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The best Canadian online casinos with Tether (USDT) currency

In a nutshell, the operations with cryptocurrency are:

  • Decentralized - not related to a particular company, government, bank and not managed by humans;
  • Transacted by smart contracts - not superintended by any authority, just encrypted in a blockchain (sort of accounting) ledger;
  • Not absolutely anonymous but difficult to expose who is behind each private key (you can take extra precaution measures and protect yourself by: 1 - changing your digital address for each transaction, and 2 - by creating multiple blockchain addresses and set apart wallet for each purpose);
  • Plus, not manifesting tax responsibility so far. 

Plus, not manifesting tax responsibility so far 
On all these grounds, casino players who wish to abstain from the services of standard banks (and bank cards), resort to using cryptocurrency. Read our article further and get familiar with the best Canadian online casinos with Tether currency.

It is not the same ballgame with Tether. Despite the fact that Tether like the rest of the cryptos is based on blockchain technology, it is but centralized (the supply of new tokens is managed by a company, and the exchange operations are controlled by the same company as well). This certainly has its good and bad traits.

The imperfections are more than obvious: companies with humans, with all the psychology spectrum of emotions, ambitions, and corruption flaws possible. The strong points are related to the fact that almost all of us still make our earnings via centralized institutions. The overpass that Tether is providing is practical to all of us: from our Fiat paychecks, or other assets we possess, to Tether tokens, and from Tether to whichever desired cryptocurrency.

This spells out the worldwide acclaim gained by the crypto casinos utilizing Tether, enjoying nowadays a sharply upward trajectory in users, bonus promotions, and profits. Also in Canada, more new Tether online casinos are emerging. Others, enhance their payment operations to incorporate Tether, seeing the global advantages. All these operators supply the gamblers with the combined use of :

  • the established blockchain currency,
  • the accessible services embedded in the Fiat financial infrastructure, and
  • the Stablecoin feature of the Tether token, with the end goal: enabling players from Canada to keep enjoying the best slots, poker, roulette, and other casino table games.

Curious which are the best Canadian Tether online casinos? Check our casino selection below. Wishing to help your pick, we singled out the top fit Tether operators. We specified key aspects about them and gave brief information about their offers.

These Tether casinos are fraud-proof, legit, and dependable. Their platforms run smooth and uncomplicated. They are packed with the best games from the most famous developers, and above all, they provide chances for handsome Tether bonuses and promotions. What's more, they have an amicable Customer Service workforce, which is ready to help you timely, and professionally.

Which are the best Tether Canadian casinos?

FastPay Casino

The digital life of FastPay Casino began in 2018. Even operating for only a couple of years, the casino has built a leading reputation in payout policy, and currently, no other casino is achieving better performance regarding punctual, quick, and undivided winnings withdrawals. Even only with the name of the casino, the declaration is clear.

FastPay group is boldly claiming - instant crypto-to-crypto withdrawals processing! Whatever the winning amount is (from 10 - 100000 CAD), the operator will transfer your winnings at once! With the tremendous collection of over 5300+ casino games, FastPay casino is the right address for any crypto enthusiast. The integrated platform of FastPay is apt for use with Tether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. The casino has top of a line Customer Care unit.


Set afloat just recently (in 2020), Casino4U is the online freshman, who on top of flexibility, transparency, and casino deposits and withdrawals speed, is also investing in all the latest payment processing methods. The casino management is firm in incorporating all the popular crypto coins in the currency optionality, so currently, more than 2/3 of the payment options on the Casino4U platform are cryptocurrency choices.

This crypto inclination and the casino principle of 'no-hassle pay-outs', makes the Casino4U just the right place for entertainment for every crypto fan. Here are supported Tether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. You can profit from 'no fees', and instant crypto-to-crypto proceedings. The Customer Service Team of the Casino4U is at your disposal 24/7 for all the matters around using Tether and the other adopted crypto coins.

BonusPlay for real
Fastpay casino
Fastpay 150CAD
Play for real
Casino4U 150CAD
Play for real

What benefits do Canadian online casinos with Tether offer?

Each player using Tether tokens can take advantage of the hereunder FastPay excellent characteristics:

  • Gratis crypto deposits and withdrawals.
  • Express payouts with cryptocurrency.
  • Not requiring account verification.
  • Super pragmatic VIP plan, which entitles players to get back up to 4% of their bets.
  • For the FastPay players, the VIP bonus is set in motion even from the first deposit.
  • Fastpay offers superb First and Second deposit match bonuses + Free Spins.
  • Extra privilege for our readers - they can snatch no deposit sign up bonus at FastPay casino.

