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The Psychology of Gambling at a Casino in Canada

The Psychology of Gambling at a Casino in CanadaPsychologists will probably tell you that the gaming session is a severe and important matter and let me tell you; they are completely right. There have been many studies on how a person acts. This subject is studied in psychology, sociology and political science. Today we have decided to talk about psychology in gambling at a Canadian online casino. Even though gambling has a lot of history, it isn't a very studied topic. Have you ever asked yourself, what makes gamblers want to play again and again? Well, read further on to find out.

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I want to know everything.

The psychologists have established some evolutionary patterns of human psychology and found that gambling psychology has in its core the inherent desire of the human to understand the cause and effect of the events in the surrounding world.

Let's say, for instance, you know why the grass is green or why the sky is blue, but toddlers wouldn't; they would need the answer. The people with kids will definitely know what we mean. For the people who don't understand, here's a more clarifying example: medieval chroniclers, narrating about the battles, described their result in such expressions, "and God gave Prince a victory" or "and God turned away from the Prince."

Search for excuses in circumstance

If you can't seem to be able to understand what we mean, there are many signs like astrology, predictions and several other magical things. The question here is, why can't some people accept the signs of the elements of uncertainty? Well, the answer is actually simple - we cannot control it, so we are most likely to lose grip of our own lives. This will probably shock you, but gamblers usually get lured in by the inclination to find regulations in a gaming session. Things like signs, lucky numbers or small daily rituals are a gambler's main hope of winning. The happiness when you find a light pattern reminds a scientist obsessed with a specific subject.

We made another article about standing against a gambling addiction a few weeks back; many scientists in Boston invented this method. In between their studies, they realized that many of their patients didn't know anything about how online casino games work. Instead of learning about the game their planning on playing, they chose to have a lucky charm or something they wore on the day they won a big sum. During the Therapy sessions, the therapists explained what RNG (random number generator) is and how it works. Then they talked about the probability theory and patterns etc. Believe it or not, Therapy with mathematics helped 80 - 90% of the patients stop gambling and start a healthy life.

I am the best

Play casinoBelieving in yourself is a vital thing that you need to stop gambling. Every single person is positive in his/her exceptionalism. The illusion is why players go back to the gambling table. Let's s say, for example, there's a player who studied all of the game mechanics, they are certain they can win and prove that the popular saying - "Canadian online casino always wins" isn't true. The player might get tricked by the big tall pile of chips that gets smaller with each second. As time passes, he will realize he's probably going to lose. Exceptionalism isn't explained logically. If this is the situation, the punter's gambling psychology relies on the field of impracticality.

If you ever say, "Gambling is not about me, it's for wimpy people, I'm the best at it, I don't have to worry because I can control it." Then you should really start thinking about stopping; once you say this, you are starting to become addicted, and you will soon lose control over yourself. It's practically the same thing when you start drugs or smoking.

I still recall that magic moment.

A popular journalist (S. Dovlatov) once said, " Our memories are selective, like a ballot box."He is definitely right. Indeed, long observed that memory permanently stores the less important events, those associated with intense emotional experiences, and where else in everyday life we can feel such a rush of adrenalin - if not at the table games or slot machine?

Even though winning and losing emotions are very similar, your brain is likely to keep the winning emotion and forget about the loss. This obviously influences your choice - whether to bet once more or stop. Canadian online casinos know about this, so they do everything possible to make you remember the experience of winning. They might congratulate you, give you free bonuses etc..all of this is simply because they want you to come back in the hope of winning again.

Inexperienced punters often fall into this trap; the player's mind somehow forgets all of the bad luck they had 2 days ago and focuses on the big win they had 1 month ago.


Gambling psychology has a few elements. The most important one is the intense emotions that you cannot usually experience. It also cures sadness and boredom. Another thing that attracts players is competition. Players get to play against a dealer and random people as well. We aren't saying that we are completing this intense subject by writing this article, but we have summarised as much as possible in this paragraph. We really hope this article helped you control your emotions when gambling.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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