • 2) Amazing graphics and design


  • 1) Extremely low paytable
  • 2) Wilds and Scatters are not paid 
  • 3) Only 8 Free Spins possible
  • 4) Wilds appear only during the Mystery symbols action
  • 5) No Multipliers and no Free Spins re-trigger
  • 6) The Mystery symbol takes too much of the game time


  • Provider – NetEnt.
  • Playing field size - 5x4;
  • Lines - 40;
  • Volatility - from low to medium;
  • RTP (return to player percentage) is 96.44%;
  • The maximum win is 200x (full screen of the most expensive symbol).

How to win at the Golden Grimoire slot? (Conclusion)

  • Do yourself a favour and test the game in DEMO mode before placing any bets for real money.
  • While we understand that NetEnt is trying to cover all types of players, we think this is one of the games that will leave a ‘sour taste’ in their portfolio for a long time.
  • The Golden Grimoire slot is quite suitable for playing with bonus money. 
  • While playing for real money, we recommend only short distances before receiving a series of average wins. 
  • We consider that long sessions are not profitable due to insufficient value of the top combinations and, accordingly, the lack of potential for getting a large win (x500+ bets), i.e. the balance will undeniably vanish in long distances.

Additional comments

In our opinion, with the Golden Grimoire slot, NetEnt decided not to complicate the slot with unnecessary bonus features. There are 3 of them, and they are pretty simple. The slot is built with low to average volatility but seemingly more resembling the average. Playing with sizeable stakes will hibernate the slot. While playing at small or medium bets, will push the machine to exhibit at least some activity. The winnings will start to emerge, and the bonus features can be initiated more frequently. In general, the slot is beautiful and interesting but be attentive about the bet size. 

Unfortunately, we did find a couple of hitches in the slot rules, which are not something typical for NetEnt:

  • 1. Perhaps this is an editor’s error, but this game is with 20 pay lines or with 40 pay lines? So many contradicting sources, so many interpretations.
  • 2. Perhaps this is a ‘misunderstanding,’ but they stated a maximum win of 320 000 coins. The biggest reward here is 200x total bets (full screen of the top symbol 'red ruby spider'), i.e. even utilizing the max bet of 200 coins, the payout will be 40 000 coins. 

We suggested that the figure of 320 000 is calculated by the max winning multiplied by 8 bonus free spins: 40 000 coins x 8 free spins = 320 000 coins. Then, the topic to ponder upon is if the slot can display a full screen of the most expensive symbol 8 times in a row, why the alternative of dropping the same combination during the usual spins is excluded? (In the base game, there is no restriction on the number of spins where that could happen.). We challenge you and any other of our readers - if someone can figure out how precisely the total of 320 000 coins is rounded, please, leave a comment or just share your opinion on this matter. Thank you.

Where to play?

  • The best place in Canada to launch the Golden Grimoire slot for free or real money is Fastpay Casino. They offer over 5300 casino slot games as well as super-fast and no-hassle withdrawals. You will be pleased with their bonus program and a VIP bonus program for all loyal players.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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