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Things you should know about gambling problems

Things you should know about gambling problems
Have you ever gotten surprised by an unexpected moment? Life is unfair, we already know that, but do you remember the feeling when that one very bad player wins? You could hate working and prefer staying at home than going out, but you might have a good job that pays a considerable amount.

I know a lot of things that happened because of pure luck, things that couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for their fortune. Every single addicted gambler ends up in the same way, confused, upset etc. I have never seen a happy gambler and to be honest, I’m sure there isn't one. Neither have I seen people that can actually control themselves and only play during a type of holiday or something like that. Every gambler starts understanding and trying to fix everything sooner or later.

What happens when you gamble

It might not seem like gambling is a mental illness but it is clarified to be. People often compare gambling to cocaine and other types of drugs because of similar hormones and adrenalin. have you ever had a day where you just couldn’t sleep because you wanted to forget all of your problems and you just didn’t care about losing money anymore? Well, start getting familiar with adrenaline, or more precisely said start getting used to the adrenalin when you’re running away from unsolved problems. In general, start getting used to the physical breaking consider and the feeling of adrenalin.

Slots get developed by psychologists and psychiatrists!

Casino AddictedIf your an addicted gambler, you would know that everyone around you, including yourself, thinks they're different, they think they’re lucky and amazing at gambling. You probably tell everyone that gambling your money is a hobby, something that you’ll get sick of soon enough. What you didn’t know then was that you would gamble and lose all of your family savings and will probably ask to borrow money from friends after. You won’t care about looks and you won’t look good because you won’t have enough money to gamble, instead, you would have a decent amount of credits. Even though you might actually be more successful you won’t look any good and you won’t feel as good either. Gambling will slowly but surely demolish you.

Gambling is something you’ll enjoy before you become aware of the actual problem. Sadly, you cannot forget this addiction even if you get fully rid of it. You will always have a bitter feeling of revenge left. Then you find out that there won’t be a time where you’ll fully forget everything the addiction. When playing you have to expect anything.

As I said above, the game will fully destroy you in the end, it’s all about the nerves, it will take time. Weak gamblers lose everything including their personality. They end up so weak that they start drinking and will probably end up as some kind of criminal. Your not yourself anymore, you don’t have any friends, family etc… you are fully focused on gambling and you don’t notice this but its the upsetting truth, saying that you earn more then before you started gambling is a lie that you know isn’t true, besides even if it is, I would want to spend it on family and friends as well. The game drowns you at some point. It all depends on you.

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