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Online Casinos in Canada with EntroPay

Online Casinos in Canada with EntroPay
EntroPay is a virtual Visa card that was founded by Ixaris Systems in 2003. Ixaris is a privately held company. It is funded by leading UK institutional investors. The headquarters are located in London. Technology and customer offices are based in Malta.

EntroPay allows online casino lovers to fund their online accounts. It allows doing it easily and safely. It's no secret that all online casinos strive to improve the security of online accounts. It is made to get rid of the hackers. The payment method with this virtual card is popular and available in more than 40 countries. Many players have already liked it for various reasons. For example, one of the most convenient features is having a unique account. This account can operate in fourteen different currencies. If you make deposits at casinos using EntroPay, the money will be received quickly. The most important fact is that it is a secure payment. Only a small fraction of what is known about the virtual Visa card as indicated. Let's take a closer look at all the important details.

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Benefits of EntroPay

Many users believe that certain virtual cards can withdraw more money than allowed. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of the EntroPay payment casino.

Certainly, it's worth starting with these nice facts.

  • Safety

This is the most important criterion that users consider. If there is no security, then there is no point in using the services of a certain place. Visa EntroPay is a friend that protects your entire financial data. All transactions made with this payment are also protected. So, you can use it and not think about your data going to unnecessary places.

  • Speed

Everyone wants to withdraw the money as soon as possible or make a payment. EntroPay allows you to make financial transactions without waiting. We cannot tell you the exact time of these operations. Trust us, it will be much faster than you think.

  • Anonymity

This criterion is also rightfully considered to be the main one. It has a great benefit to online casino visitors. You can perform actions in an online casino, and they will be anonymous. Your online casino transactions don’t appear on your credit card or bank statements. In other words, your activity can be tracked on your bank/credit card statement.

  • No Credit Checks

EntroPay doesn't need credit checks. So, it allows you to get a card regardless of your credit history. Apply online to get a virtual and convenient card.

  • Multiple-use

You can use the card for purchases in an online store or an offline store... You can use the card wherever Visa cards are accepted. You get a very versatile card that you can use in any number of ways. You can also access your EntroPay account from any device. It can be both desktop computers and smartphones or tablets. This is another advantage that not everyone can provide.

  • Bankroll Management

EntroPay is a prepaid debit card. It gives you more control over your spending. What is meant? For example, you have deposited a certain amount into a casino account. This money is yours, not credit. You can only spend money that belongs to you, not the bank. This is ideal for those who like to keep a close eye on their bankroll or prefer to set clear limits. There is also an EntroPay MasterCard plastic credit card. Think about what you need and make a choice.

Furthermore, one should not forget that everything has its downsides. The main disadvantage of this card is the commission. Commissions exist everywhere, but EntroPay commissions have high percentages. For example, adding funds via direct bank transfer will incur a 4.95% or 3.95% fee. When you withdraw winnings from your online casino account, you charge a 1.95% commission.

The minus may seem like a significant problem, but it is a trifle compared to what is provided to the players.

The Use of the EntroPay Virtual Card

First of all, you need to set up an EntroPay account to start using it. This is done easily and simply. You must go to the official website of this card and click on «Register». You will need to enter your name, email address, date of birth and country in which you live. Next, you will need to create a username and password. After providing the required information, you will need to do the following. You will need to enter the credit or debit card details you wish to use to add money to your EntroPay Virtual VISA card. After completing these steps, you will receive your 16-digit virtual Visa card number. Also, you will receive your 3 digit CCV number.

If you have followed the necessary steps correctly, you can start making deposits and do what you need to do.

Step by Step Instructions for Making a Deposit

You have figured out how to go through the registration process. Now we will tell you to step by step instructions on how to make a deposit. In general, the process is like analogs, but there are minor differences. You will need to follow only 6 simple steps. 

If you haven’t set up your account, then go ahead and proceed with the next 6 steps.

  • Step 1: go to Banking;
  • Step 2: click on «Deposit»;
  • Step 3: select EntroPay when you need to choose payment options;
  • Step 4: register the selected card. You will need to enter your 16-digit virtual Visa card number and 3-digit CCV. We mentioned how to get this data above. You must register your card 1 time. You will no longer need to perform such actions. Read carefully what you enter to avoid crashes;
  • Step 5: enter the required amount;
  • Step 6: click on the «Next» button to complete the transaction.

There is nothing difficult in completing each step. It is enough to be careful and fill in all the necessary information.

