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Piggy Riches slot from NetEnt

Piggy Riches slot from NetEnt
Another animal-themed slot from NetEnt, just this time, instead of wild/jungle animals, the Swedes enliven the life of one bloated with cash and luxury ‘oinker’ duo, which do not roll in the mud but in silver and dough. However, this showered with champagne and ‘stuffed’ with dinero, wealthy and elegant couple - Mrs. Piggy and Mr. Pig, are presented in a cute, but not childish way, with a little humoristic touch in the sound effects.

Piggy Riches slot machine comes with the opportunity of maximum winning of 360 000 coins, the jackpot of 2000 coins (when 5 treasure symbols emerge on a winning pay line), and none the least with a special Scatter option, allowing you to click on a Scatter and select the Free Spins and Multiplier Win of your choice!

This 2010 released slot has not been the most popular lately (perhaps because of so many other great releases), but in 2020 received a little revival when NetEnt’s department Red Tiger published the sequel - Piggy Riches mega ways slot.

This slot has Medium Volatility with an RTP of 96.38%. The RTP allows obtaining a positive mathematical expectation of winning in the casino. You can explore the original riches game with a 3x5 playing field and 15 fixed pay lines here on our page in DEMO mode, without registration.

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Personal testers’ opinion about Piggy Riches slot

Slot machines with a low number of lines are liked by many. This is because you can win more with less risk for your money. In addition, the gameplay of this slot seems to tolerate unusual betting - wagering a higher stake every time after a big winning is received (i.e. progressive betting).

  • The prize fund reserved for payouts of the Free Spins is 26%.
  • By all means, you should choose the maximum multiplier during the Free Spins, as that brings the RTP to the highest possible for this machine level.
  • Our maximum winning from the bonus Free Spins during the tests was 403x, and the average winning was 43x total bets.
  • The prospect of getting any winning (hit) is 34.5%.

We became aware during our sessions that before some regular 2 Scatters winning the slot plays in slow motion. If no winning is rewarded after the slowing, that means the machine is ‘cold.’ You should leave it at this point. The same counts for the situation with missing 2 Scatters for a long period - it is time to exit. 

Review and recommendations by the testing team

  • Because of its potential for large prizes, the Piggy Riches slot is liked by many players, despite the moderately outdated look and not particularly genius design and gameplay.
  • Contrary to most of the other slots, an increase of the balance here could be expected not only from the Free Spins. In the main game, the slot also renders expensive compositions, nicely preserving the balance.
  • After this good news, we have to serve the ‘main course’ - the swine Free Spins. Before receiving them, the player is often teased with only 2 Scatters. You can anticipate the bonus for even 400 spins, then you could be granted several bonuses shortly after each other, and then again a long interval of 200, 300, or 400 spins without a bonus. Meaning the waves with Free Spins series are much dispersed.
  • Another not-so-positive tendency is that the slot fails to issue average values in the Free Spins, instead goes to the extreme - ‘all or nothing.’ This will say that you can expect bonuses with minimum winning of 20x-40x total bets, or super expensive combinations with multiplayer 5x, delivering 300x-400x+ total bets. Nothing in-between.

NetEnt declares the following probabilities

  • The gross theoretical RTP of this machine is 96.4%.
  • From those 77.5% is paid in the usual spins, and 18.9% in the bonus Free Spins.
  • The probability of receiving any winning is 40.9%.
  • Obtaining payout from 2 Scatters has a 10.2% probability.

Hidden parameters and settings of Piggy Riches slot (data from testing)

  • The frequency of receiving a bonus round is statistically every 182nd spin (0.55%).
  • Bear in mind the wave-ness of the Free Spins. We've witnessed 2-5 features during 200 spins; after that, 1000 spins with no bonus round. This can be interrupted by increasing the bet per spin.
  • The probability of getting any hit is 34.50%. You can catch the slot ‘freezing’ for a moment (at the beginning of the spin) before granting any winning.
  • The winning distribution is 74% in the base game and 26% in the bonus game.
  • The maximum payment obtained during our tests was 403x. This is a good winning considering the 5.58 index (out of 20) for this Medium Volatility slot.
  • Our test group average winning from the bonus was 43x. The player can choose between Free Spins with an x5 multiplier- i.e. High Volatility or Free Spins with an x2 multiplier- i.e. Low Volatility.
  • NetEnt announced that the maximum RTP in the Piggy Riches slot is related to the High Volatility option, i.e. you should always go for the x5 multiplier.
  • The cycle length of the game is also average.
  • The machine scored 5.44 (out of 10) wagering points on the bonus money scale. Thus, with very small stakes, players can successfully complete the wagering requirements here.
  • The RTP of 96.4% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.

Bonus free spins feature

A different number of Scatter Symbols triggers a different number of Free Spins, which have various multipliers attached to them.

3x Scatters

  • 22 Free Spins Multiplier x2
  • 15 Free Spins Multiplier x3
  • 9 Free Spins Multiplier x5

4x Scatters

  • 25 Free Spins Multiplier x2
  • 18 Free Spins Multiplier x3
  • 4 Free Spins Multiplier x4
  • 10 Free Spins Multiplier x6

5x Scatters

  • 28 Free Spins Multiplier x6

If a Scatter symbol drops the Free Spins again, +1 extra spin for each such symbol is granted.

Piggy Riches perhaps doesn’t always show but have the massive potential of winning. You can think of the amount of winning with the Wild symbol (that is already steady x3) during the Free Spins with x5 multiplier - so, all together multiplied x15. 

How to win at the Piggy Riches slot machine? (Conclusion)

  • We start with the constant reminder to test the machine in DEMO mode before placing real money deposits.
  • This slot has lost its high popularity, so choose one famous casino to spin the reels.
  • Be aware of the slot mood. Piggy Riches slot keeps the balance well if it is ‘hot.’ So the slot is suitable for bonus hunters with a recommended balance of 200-300 bets.
  • Our hint is to try to spot if before rendering the regular 2 Scatters payout, the reels slacks up a little, and after that doesn’t reward the 3rd one. That is a signal that the slot is in a ‘cold’ mood. At this point, you should not persist in playing anymore. The long-missing of 2 Scatters could show that same mood. Your reaction must be alike - to leave the slot.
  • To get the chance for the maximum payout of the slot (i.e. highest RTP possible for this machine), you should have selected the maximum multiplier during the Free Spins.
  • This is one medium variance category slot, so it is not recommended to players who expect life-changing winnings. Despite that, the game's volatility can be increased by the progressive betting tactic (after each bonus round, you can move to the next bet level).

Where to play?

  • Play Piggy Riches slot at the best gambling site in Canada - Fastpay Casino. They offer over 5300 casino slot games as well as instant and no-hassle payouts. After the first deposit, you will become part of their VIP bonus program for loyal players with 11 levels. Each level will bring new and outstanding prizes for you.

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