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Wild-O-Tron 3000 slot from NetEnt

wild o tron 3000
NetEnt company came up with a novelty in the true sense of the word. The Wild-O-Tron 3000 slot machine is inspired by 60’s Robots and with its metallic soundtrack will please many Sci-Fi fans. In a secret underground production facility, Robots are assembled and you are part of a team of scientists, checking them for any malfunctions. Just when it seems that the Wild-O-Tron is getting out of control and will explode along with the whole assembly line, you realize some big wins are coming your way! 

Try this slot, built with an RTP of 96.01% and Medium Volatility in the free DEMO version here on our page. No registration required.

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Personal testers’ opinion about Wild-O-Tron 3000 slot

  • Wild-O-Tron 3000 is a straightforward slot, which is purposely plain, quiet, and uncomplicated. Seven different Robots are assembled on the 5x3 grid with 20 pay lines, and that’s about it. All you have to do is wait for the Wild-O-Tron feature to be triggered. The background soundtrack sounds metallic and is attuned to the game script, bringing realism with the electric currency buzzing and computers beeping.
  • In the regular game, the machine generates many dead spins, but it can also trigger long series with small wins. The average winning, without the bonus feature being active, ranges from 1x to 10x bets, with some smaller or bigger outliers every now and then. Theoretically, there is potential for a big payout of up to 600x total bets, but in our opinion, the actual potential of the slot is much lower. Don’t expect more than 200x in the main game. Aiming higher than this would be disappointing. Of course, we were more focused on the Bonus feature, where the true potential of the slot can actually be revealed.
  • The Wild-O-Tron feature is triggered randomly in the main game and makes the reels start faster and go haywire. From 1 to 6 colours of Robots will turn into Wilds. How many exactly and which ones, will be shown on the 60’s ‘diagnostic device’ right of the reels. In theory, a full screen of Wilds can be generated, which would result in a payout of 1000x the bets. 
  • The feature is quite often activated in a series of 3-4 times in a row, with intervals between series of 50-80 spins on average. In most cases, only 1 or 2 colours of Robots are transformed into Wilds, which only bring winnings up to 15x, or sometimes give no winnings at all. When 3 colours of Robots are turned into Wilds, winnings are more decent, on average around 30x-80x the bets. During our tests, we witnessed that even with 3 colours the slot can give zero results! When 4 or 5 colours of Robots are replaced by Wilds, it’s an almost guaranteed massive win of several hundred bets. When you strike 6 colours (max transformation possible), you hit the mother lode and 1000x total bets will be awarded. 
  • However, while playing, we did have the feeling something is missing with this slot. And yes, it’s the Free Spins! No need to wait for them, because there are none.

Review and recommendations by the testing team

  • With Wild-O-Tron 3000 NetEnt has missed the mark, according to us. The soulless Robots didn’t win us over at all. Yes, they have something slightly similar, Space Wars slot. But when you take a closer look, it’s a completely different thing with more interesting gameplay, hilarious characters, and higher winnings. The main similarity is that there are no Free Spins in neither one of the slots, which is sorely missed. And with this slot, there’s nothing to compensate for that. There are only 7 Robots in the slot, and the Wild-O-Tron device can switch up to 6 of them into Wilds at once. During our thousands of testing spins, we never got more than 4 colours of Robots changed into Wilds, and even at that time we only won about 30x total bets. 
  • This slot is an ‘out of the box-project’ from NetEnt and that might be the reason why many players were looking forward to exploring a few spins here. Don’t expect the familiar card symbols or Free Spins in this Robot production plant. Nor do you have to wait for any of the fancy features: Walking/Floating Wilds, Coin Prizes, Hot Zones, and Multipliers. Just a low-paytable and Wild-O-Tron slot machine, transforming Robots into Wilds randomly. 
  • So, what really to anticipate from this slot? Well, a full screen of Wilds, which will bring the Mega Win. It would be nice…But the chance of a full screen of Wilds is extremely slim. We predict that this novelty will wear off soon, and Wild-O-Tron 3000 will lose any initial popularity gained. 


How to win at the Wild-O-Tron 3000 slot machine? (Conclusion)

  • For all the slots we review, we give the same sound advice: Always test the slots in the free DEMO version, before depositing real money.
  • For Wild-O-Tron 3000 we would leave neutral recommendations when it comes to playing with bonus money. The slot is not stable, and at long distances doesn’t preserve the balance well. Sometimes it does compensate for your losses, but that will require a big starting capital.
  • When playing with real money, we recommend only short gaming sessions. You might be lucky and hit a series of features at the start of your session on the Wild-O-Tron slot machine. In that case, it would be smart to use the ‘Hit and Run’ - strategy.

Where to play?

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Written by Kamen Valev
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