The Best Casinos that Take EntroPay

If you are interested in this method of making a deposit, then read the following information. Now we will share with you the best online casinos in our opinion.

  • FastPay Casino

Let's start with an online casino that appeared in 2018 and was able to gain popularity among players. It's called FastPay casino. This casino is famous for the fastest payouts. For example, if we talk about the speed, they can last from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. Obviously, meeting something faster than this will be difficult. Moreover, the casino is also famous for its weekly Reload bonuses and free spins. VIP players can receive individual deposit promo codes.

  • InstantPay Casino

The second place is occupied by the online casino – InstantPay Casino. It is licensed with an MGA license and it is one of the best online casinos, although it has opened in 2020. Why? InstantPay Casino unlike a lot of other casinos and as well as FastPay casinos offers instant withdrawals. Withdraw speed is a big deal among experienced gamblers, therefore it is very important to have such policies.

  • BitStarz Casino

BitStarz Casino was launched in 2013 amid the popularization of cryptocurrencies. Thus, the main feature of the site became the ability to play not only using rubles. You can also use cryptocurrencies. It stands out against the background of other virtual gambling establishments. Their number on the site reaches more than 2,000. In reviews, players most often note an honest and reliable casino. Generous military policies, the ability to play free of charge are included. The convenience of an interface also characterizes this platform.

  • RioBet Casino

RioBet provides players with the opportunity to enjoy the game in different countries. You will receive a lot of fun, and the opportunity to play for real money. It is possible to pay for the game with bitcoins. This is confirmed by the modern and feature-rich gameplay. You can download exciting games on your smartphone. It's a nice opportunity to plunge into the world of gambling from anywhere in the world. Now you don't need to constantly play just sitting at the computer screen. This is a great advantage for the players.

  • Casumo Casino

It has existed since 2012 on the gambling platform. It provides fans of gambling entertainment with a large selection of games. Non-standard design, original structures are the main features. At first, they provoke mixed reactions from players. Yet, later these features come to their liking, which players often write about in reviews. Like many other major casinos, this one has bonus offers and limited-time promotions. Those players who regularly play slot machines for real money have a special offer. They will receive periodic promotions, as well as bonus gifts for levelling up.


The article has come to an end and it's time to conclude. We have done our job by sharing useful information with you. Now it's your turn to take your step. Millions of users are already using EntroPay gambling sites. Read the information, scroll through it in your head, and draw conclusions. Remember to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of what you want to try out.

EntroPay is a unique opportunity. It will bring you only benefits during the process. Of course, the commission is bad. This is a natural process that is difficult to avoid. There is a commission in almost all places. Somewhere it is too small, but somewhere it is too high... So, take note of many facts from the article, use any casino from our recommendations and win cash prizes! Spend time usefully only in the best and proven places.


? Is EntroPay for casino payments available in all countries?
Monetary transactions with this card are available in almost all places. Of course, there are exceptions. If you want to make bank transfers, then carefully read all the conditions that are indicated on the site. For example, Turkey, South Africa, Pakistan, Cuba can’t make money transfers. This function isn't available at the moment. Perhaps the situation will change. That is why we tell you to familiarize yourself with all the information. You may spend a lot of time reading about it, but there will be no doubts.
? How do I get approved for EntroPay?
The conditions are as simple as possible. You must be at least 18 years old. Also, you must have at least one own credit or debit card.
? Do I need to go through the verification and creditworthiness process?
Speaking about EntroPay, this virtual card doesn’t need you to confirm the credit check. If we talk about the verification process, the company has the right to verify the identity of users. Sometimes this is done to rid online casinos of fake accounts.
? How secure is this payment method?
There is no denying the fact that this is not the only method that keeps its users safe from bad consequences. At the same time, EntroPay helps protect you from fraud and identity theft. You will not have to share financial details with online casinos or other merchants. If you are asked to provide any extra information, then think about it. Usually, you shouldn't be asked to specify anything else about yourself and money.
? Why is this virtual Visa card so popular?
This electronic product is intended to be used wherever Visa is accepted. This means that almost any gambling site acts like a place where you can spend money from your prepaid card. A big plus is that you can use your card to pay on any of the sites. Moreover, monetary processes are fast, security is at the highest level. Why not start using this card after these facts?

Where to play?

  • Play over 5000 games at Fastpay Casino, the best gambling place in Canada. You will be pleased with the excellent customer care, VIP bonus program for loyal players and super-fast withdrawals (1-5 minutes.)

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