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Handling your gambling addiction

Handling your gambling addiction
Gambling can destroy a healthy relationship, a good and stable workflow, can result in bankruptcy and many other things, whether you bet on poker, slots, sports, scratch, roulette or any Canadian online casino in general. You may also end up borrowing or even stealing your savings. Addicted punters think it's impossible to stop playing, but that isn't true; you could most definitely get rid of your addiction if you find the right therapist/expert.

Keep reading to get more information on how to handle your Gambling Addiction. 

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Myths and facts on gambling addiction



It would be best if you gambled at least once each day to be a hasty punter. 

You do not become a hasty player when you start betting every day; you become one when risking money starts causing problems. 

If a player can afford to lose money, then it's not an addiction. 

Addiction isn't all about spending a lot of money; gambling may lead to job loss, mental issues, stealing, anxiety, mental trauma, bad relationships, and even suicide. 

Each human at least 1 issue per day, anyone with intelligence can get over it; it's the same thing with gambling.

Your intelligence level does not matter; gamblers with a high, average and low knowledge have a gambling addiction. 

Someone close to the addicted gambler is usually the reason why they have gambling difficulties. These people could be a family member, a close friend or the person's partner. 

Punters that have a gambling problem blame others for their mistakes quite often. They prefer putting all of that pressure on someone else, not to have to worry about their problems as much. 

If you are doubting whether to help the addicted gambler by paying his debts, you should. This way, you can help them recover. 

Trying to stop the addiction rapidly will not work; the gambler will know that someone will help them pay his/her debts, so they will continue playing. 

Symptoms of addictive gambling

Symptoms of addictive gamblingGambling addiction doesn't have physical symptoms like a drug or alcohol addiction. Physiatrist's very often call it a Hidden Illness because it's not easily spotted. So, here are some of the main symptoms are:

  • Secretive Gambling: This is when a player lies about the amount of time they spend at a Canadian online casino. Some people continue lying even when their addiction is very severe, and they do not have any money
  • Reckless Gambling: Reckless Gambling is when the addicted gambler has trouble ending the game session. These gamblers find it extremely difficult to stop playing games in online casinos in Canada, so they keep playing until they lose every cent
  • Above means gambling: These types of players gamble until they have absolutely no money left. They wager with the money they borrowed or even stole. 
  • Chronic  Gambling: Players who have a Chronic gambling addiction cannot take care of their families. They have tons of fees to pay, so their children do not grow up with what they need. 
  • A source of worry for the family: This is when a gambler affects his/her family. Gambling will obviously affect the person's close friends, family, etc., sometimes causing depression for the punter and the people around him/her. So, whenever someone you trust warns you, you should most definitely listen to them; it isn't a sign of weakness; it's because they care and worry about you; they do this to protect you. You should also reach out to them before it's too late. You shouldn't wait. 

Your Well-Being | Selh-help

Your Well-Being | Selh-helpThere are many ways to stop a gambling addiction, but one main way that it helps the most. It would be best if you had a positive self-image to help you. All you need to get back to normal is a lot of inner- strength and positivity! This will 100% need this if your bankrupt or you have relationship or family problems because of the addiction. 

  • Try to stay with positive people only.
  • After solving the friend and family issues, you will be halfway there. 
  • No one can help you fully overcome the addiction except you. So spend time thinking about each decision very carefully. 
  • You could also join a volunteering group that helps addicted people. Some of these groups are set by NGOs for ex-addicts, other vices from gambling, sexuality and substance abusers. You will help people who are in a terrible state. 
  • Overcoming addiction without support is a tough task. This is why we recommend you try getting help from family or friends. You should also get help from other people, never just friends and family; some of these people may not be there for you; therefore, you should reach out to other people as well. Start a new team sport or hobby, talk to your neighbours or colleagues. 
  • Stop the addiction in the right way: You shouldn't start drinking or go on drugs to stop gambling addiction. This will make things worse. Be positive and start doing something else to get your mind off things. You will not overcome the addiction by starting a new one! 
  • Look for help: After realizing that you have a severe addiction, you should seek help; you can talk to friends, family or physiatrists. Do not stray drugs or end up drinking; this will only make things worse. Stop talking to people who gamble, don't go into any online casinos in Canada, replace gambling with something healthy and positive and follow the therapist's instructions. 

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