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Gambling for life!!!

Gambling for life!!!William Shakespeare once said: All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players!

Another popular quote written by a gambler called Pushkin - Life is but a game! He meant that life is practically a game. No matter how old you are, games are everywhere - childhood, love, friendship and even war. People are often so busy playing their daily jobs that they cannot enjoy life. That’s something we’ll discuss later.

Pushkin had a gambling problem, and he knew that very well; despite this, he left this world with amazing work of literature and debts of more than $10,000 from gambling. If it weren’t for gambling, the debts from it and the bad mood he got from losing, he would have most likely continued his amazing work and wouldn’t have lost his intrigue in living. He wasn’t wealthy; he took part in more than 20 big games. One night Pushkin was in another duel when he won! He won and saw the good side of luck, which he didn’t see quite often. He, unfortunately, died painfully that same night, right after the game.

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Online casino games

Everyone knows what a game is; of course, no one has experience at first, but everyone learns as life goes on. Educational games do help you learn faster; they will teach you to love, fight and hunt.

Games with roles or characters are usually the ones that very young children play. (c) S.Rubinstein.

Games are usually the best answer for most things - from education to medical problems. A learning game may be fun for kids if you make it fun. This all depends on the kid's parents; they can either make learning fun so that children like it and actually learn; they can also be violent if children do not want to learn or do not care at all, leaving their kids to do whatever they like.

You, like any other human, do not lose interest in games. Even though “games” now and games as a kid were much different. As an adult, you take 80% of your day working and sleeping, which means that you only have 20% of your day to relax, play games, spend time with your family, do your hobbies etc...

Our lives are short, which means we won’t succeed in doing everything. This all leads to unhappiness in different personal fields like your own personal life, your education etc...This is why many people say that doing what you like and getting money for it is the key to happiness; this way, you may fulfill your personal needs.

Lacking time is terrible, as well as having it in abundance. Our brains are a complicated thing; they tend to pick to do nothing when there’s nothing to do. I mean that if you do not have to run away from a tiger, you wouldn’t because you do not have to; you would choose to stay and rest. It definitely isn't easy to work hard than stay at home and eat junk food all day. The temptation is strong, and lots of people have proved that they cannot withstand it.

Did you know that The blue whale is always hungry? They hunt for more than 90% of the day, which is more than 21 hours! For instance, while dolphins only spend 10% of their day looking for food, saving the rest of the day for games!

What psychiatrists say

Gambling addictedUneducated psychos and physiatrists definitely have a different perspective; despite this, they haven’t found the right interpretation. This is how specialists see the game:

  • The game helps players gamble hide from reality.
  • The game is a way for punters to get what they really want but do not have.
  • Mental disorder.
  • Superiority (as a result of inferiority) complex.

My favourite theory is that the game is a way of getting rid of unused energy.

I think it’s funny that people have all the freedom to enjoy art, science, sports, music, etc. People still prefer virtual reality. If you gave someone a game controller and made a game with amazing quality and new mystic creatures, he would probably want to stay there forever. 

During the last 15 years, a lot of people have started using the internet more often. Humans have started spending way too much time online, wasting their time. Women are feminine, men are masculine, and pupils are Rambo's, but dullness is everywhere once you are outside.

As people grow up, they start realizing that life isn’t as good as it looks. So they try doing everything they possibly can to escape from it. I understand the people who use space, the stars and the galaxy to escape from problems, but I don't understand the people who go on the internet. These people don't realize that changing the outer world needs to start by changing themselves - the inner world.

Online games

For the most part, I would like to talk about such online plagues as WoT, Dota and other RPGs; even the Canadian online casino is one of them. Every business is built to fulfil our needs. It seems amazing to be a pilot of an aircraft, a tank or even a submarine, but then what? Even the educational games like checkers, chess, fast disassembly or assembly of the dildo, but what could a PC game teach or give?

Gambling problems and games

Cupid is a big part of you, but let's forget about it for a single moment. If you think about it, you’ll realize that you are fully prudent that you have a gambling problem; you also blame the fact that you wanted to become wealthy without putting much effort into it. As humans, most addicted punters keep gambling because it is their idea of ”fun.”You feel as if you're in a game; each task of the day is a different level - finding money to play again, paying back the money you borrowed, eating something etc...There are 2 types of people, the ones who do the same thing every day and the ones who keep torturing themselves, or else known as masochists.

You have 2 choices: number 1 - Masturbation, which is having access to sex right away, or number 2 - Learn, be productive, get some money and then, getting a girlfriend. It's the same thing, but at a very diverse reimbursement. It is the same thing when you gambling; you may either go the easy or hard way. I have a lot of experience with this, and all I can say is that when you do not have the cash, you will be able to deal with many hard things, while when you have money, all you will want is to play at slots. It is just so much adrenalin.

If you want to end your gambling problem, the advice that I give you is to find something that you love, something to keep you busy, then let the work become a hobby!

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Written by Kamen Valev
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