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What we recommend doing if you lost all of your money

What we recommend doing if you lost all of your moneyDo you play with cash? If yes, then losing it all is an unavoidable thing, well at least until you start borrowing money and taking them into debt; when a punter loses a debt, he is most likely to thinks that taking a loan is the way out of the situation, but he's wrong.

Does this seem unreasonable to you? Well, that's just the start of a gambling addiction. People get to a point where they do not have any friends and family they can rely on. If you haven't been playing for long, but you have difficulty finishing a gaming session, then not playing at all is probably the best option. If your addiction is already forming, then you should keep reading to find more articles and more information on this topic too. By the end, we will have hopefully helped you.

There will be players that might try returning all of the money that they lost by cancelling the payment using a credit card (to try doing a chargeback). Keep reading to see the situations they might end up in if they do so.

You have no idea how you won that you lost

Canadian online casino's lure players by letting them win the first and second time. This way, players start thinking they're just good at the game and continue playing. I myself do not know how they make the ball land on that one exact number or how the slot gives the big bonus on the first try, but I, for sure, know it's the way they get players to continue gambling. If you ended up losing when playing for the first time, then you're auspicious. You do not desire to keep playing and win again, but you will probably regret playing because you lost money. Let's jump right into the actual topic - what you should do if you lost all of your money.

What you should do

Losing all of your money, every single cent sounds unreal. Let's explain what we mean by "all of the money."

  • We mean losing all of the money at your casino. Winning in your first gaming session is actually pretty dangerous. You start thinking that it's easy, and you start playing to win money; that's just the way our brain is designed. Even if you lose a large amount of money, you should keep playing to win. The money you lost isn't yours anymore so that the Canadian online casino won't return it. You shouldn't need to borrow any money to get the amount you lost back.
  • We have some great advice for regular players. Take a piece of paper and a pen, do not use an app like Excel or Notepad or anything like that, write the date and amount you lost. Then write the amount you deposited, do not include bonuses or intermediate wins. It would help if you also wrote your "clean" losses. You shall do this during a calendar month; after this, you can summarize everything. This will help you keep an eye on how much you lose in a month. An addicted punter’s mind tends to think about winning, making the feeling of losing even stronger, pulling you in to play another round. You will often be? " in the black'' after a loss. This actually helps calm the feeling of revenge and stops you from making 10 other deposits and losing them. This usually happens when your playing in your" sick" days when you get a bad slot, or cannot end the game after getting a massive win.
  • You have gambled and lost all of the money. You keep playing for an extremely long time. You continue gambling for the game. If you're aware of this, then things aren't as horrible as they seem. The worst stage of the addiction is lying, lying to yourself and the people around you. In this case, you should limit your money access, set deposit limits at your Canadian online casino (we recommend Fastpay), play slots for free and look for no deposit bonuses. Try recording the NetEnt free slot's (only NetEnt) results; then you'll notice that you actually save a huge amount of money.
  • If you have lost absolutely everything, then you need to stop, look at what you have left: children, family, friends, parents. If you don't have any of these things, you should contact a doctor, do not spare anything, and tell the specialist everything. If you do find support from close people around you, you have the opportunity to decide whether you think you need a doctor or not.

Our Conclusion

In the addicted punter's mind, there is always a chance for them to win; this makes controlling the addiction even more difficult. You must overcome the addiction now! It's not something that can be delayed. Losing all of the money isn't going to end the world; it isn't as bad as you think it is. The major things that you need to defeat the addiction are to stay positive and to draw your attention to the main conclusion, then look at what needs to change.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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