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Gambling as the meaning of living

Gambling as the meaning of living
Why are we here? Do we have a goal? What's the whole purpose of living? No one really knows, some decide to risk their own lives to save others, while other people dedicate their lives to their family.Us humans have thousands of choices, from religion to medicine, music to teaching and a lot more. Everyone is unique, everyone does something different. You can't stop them from fulfilling their dreams, can you? No one talks about the people that don't have a lot of money and have a gambling addiction, instead, we speak about the players that think of gambling as the meaning of life.

Let's forget about the poker player, the PC players and the ones that are a little addicted. The types of gamblers I just named play thousands of hands and they don’t earn a decent amount. I don't want to be mean but I would define them as robots, not as humans, they no longer feel emotions, their game strategy isn't going to work, it's stupid, but they think it's a strategy. If you ever watched the movie The player, you would have probably noticed the difference between the man with the Grey hair and his friend. This is exactly what we'll talk about now...

Every single man experiences a midlife crisis when he realizes he wasted half of his life. You probably ask yourself, well what about addicted gamblers? They must realize that they lost so long wasting their money and getting nothing in the end. He would either stop and try to fix his mistakes or just keep gambling and losing.

You want and need freedom. You’re stuck in a loop, you earn and spend and it keeps going on and on. You'll get judged a lot, but no one has the right to judge, just like one very famous quote "Don't judge a book by its cover". You start realizing the actual meaning of life and you start regretting it. Gambling doesn't seem fun anymore, wasting 10 years of your life doesn't sound appealing either. Everyone gets what they deserve and you can't change that, it's just the way it is.

Gamblers for life

Players for lifeThese players don't gamble for fun, they gamble because they need money to fulfill their dreams. I won a huge amount a few years ago. Want to know how I spent them? I was a king, I didn't walk any, I would take a taxi for anything. I ate expensive foods all the time and I left tips everywhere. I went to a lot of parties too. In fact, I spent my money on things I didn't need, but I definitely have a pure memory of how good these days were, but of course, I ended up spending them all and went back to my normal life. Spending such a big sum for things like that is actually easier than it looks. You should look out when winning a big sum.

I Am the Boss

I am a BossI won 70 000 CAD. I don't recall the actual feeling when winning such a huge amount of money, but what I do remember is that I didn't stop playing. I never bought anything with this sum, but I did learn something important about friendship. Everybody has a circle of people that have a special bond, whether a close friend, a sibling or a relative.

Living for yourself automatically makes you selfish and self-absorbed. While giving if you have the opportunity to make you a good person. Just think of when you had the money, you had friends, a lot of friends, you were happy and didn't mind sharing it. Then you started losing and you had nothing left, and when you asked for help, the people which you called friends weren't there to help. 

How to spend the easy money

So, let me tell the story of the 70 000 CAD that got deposited. To save up a sum like that you could need half of an average person's life, if not more. You probably want to spend it on a nice house or apartment, or maybe you want a new car, you could spend it investing in a business of your own, or travel the world. Money is money, it can be used for everything, this is your decision, so follow your heart. If you do get a considerable amount do what you want, go for it! For a player, money isn't important, money is just a number that is either lost or multiplied. I lost my money extremely quickly, maybe about a week and a half. The experienced players would have probably stopped their loss for at least three months to about half a year. I think that choosing a game and saying it's the meaning of your life doesn't make any sense to me, everybody's opinion is different, but I do not support this idea. You have to be ready for anything, I hope you have a bank account ready because you'll need it, you will use it to limit the money you might take in a timeframe.

The people who call gambling a hobby or a fun way to make money are definitely wrong. People with families risk money that will be needed in the future. You’re winning a lot today and you losing even more tomorrow. It's a part of you by the time you realize what you’re doing, you gamble every day and it seems normal to you now. Even if you do somehow stop the addiction you still won't be able to go back to how you lived before. Life is tough, the strong ones survive, we get what we deserve and there isn't a way out of what you've done.

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Published: Saturday, 18 July 2020 08:10 | Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 April 2021 17:29
Written by Kamen Valev
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