If you decide to play with your Tether tokens at Casino4u, you can exploit some super favourable services:

  • Hassle-free transactions straight to Canadian bank cards and digital wallets.
  • Every player gets the chance to be a VIP customer (even starters).
  • Impressive welcome bonuses.
  • Grand weekend packages (up to 500 Free Spins for Thursday, Friday, or Saturday).
  • Huge vault of cryptocurrency-friendly games (where the withdrawals will be in the same coin).

Why use Tether currency in Canadian casinos?

Crypto ambitions and universal impact

Crypto ambitions and universal impact
Just a little over 10 years ago (in 2009), when the first blockchain emerged in the digital world, without knowing the exact underlying mechanisms - a sort of fantastic and brilliant, yet abracadabra for most of us, previously unimaginable currency appeared, without knowing the reverberations we will see today. 

Currently, at every aspect of life: privately or globally - at a business, organizational, commercial, and financial level, all entities are striving to adopt the cryptocurrency. It became tolerated as a normal tender/commodity/means of trade, scattering in the decentralized, tax-free crypto field.

The cryptocurrency was also an instant honey trap for the casino-related parties, with blocks instead of nectar for sweetening agents. Craving for players' anonymity while handling big or small digital transactions, first Bitcoin, and later Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tether, and Litecoin, are asserting themselves as desirable currency options for casino depositing and withdrawing.

With the opening of the first page of its trading 'book' - entering the stock exchange in 2010, Bitcoin (BTC) was only regarded as an add-on to the existent financial mechanisms. Competing with the monetary products branded forever on the financial market, still today BTC is withstanding the lingering 'stumbling blocks' like forecast skepticism, market speculations, and regulation confusions (per country), and together with the rest of the blockchain inventions (in FinTech, E-commerce, Digital Supply Chains, etc.) is ambitiously headed toward the next step of its maturity.

It is to be remembered, however, that the estimated figures and market guesses from the previous years, pointing at the cryptocurrency as suffocating the well running financial system are becoming a fact. Even the super cynics are visioning the augment in numbers of cryptocurrency users, ceaseless trends in performance-enhancing and possibilities, so in the close future, the 'grown-up' and openly spread cryptocurrency will unroll into an everyday financial option - together with the ordinary currencies. These days you can buy/exchange cryptocurrency on myriad platforms. And you can spend it almost everywhere as well. For shopping, travelling, dining, recreation, for procuring art, sports tickets, luxury items, even for gambling at land-based casinos. 

But the widest macro-use of cryptocurrencies till now is at the online casino establishments.

Tether's global crypto-market entry

Tether Limited, the Hong Kong-based company behind the Tether cryptocurrency and Tether exchange (Bitfinex) began issuing the first tokens in 2014. The technological understructure of the token is based on Bitcoin's protocol (as a second layer). Except for the token, issued on Bitcoin's Omni-layer, in 2017 the multinational team of Tether Ltd began issuing other distinct Tether coins on the blockchains of Litecoin and Ethereum.

One of the main dissimilarities between Tether and the other open-source cryptocurrencies is the possibility of a new money supply. Bitcoin and ETH for example supply their needs by mining. They are somewhat stiff in nature - it is embedded in their protocol rules. Simplified - they have an upper limit on how many coins could be in circulation, i.e. they hold an approaching end time to full supply. We can broadly summarize that due to their 'limited number' their supply does not meet the demanded quantity, which logically results in volatility, which logically hinders these cryptos from performing as dependable value reserves. This, of course, affects harmful on their full adoption.

  • The upper limit of new crypto coins
  • Disrupted supply and demand process
  • High volatility and undependable
  • Total acceptance is impossible.

Now, having said that, Tether comes to aid!

Tether is distinguished by stamping/printing as many new tokens as the company creator sees as a fitting number (or more accurate - as many as the company's assets allow), so it can be indefinite, i.e. until there is Fiat money in circulation. How is that possible? 

The value of the Tether token is relative to an official currency (USD), that's how. Simply said, until there is USD, and the company Tether Ltd is rich enough, they can create as many coins as they want.

So, Tether is 1:1 backed by physical assets - USD, Euro, or other Fiat currency, cash equivalents, and gold. The company developed the token so, that with their resources and secure account, Tether could be 100% (according to their own site) counter-guaranteed by Fiat money.

Definition for Fiat money - In layman's terms, these are the paper money that a central bank is printing and releasing in circulation, due to a government initiative and decision to manage a country's economy.

Tether Ltd anticipated rendering a currency of which the supply can grow and shrink with the demand, to preserve a lasting and levelled value, relative to some conventional currency - a Stablecoin.

