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Gambling problem, how does it look?

Gambling problem, how does it look?
Most of the population dislikes people with drug addiction, gambling addiction or alcohol addiction because they think they are unreliable. The average gambler needs ten years to start realizing he has a lot of problems because of gambling. That’s usually not enough for him to stop. At first, new players don't want to deposit due to many untrusted online casinos in Canada.

Believe it or not, there’s a whole myth saying that it’s impossible to win at casinos! We all know that we’ll get a win at some point, but we won’t keep winning; we’ll go back to losing. Of course, that one short moment gives hope to the player, and he keeps playing. 

The dialogues of people who do not gamble

Player-FishesI get a bit annoyed because I know the answers to these simple questions, so I start thinking that everyone else does. I tell them that it is real money and you can withdraw it after winning, but of course, I keep getting questions… So here's an example of one of my conversations:

  • Person: How much did you lose?
  • Me: Do you mean how much I lose in general or in one session?
  • Person: During a session
  • Me: I'm usually in plus.

Of course, it can't go smoothly, and they don't believe me, so I have to explain everything. After watching you withdraw your yearly income, they become jealous.

When playing for the first time, you have many fears; you have to outcome these fears and focus on the game. One of these fears is: not winning anything. After you see a sum in your account, you'll start playing more and more to fulfil your dreams; you might even leave your job to make fast money. Time goes by, and you don't even know it; gambling is now a part of your life and spending everything on it seems normal to you, so you don't notice.

So, by the time you get used to everything, you need money for clothes, food, cigarettes, drinks etc.… but you won't spend so much on other things because you have a very tight budget. You are now used to playing every single day, you can not afford clothes, food etc... and you're greedy as well. This is when you start losing millions because of gambling.

Where to play?

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Written by Kamen Valev
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