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The causes of a gambling addiction

The causes of a gambling addictionThis question has finally been answered by a group of British scientists from the player's perspective. Their study found out that people who get addicted to gambling have aspects in their brain structure that are not part of medical science but still make problems for the people.

You're now probably wondering, so what is the cause for a gambling addiction? Is there a part of the player's brain that has something to do with the addiction? Read further to find out.

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Study on the causes of gambling addictions

The scientists experimented using 30 people, half were addicted punters, and half were ordinary people. They conducted positron emission topographies to study the receptors responsible for releasing endorphins known as "happy hormones. They discovered that there is obvious reciprocity between the number of endorphins and gambling addiction.

Lack of endorphins

Before this research, scientists thought that these features showed drug and alcohol addicted people. This experiment was almost equivalent to both groups (addicted and non-addicted) were the same. The only difference between the two is that the gambler experiences less “happy hormones” than those who aren’t addicted.

Developing immunity

As we all know, our bodies are self-regulating systems. If you place it in bad circumstances and it will either die or learn to live with it. These defensive reactions are also a feature of gambling addiction. As the emotions get stronger, the gambler’s stimulation gets weaker and weaker. The main problem is that gambling addiction is very similar to drug addiction; keep reading to find more.

  • The first time playing at a Canadian online casino gives you the most intense emotions. I mean happiness when you get a bonus, the adrenalin you feel when you spin or the triumph when you are about to get a huge payment.
  • We do not get as many positive emotions daily. There isn’t a reason to be so joyful, and if the adrenaline from a game can be gotten in everyday life by fast car driving (driving rage), we can get the joy of winning only in gambling.
  • Happiness in this world is pretty limited because gambling is the biggest way to get such emotions.
  • The punter keeps going back to casinos trying to experience these emotions once again. The outturn of the game isn't of importance any longer. The player is addicted to the feeling of playing, not the money you can get out of gambling.
  • This usually means the player will lose the game session. One of the many issues of a gambling problem is the amount of money that the player has is not important. I mean that a player who has a few thousand will only bet a few hundred in a game. Despite all of this, the result isn't any different - the punter loses absolutely everything.
  • As you know, passion in life can be only one. For gamers, with time, this passion for the game will become everything. A gambling problem sometimes gets to borrowing money, cheating to win or even stealing. An addicted player does anything to keep the game session going. Things that were once important are no longer valuable. The gambler is now in need of a stable increase in rates.

Our Conclusion

We do understand why players continue gambling at Canadian online casinos, even though there are many disadvantages; the reason for this is because their brain wants adrenalin more and more. Gambling addiction is not a sign of stupidity; it is a disease that needs medical treatment.

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