The currency title ‘Tether’ is precisely selected to testify that the token is rooted/tethered to the traditional currency, and now USDT is believed to be the most prominent Stablecoin invested in both worlds - CRYPTO and FIAT - fluently merging both platforms.

Definition for Stablecoin - A cryptocurrency, driving on a Blockchain, not having the volatility issue of the other crypto/digital currencies, nor having supply deficiencies, market flaws, and price bouncing up and down. However, the Stablecoins can also be seen as an endangerment to some investments.

The Tether Stablecoin is also recognized as the most becoming solution for Fiat money on the blockchain at the moment. It is therefore globally referred to as the 'crypto dollar'. Operating on Blockchain technology, Tether grants you the ability to:

  • purchase, trade, and accumulate digital tokens:
  • everywhere;
  • immediately;
  • person-to-person;
  • business-to-business;
  • offering diverse financial services;
  • quick liquidity to exchanges (quick cash reciprocity)
  • secure - with anti-money laundering (AML) rules assigned to the users.

In fact, all other cryptos depend on some Stablecoin for liquidity (prompt cash attaining). And serving well that purpose, Tether - USDT gained popularity as having the biggest portion in the crypto market per daily volume. Perhaps the next step of the Tether - Stablecoin evolution, is to become the real equivalent of the USD (or other Fiat), i.e. to be tethered/bound straight to the CPI - Consumer Price Index contained in that currency. Who knows?

Benefits of using Tether in the casino world

Best Canadian online casinos using USDT (Tether backed by USD) are taking fair advantage of the customary crypto qualities but also offer an additional set of benefits.

Universal Cryptocurrency powers, also true for Tether

  • Very low fees (or free of charge)
  • Guarded/Transparent transactions.
  • Casino accounts/Casino payment anonymity.
  • Rapid Transactions.

Specific Tether Cryptocurrency powers

  • Stable coin/token 

Contrary to other crypto counterparts, with which gaining or losing assets is very likely, 1 Tether token is considered all the time linked to 1 USD. In the gambling world playing with Bitcoin can pose you in a spot, where you obtain a higher value of your winning - if the market rate escalates. Inversely, with an abrupt price fall, your large winning will be tinier in value. Naturally, the casino pros will weigh up this trait perhaps as a negative for Tether, because it is not supposed to earn anything extra on a coin that is Stable, and purposely would not waver (as Tether).

  • Acceptable/comfortable cross over from Fiat money to any cryptocurrency 

So, you can procure, pay with, and trade on Bitfinex (or any other exchange platform) with Tether tokens, as they are the most omnipresent Digital-to-Fiat and Fiat-to-Digital currency at this time.

  • Tether codification

Admittedly, many bank cognate and Fiat-linked regulatory structures exist in the Tether operations. Nonetheless, the Tether transactions allow avoiding taxes. Although big-size payouts in the records of 1 crypto casino are deemed as a tax case (detectable by some government systems, but seldom done), Tether arrangements customarily evade disclosure of players' crypto earnings at the end of the fiscal year, so, no taxes are paid.

  • Deposits and Withdrawals

Players at casinos are already used to instant payout handling (to/from casino operators) with all existing cryptocurrencies. But playing with Tether one can profit from yet another friendlier service: more flexible deposits and withdrawals. Many online casinos permit 1 USDT as a minimum deposit, and the minimum withdrawal can begin at 0.010 USDT.

So, why use Tether currency in Canadian casinos?

Canadian online casinos, using Tether are desirable due to the next positive qualities:

  • Keeping high confidentiality standards.
  • Retaining high anti-fraud security levels.
  • Giving chances for top earnings with no fees.
  • Facilitating subtle crypto-to-crypto transactions.
  • Enabling facile crypto-to-Fiat transactions.
  • Allowing tax evade.
  • Maintaining the highest casino games transparency.
  • Reputable establishments with a large portfolio of games.

The algorithms, utilized by the Canadian crypto casinos empower the player to practice and examine that all outcomes of the spins (regarding slots and roulette) are randomly chosen- by an RNG (Random Number Generator) without third-party intrusion. Today you can place bets in BTC, LTC, DOGE, ETH, and USDT (Tether) on countless games at the crypto casinos. Most of the best Canadian online casinos that support Tether (USDT), working on NetEnt's platform, systematically receive updates with super new offers, so all the ultra-modern and profitable new machines, integrated for cryptocurrencies are swiftly accessible.

Where to play?

  • The best place in Canada to play with Tether (USDT) is Fastpay Casino. They offer over 5300 casino slot games as well as super-fast and no-hassle withdrawals. You will be pleased with their bonus program and a VIP bonus program for all loyal players.

Choose the best Canadian online casinos 2021

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